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‘The eyes have it” is an incredibly portrayed narration of the famous writer Ruskin Bond drawing down the situational irony which turns out as exceptionally appropriate according to the aesthetic situation that the author has highlighted. The story is especially destined in the first person view using umpteen amount of verbal irony coupled with situations similar to the one discussed here. The character is of one mood and the perceiver is of another and this is where the contradiction arises.  The author pays an attentive attitude to the narrator’s pleas. The story of how a couple sends their daughter off to visit her aunt who lives miles apart. The woman’s voice is so marvelous that it attracts the attention of the author and he indulges in conversation with the girl, the author surprised to have built a conversation with a girl on board. The ruse continues and the author mentions it to the girl that she has been an interactive person to deal with and that she had a pretty face. Although as soon a she bids him farewell, she gathers her momentum and bids him farewell but the man retrieves her perfume at the very moment. Cohen wrote about the importance of free speech as a powerful medicine in social powers, and the constitutional right of free expression has favored him throughout. Boxing has always been expressed as a blood sport and Cohen has portrayed this sport has a wonderful enigma through superhuman resilience. I have considerable admired Cohen or his capability in generosity is delivering aptitude results and chalking out a synopsis of the overall scenario many would conclude that he might be competitive in nature but the truth is he is sufficiently nuanced in understanding himself through words and poetry. The resemblance to his thoughts and words are absolutely uncanny.

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