Cyber Security Threat | Cyber Security Issues Assignment

The main theme and the objective of the research study is to identify the most emerging cyber threats that Peanut Processing Services will have to face in the future period due to their weak cybersecurity system. Peanut Processing Services is one of the prominent data collection, analysis as well as processing organizations that conducts different types of surveys and interview sessions as per the demand of the client. It can be observed that a year passed, hard drive and data were completely crashed and disappeared from the whole system and that results in a huge loss for the Peanut Processing Services. There were different valuable customers of the organization, who have left due to the discrepancy and internal control failure of Peanut Processing Services. Therefore, it can be understood that there are no security systems or installations of anti-virus within the computer machines. That will also result in the huge further loss for the organization in the later years. An elaborate description of the five selected threats which are the most emerging and innovative in the modern era will be also described in this research study.

Major threats of cyber-security

It can be observed that different significant threats can happen with Peanut Processing Services in the modern era of customization and globalization (Kure, Islam & Razzaque, 2018). Within the organizational culture of the company, the employees are not even supportive to change the database and cyber-security system for securing themselves. Many employees think that they do not have any actual or serious problems and issues that might harm them in the future period.

The five major popular and emerging cyber-security threats to organizations are

  • Phishing Attacks

  • Remote Worker Endpoint security

  • Cloud Jacking

  • Sophisticated and Targeted Ransomware attacks

  • Deepfakes

Therefore, in recent times, it is in a high emergency to secure all valuable data and information of Peanut Processing Services and thus establish a new cybersecurity operational model. In this project, a handsome amount of 25000 dollars have been allocated by the project manager of Peanut Processing Services.

Elaboration of five cyber-security issues

Phishing Attacks

1. There are some of the important reasons for choosing phishing scams because it is employed typically in social engineering and it steals different user credentials. It is applicable for both on-premises attacks as well as cloud-premises attacks. It can be noted in the modern world that there are 78 per cent of the cyber espionage all over the world (Liu et al., 2018). However, it is assumed by the data scientists that the cyber-threat to phishing will hugely increase in the future years. It can be also ascertained that the data loss of Peanut Processing Services one year ago can be due to the phishing attacks to the whole cyber controlling zone of the business entity. 

It should be understood by the management officials of the organization the cyber-hackers have launched the phishing attempts in many and different ways. It is because the cyber analysts will not be able to find out the exact way and methods by which the data and the whole cloud server will be destroyed. With the help of digital could applications and malware, cyber attackers have posed a threat in the cloud environment and also launched different types of vulnerabilities to the phishing tactics (Das & Patel, 2017). In the same manner, within the organizational culture, one employee's laptop was targeted that contained a huge amount of data and for the incident, the company had to pay a large amount of money and they could not also afford the downtime. All the confidential data were stolen from the laptop and thereby it is much useful for the employees to have their security password and high distinction of anti-virus need to get installed within for defending from various threats in the cybersecurity world.

2. A detailed explanation or demonstration for proposing the issue can be done by proposing different alternatives to the plan, which can be termed as the ZP plan. Within the ZP plan and through the establishment of the cybersecurity operational model, the demonstration of the issue can be possible.

3. It can be understood that through ZP plan or cybersecurity operational model are the best options because, team leaders will be able to demonstrate the whole issues and problems with the help of power-point or projector presentations to the employees (Gheyas & Abdallah, 2016). However, a whole decision to adopt to the cybersecurity options will be taken at the planning meeting.

4. 5-day cybersecurity boot camp course in the organization will need to hire five cyber analysts from New South Wales Canberra university. The hiring cost and presentation cost of the cybersecurity analysts will cost around 1000 dollars

Total Cost = $1000

Remote-Worker Endpoint security

1. It is needed to get understood that remote worker endpoint security is one of the weakest systems for protecting malware functions, however, it can work without any detailed functions and also network perimeters as it misses out critical part of layered cyber-security issues (Clark & Hakim, 2017). There are also mobile devices that are not also included within the concealing signs. These are the important threats to the security and 25 per cent of the data breaches also involved different abruptions those are also attached to off-premises assets, destroying telecommuters and mobile devices.

2. Maintaining back-up policies are extremely important procedures. The backups are the important abilities that have the power for recovering the data as well as the system (Kahyaoglu & Caliyurt, 2018). In this specific input measures, different configurations can be established that compromises ransomware, malware as well as cyber-attacks (Raban & Hauptman, 2018). With the help of these devices, the discrepancies and threats related to remote worker endpoint security can be described.

3. Backup is one of the important solutions in the modern era of security threats, and it has the solution to provide backup and secured storage place for all kind of data for the employees. Therefore the management team of the organizational culture need to establish this backup system so that they can recover all the distinguished data sets if something is lost due to cyber threats.

4. Training for simulating backup technicalities and software = $200

Installation cost of back-up technicalities = $500

5 days cost to develop the mechanism = $200

Total Cost = $900

Cloud Jacking

1. It is one of the most important cybersecurity threats in the cyber world or data collection organization because it leads to misconfiguration that drives to a larger majority of data loss. It is attached to the code injection attacks and it can also harm the data system and information system with the help of code, processed through third parties. There are also different threats those are cross-site scripting and SQL injection as well as modification of the sensitive files.

2. With the help of the email and web conferencing the problem and issues can be demonstrated to the higher management authority of the organization. It can be observed that with the help of web-conferencing and slide presentations the proposal for the mitigating ways as well as addressing the issues can be done.

3. It can be observed that within the organization, there are 10 windows laptop those have no antivirus and there are also no policies and rules currently managing employees for utilising the best resources. There is also no system for preserving important data on the laptop. No data collection instruments have been also used by the employees. It can be suggested that Norton Anti-virus is the best option for securing the data and information. Norton Plus, as well as Norton 360 Standard, can be both used in the windows 10 laptops for protecting the devices and data from cloud jacking.

4. Cost of web-conferencing = $ 650

Cost of purchasing 10 Norton Plus antivirus = $85*10 = $850

Cost of purchasing 10 Norton 360 standard anti-virus = $120*10 = $1200

Total Cost = $2700

Sophisticated and Targeted Ransomware attacks

1. These are the specific depositions that are included within the ransomware attacks and the amount of threat has been increasing from the last couple of years (Babu et al., 2017). For specifically, employees of the business entity, they will be severely attacked by the Sophisticated and Targeted Ransomware attacks and corrupts the whole security system that cannot be recoverable for 1 year.

2. With the help of IT administrators and team of experts from different universities, the demonstration of the issues can be done clearly to the management officials of Peanut Processing Services.

3. Leap Consulting is one of the important mitigating ways that can be included within the new cybersecurity model of Peanut Processing Services. Leap consultation is one of the best ways for getting rid out of single ransomware attacks as well as from the multiple ransomware attacks. These can be processed by the management of the organization because it will be done with their consent and optimization.

4. Initially 2?3 weeks full time to set up devices: 90,000 / 52 = $1730 per week

1730 X 3 = $5190

Ongoing 1?2 days a week: 1730 X 0.4(FTE) = $692

576 X 52 = $31,200

31,200 + 1730 = 32930

32930 X 0.6 (40% saving) = $19,758

Total cost = $19758


1. Deepfakes is the main issue that has been faced by an organization that typically evolved from machine learning and artificial intelligence. Different speculations within the Deepfakes is considered as the major security threats in the modern cyber world. Deepfakes has also been used for committing frauds during the last US Presidential election. 

2. With the use of distinguished server and windows servers, the issue can be produced to the management leaders of Peanut Processing Services (Tarhini & Chedrawi, 2019). These servers need to be installed within the new cybersecurity model and the server is also connected to the network that will be installed for protecting the malware. 

3. The installation of the new server tower will help to solve this emerging problem of Peanut Processing Services. The purchasing of additional RAM, as well as storage space, will also help in mitigating the issue.

4. Purchase of the server tower = $642

Total Cost = $642


In this study, the specific issues of the cyber threats in the modern world and that can harm all the 10 windows installed laptops of the organization have been discussed in the study. On the other hand, the solution and costing of the solution have also been discussed to give a clear view of the management board members of Peanut Processing Services.

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