Question 1

Explaining the message that P&G wants to send to its customers

The message that P&G wants to send to its customers is that the mother’s job is the hardest job although it is also the best job in the world. The advertisement shows how mothers raise their children and make sure that they are able to live a good life and achieve their dreams by helping them in playing sports from an early age and also play a good role in their child's winning games on the highest level of the sports that's the Olympics. This shows the contribution of mothers in helping their children to achieve their dreams and providing them support in their bad and good times (Kotler et al. 2017).

Explaining benefit P&G gained when they implemented the Thankyou Mom campaign

Through this advertisement, P&G was able to connect with the majority of its audience by choosing campaigns that are very sensible and close to human psychology. Mothers are close to children and play an important role in their upbringing and contribute further in helping them achieve their dreams. The firm was able to properly align their consumer goods and brand within this advertisement showing that these goods and brands help the mothers in their operations such as washing clothes. In this it has properly aligned its products and promotion with a successful campaign of ThankyouMom.

Explaining kind of emotions does this video evoke

Through viewing this Advertisement there is an emotional feeling that evokes within the individual because mothers are very close to their children and knowing about their hardships and contribution in raising their children creates an emotional feeling and connection with these advertisements.  Their contribution and hardships cannot be imitated as they are always supporting their kids to achieve their dreams and do whatever is needed in order to make sure that the following is achieved in an evident manner. The emotional feeling evokes because mothers have a huge role in the success and failures of their kids and they never want their child to fail although even if the child fails mothers are still concerned about their mental and physical health rather than the failure which is very important for a human being.

Question 2

Target customer of this product

The target customers for this product are children as seen in the advertisement. Gululu is presenting advanced water bottles that encourage the children to drink water for playing games and advancing the pet charrette offered by the advanced water bottle. This is done to make sure that children drink water which is a concern for the parent and so that they are hydrated. The product targets children as their potential customers as this will help in making sure that children are interested in drinking water timely so that they are able to play their game in an evident manner (Chaffey, 2019).

Explaining whether this product will be successful or not

The product will be a success for the company as parents will want to buy a product that will make their children to drink water. Every parent wants their children to stay hydrated and drink water in an efficient manner.  It is important to understand that this product will make sure that children drink water and stay hydrated while the children are playing a certain game in the product. It also provides data and information about the drinking pattern and water consumption done by the children on a day to day basis making sure that children's health is also monitored with the use of these products. This makes this product a very appealing and effective one to buy.

Question 3

Identifying the pricing objective and explaining its reason

Looking at the current scenario it can be said that there is immense competition faced by Agatha’s Inc in the market with five other companies that are competing against each other to gain competitive advantage and market supremacy. Agatha’s Inc is set to launch a new product in the market but is not sure about the pricing method that should be used in order to appropriately price the product so that it is able to gain competitive advantage in the market and sales of the product is not affected by the high competitive environment in the market. In order to use the appropriate method of pricing the firm must set a proper and accurate price objective using which the following can be done. Now there are various price objectives that can be used by the firm although Agatha’s Incs should set Competition related price objectives this is because in this way the firm will be able to price the products of the firm as per the competitive environment in the market. This also helps the firm in accurately pricing the product to face the competition, have an competitive advantage over the other firms in the market and to attract a high customer base and market share in the market.  Using these customer objectives the firm will be able price its product in such a manner that it is able to effectively grow its business and to make sure that the firm is able to competitively price its new product in the market to achieve competitive advantage over other companies that are there in the market (Cateora et al. 2020).

Question 4

Briefly explaining the 4 levels of marketing channels with example

Marketing channels are the people, firm and activities that are used by the organizations to transfer the goods of the firm from the point of production to the point of consumption.  Through these channels the firm tries to make sure that goods get to the end user of the firm. There are 4 levels of marketing channels and they are as follows;

  1. Direct selling: Direct selling is the channel of selling and marketing products that is done directly to the consumer of the company.  In this way the company directly communicates and markets the products to the customers of the firm and sells the product to gain revenue. It is the primary level of marketing conducted by the firm in their operations. For example online sales of product is directly purchased and delivered to the buyer in there respective locations
  2. Selling through intermediaries: Selling through intermediaries is the marketing channel in which intermediaries such as wholesalers and retailers are used to make sure that products are available for the customer for the purpose of consumption. In this way there is a larger supply chain created for the process of transferring goods from the point of production to the point of consumption (Armstrong et al. 2018). For example Woolsworth is a retailer that sells consumer goods through the shops and stores to consumers.   
  3. Dual distribution: Dual distribution level of marketing is a channel used by the manufacturer or the organization in which the firm uses more than one channel of distribution simultaneously to make sure that the product is reached to the end user of the following. Certain marketing arrangements are made through which dual distribution is done. For example franchisor and franchisee business format is a way of using dual distribution channels.
  4. Reverse channels: Reserves channels is the opposite of the above channels in which the product flow through the channel from consumer to intermediary to the beneficiary. This happens when the product starts to flow reverse from the customer. For example, when profit has recycled the flow of product is done reverse channel.

Question 5

Explaining what is shopper marketing and how might retailers use Wi-Fi technology to implement it

Shopper marketing is a last-minute appeal and marketing method for the customer to buy the products and services offered by the firm. In this process, the company tries to appeal to the customer to in the last time to buy the products of the firm this is a direct method to influence the thoughts and decision of the customer to buy products of the firm.  As the case study suggests, through the use of Wi-Fi technology the company can get data and information related to consumer searching history, and customer buying patterns. Hence using this the firm will be able to design the way in which the last-minute influencing can be done to ensure that the sales of products are increased (Philip, 2017).

Understanding the likely response as more shoppers learn that retailers gather information without their knowledge

The likely response of the customers when they learn that retailers gather information without their knowledge will be negative in nature. This because it will likely attack the privacy of the customers and this will not please them in any way causing retaliation and possible negative consequences for the firms that use this technology.



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