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Description and Concept of the Event


A Charity run is a classic way of fundraising for non-profit organisations that want to draw attention to a particular cause that they are involved with (Damgaard and Gravert, 2018). Planning and executing such an event requires attention towards various challenges including but not limited to attendance and fundraising results but also factors like marketing registration and safety. In order to successfully plan and execute such endeavours the various processes of understanding logistics, choosing a date, a suitable location, creating and designing merchandise and management of volunteers are all essential elements that need to carefully executed in order to the objectives of the event (Smith, 2017).

The company HBF is responsible for organising the event ‘Run for a reason’ in Melbourne in order to raise funds for more than 190 charities in Western Australia. The company will hold this event in Gloucester Park in the months of June or July. The funds raised will go to organisations like Cancer Council WA, Heart foundation WA and Lifeline WA. The participation is open to all and fancy dresses are encouraged to increase the entertainment quotient of the event. There will also be the option of rolling so as to encourage persons with disabilities. A charity run is the most effective way to both promote and increase awareness regarding fitness and health and when combined with causes that are beneficial to the society they serve a much greater purpose in reality.

Purpose and Concept

The purpose of the run for a reason will be to encourage, promote and increase awareness for different charitable organisations in Western Australia. The event will be held on the weekend at the beginning of September. The Run will possibly start at Flinders Street. It will be a city-wide event that will continue through various iconic landmarks of the city. An expected 20,000 participants are expected to descend on the streets and join the movement to inspire the city. The designated track for running will be in the total of 12 km with several separate segments. The run has been sponsored by various media houses that will also be providing merchandising opportunities which will also contribute to the cause.

The run will have different distances that participants can chase to cover. This has been done so that various civilians and not only athletes are encouraged to participate. The options include the distance of 4km, 12km and 21km ("HBF Run for a Reason", 2020). Teams are encouraged to enter and special discounts are to be offered to participants who enter as teams. Participants who register will have the option of choosing the charity they would prefer donating to, making them directly associated with the act of donating. The event will be a 3-day extravaganza with pre and post-event celebrations including live music shows, food festivals and post-race presentation ceremonies.

Potential Market Description

The event is being organised keeping in mind that all the proceeds will go to recognised charitable institutions. It will be a fundraising event where the participants will be donating directly to the charities by choosing one when registering for the race the run is targeted for everyone including children and senior citizens. The options include running and walking. This had been done in order to accommodate physically handicapped persons. The purpose of this event is to create a three-day awareness project that will highlight the various charities of Wester Australia portray how donating to them will ultimately contribute to the greater good.

The event will also be responsible for promoting fitness and a healthy living by running. The secondary aim of the program is to attract the attention of people who suffer from various health issues which can be somewhat eradicated by running, including obesity and other weight-related health issues. A charity run promotes a good cause that will benefit from healthy participation of common people, such a run will be their chance to contribute to the greater of their surroundings and society.

Site Analysis/Planning Consideration

Potential Venue

The event will be planned in close collaboration with authorities of the city for various permits and clearances that will be required in order to organise the event without any glitches. The permissions will include rad backing and traffic permits, various venue clearances that will have to be cleared in order to organise the event. The event will begin at the event village at around 6:00 am. The first leg of the marathon will begin at Flinders street at 7:00 am and no runner will be allowed after 7:20 am. The second leg of the run will start from St. Kilda Street and the line will close at 11:05. No runners will be allowed in the course after this time.

The event will require around 200 volunteers and staff in order to successfully handle the on ground operations that will be critical in order to efficiently manage the event. different outsourcing agencies have been contacted and a budget of $20,000 has been allocated specifically for this purpose. Other costs will include the management of live shows and post race events that have also been outsourced in order to save cost.

All the starting points of the race are highly accessible for members of the public as train services are readily available. Participants will need to catch train services to Flinders street station, take the St Kilda Street exit and walk to Federation square. Parking spaces will be available near the event village where the pre and post-run events are going to be hosted. This will be held on Flinders Street with proper permits from the Authorities.

Necessary Resources

The resources needed to successfully achieve the objectives of this run include cooperation from both the government and the general public. Several volunteers would be needed to address the various needs of the event during the marathon. There will be a need for volunteer management personnel who can properly allocate required manpower to the various segments of the race. Merchandising for the event will have to be outsourced and proper management needs to be established in order to achieve the best possible quotation.

A medical team must be always present during the event in order to handle emergencies. All the necessary members of the staff will have to be present at a group meeting where all the designations will be allocated. The different volunteers and their management teams need to be present at the venue at least one hour before the scheduled time of the start of the event. The post-event extravaganza will include performances from various artists. The Management for these artists have been contacted the different event schedules will be shared with the staff in the meeting


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