Discrimination Essay A study on Santa Claus

But still now many people face discrimination in their real life and many people discriminate others from them though knowing the actual science behind this. The actual meaning of ‘Discrimination’ is to make distinct in favour of or against people on the basis of class, category, from which a person belongs to. Discrimination is based mainly on age, caste, disability, race, nationality, gender. Here our discussion will focus racism and we will see that how our dear Santa Claus will be a great issue in this topic and how he can spread this sense of discrimination in a child’s mind.

Whether Racism Is Relating To Sana or Not

It is known to all that Santa Claus is a very famous character or more appropriately an imaginary character not only in western countries but all over the world also. He arises each year on Christmas Eve, 24th December, with lots of gifts for children. We all know Santa Claus as a very jolly fat and white bearded person who wear a red jacket and trouser along with a red cap with a big bag full of gifts and distribute these among children. But one more thing one can simply notice about Santa is that his body colour is always white. So a question from a non-white child can simply be raised that why Santa is always white? Is this racism? As Santa is always a loving person by the whole world, why does not he change his colour as he moves from a British to an African? Every child can want to see Santa as dark as he is or vice versa. Then why cannot we see Santa in two coloured skin? Is there any scientific reason behind this?  Is there any dominating nationality behind it?

We all know that at present America is the strongest country with its good and it tries to dominate the whole world. They have more prestigious education system than many other countries have. They have technologies, arts and cultures. As a result, in all parts of life we can see the strongest dominating nature of it. People other than American but live in America also face many troubles in their life as they become victim of racism. At this situation when the rest of the world is raising their voice against racism, a white coloured Santa can be a serious issue. There are many Christians who do not have white coloured skin so for them Santa may not be acceptable at all. They go to school and see that in each Christmas Eve only a White-colour Santa comes with gifts but not a dark colour Santa.

At this scenario, a dark coloured Santa can be on great demand for those who have this dark colour. Suppose, a child who is born in America but in an African family, will see his parents, family members all have dark coloured skin. But as gradually he will be growing up, he will see a Santa with white-coloured body skin. Then surely a question will be raised on her mind that why the colour of her favourite person is different from her.

From this above incidence a concept of racism will simply be raised on her mind which will tell her that she is different from others by skin colour which will not good for her. On the other side, those children who have white coloured skin will feel proud that they have same colour as Santa has. Then surely a discriminatory concept will be raised on the mind of children. So for this character, at least, discrimination is not good and is totally unwanted as each has the right to get their favourite character as they are.

On this way we can see that how the concept of racism silently but effectively captures the child’s psychology and gradually put a great impact on the rest of the life. She can feel that she is discriminated by body coloured on various aspects of her life which will hamper a country’s structure of society, respects from other world which is not good for a developed country.


So after above discussion we can conclude that discrimination is not a good thing for a country or for a nationality. Thus if possible stop discrimination on imaginary characters with which many children from various regions with black or white skin coloured play or can messed up easily. While people are trying to stop discrimination and protesting against it, it would be a great step if we can see a very famous Santa Claus with black-coloured skin with a jolly nature, fat and white-bearded face giving toys to those children who also has black coloured skin. Thus no one will feel that they are discriminated at least in front of Santa and will feel free that Santa is for everyone. For this if Santa is replaced by an animal character than it also will be a great fun as children are habituated to see such animal characters talking dancing like human-being and among animal discrimination are not possible because they all have same body colour. Thus discrimination can be stopped and children will only enjoy with new Santa which will not discriminate them by skin colour but will give them lots of gifts, happiness and enjoyment. The society also can get rid of from such negative and harmful effects and when a country or nationality is saying that they are developed than it will look very funny that they are not following science.


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