Exemplar structure for the Reflective Journal

Description of the theory or concept

The reflective learning theory describes a type of education in which the students showcases their core strength and weaknesses along with the learning experiences. It can be observed that there are some of the broad theories of reflective learning that include some of the complex as well as intentional procedures, where the roles of the social contexts and experiences are noted.

Specific and real examples from your own life experience

In the case of the real examples of my own life experiences, it can be understood that job satisfaction is very important for any individual. According to my extent of knowledge, the job satisfaction theory linkages to some intangible aspects represented in the emotions, feelings, and perceptions of individuals, organizations are strongly required to manage surveys and questionnaires through which it can measure the job satisfaction of its staff. Nevertheless, several scientists tried to find good definitions for job satisfaction and after several types of research on the theory, it is confirmed that job satisfaction is any combination of psychological, physiological and environmental circumstances which lead a person to express satisfaction with their job (Parsons et al. 2019). According to me, individuals express their job satisfaction affected by both physical, psychological and environmental circumstances not only psychological factors represented in feelings, passions and perceptions of people which discussed by those who defined job satisfaction successively as I think that the main motive and objective of the job satisfaction theory reacts to the positive or pleasurable reaction resulting from the appraisal of one’s job, job achievements, or job experiences.

Description of your strengths and development areas concerning the theory or concept.

My strength and development lie in getting and feeling employee’s sense of happiness and pleasure in their job by obtaining a comfortable workplace and good working conditions as well as receiving rewarding proceeds from the job regardless of the organization they work for, its objectives, its mission, and challenges (Schachter et al. 2019). But, at the same time, being a human resource manager, I think that job satisfaction is another concept that is achieved through organizational performance and eventually leads to achieving consumer satisfaction. In other words, employees’ satisfaction can be considered as a base on which one can achieve job satisfaction (Coenders and Verhoef, 2019).

The rationale for why you should work on developing this area of human relations

As a human resource manager of a multinational organization, I would like to work in some areas, where I will get the opportunity in developing the spaces of human activities. I think thee abilities and potential as well as organization efforts in motivating the employee in every possible way to achieve improved performance and career compatibility. All these elements are crucial to increase production and improve its quality and lead to other results of job satisfaction that will be discussed in the field of job satisfaction outcomes. Through the review of job satisfaction elements, I can derive some of the basic goals and objectives that can be derived and summarized as that employee feels with enjoy in their work, which naturally affected by psychological and social situation of the employee, a variety of factors inside and outside the work environment (Choy and Chua, 2019). There is also a sense of belonging and commitment to the organization which works for with familiarity with its goals, vision, mission, and challenges. Hence their willingness to dedicate to the organization's goals of turnover, stability and growth.


Specific action plan for what you will do to develop and grow this area

It can be observed that I have some specific action plans where I can experience my self-development as well as specific activities, goals and timeframe. The SMART objectives action plan is listed below






To negotiate with the senior managers of the organizations for the employee benefits

The objective is measurable, where the negotiation is important for the benefits of the employees

The objective of the action is attainable with some enhanced communication skills and patience

It is the task of the human resource manager to think about the core betterment of the employees within the organizational culture

4 months

To increment the salary of employees

The objective is measurable in monetary units

The objective is attainable 

It is realistic and it happens after quite negotiation with the accounts department

5 months

Table 1: SMART Action Plan

(Source: As created by the author)



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