FLM 210 BA | Hollywood movie assignment | Films that changed the world

The subject matter of the film

The current report is all about the Hollywood mainstream film. Therefore in order to do this report one of the best Hollywood movies Fast & Furious has been selected. This Fast & the Furious is a Hollywood franchise and the first part of this film has been released in the year of 2001. Fast & Furious originally which is also known as The Fast and the Furious also called The Fast Saga. This is an American media franchise and it is centered over a series of action films which is very largely concerned with different illegal street racing, spies as well as heists. This film has been distributed through Universal Pictures (Kurniasih et al. 2018). Two additional movies are proposed to finish up the harmony and are set to be released in 2020, and 2021, discreetly.

About of the Fast & Furious film

The film is all about illegal street racing, spies as well as heists. On the other hand, this film has so many parts and every part is all about actions sequences. This film is associated with the American media franchise and this franchise also includes different short films, television series, and video games along with many live shows. This film is purely based on different unexpected actions. Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) is grateful for the adrenaline of road means of transportation debonair and his fans treat him like a hero. After a satisfying experience with the callous Johnny Tran, Dom chooses to take Brian (Paul Walker), an apprentice to through street hustling, under the think about him. Dom's sister Mia sees something she enjoys in Brian, as well. Difficulty is neither of them understands he is an underground cop, and Dominic and his adversary Johnny Tran are both the chief suppose for condition counting filthy cash and giant tackle confine (Zhang, 2016).

 The film issue based, entertainment based or both

Based on the entire film concept of Fast & Furious it has been found that this film has been portrayed as the entertainment base. Therefore, no such issues have been found through this film. This film is based on full on entertainment as well as action based films. That always gives high entertainment strategy to the audience. The arrangement of this film has been technologically effective and is Universal's furthermost establishment, starting at 2015 location as the ninth-most eminent earning film agreement ever with a consolidated gross of over $5 billion. The film has been based on the illegal racing and without these racing statements there are no such issues. Therefore it can be said that this film is based on the entertainment and different types of extraordinary action sequences. 

Issue or message or theme

There are no such issues that have been portrayed through this entire film and filmmaker has not tried to find out any particular issues through this movie. However this entire film is based on the car racing concept theme and though which filmmaker had tried to provide such message that this kind of car racing in real life can cause unnecessary death. However, in real life people should be more conscious about their life and they should think about their family in order to live peacefully and have to maintain safety in order to participate within the illegal or legal car racing process (Liu, Lee & Groves, 2016). Through this film the filmmaker had tried to give different types of messages to their audience for making them understand what is all about this film and what will get through this film by the audience. The Fast and the Furious seizes audience surrounded by the universe of street dashing. Dominic Toretto is a group head who is answerable for confiscation trucks and taking over a million dollars worth of electronic gear. On the other hand, this film also give a vital message to the audience that people should be conscious about the car racing as well as spies along with heists.

Film’s financial backers

According to the personal point of view it can be said that a studio or the film’s financial backers were willing to finance and release this particular film at the time they did as releasing the film within a particular time can give to the entire film production house a massive growth. Therefore, filmmakers to producers can predict how much box office collection they will be able to get from that particular film (SAPUTRO, 2019). On the other hand, the film is all about the racing and gambling which shows the world’s best super cars. On that note, the financial help has been taken from the sponsors.




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Liu, Y., Lee, B., & Groves, D. (2016). Movies: a Social Indicator of the Car Movement in the US. Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management4(1), 36-46.


Zhang, S. (2016). Social Media Marketing Strategies in Commercial Movies.

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