Going Green with Sustainable Practice


Green and sustainable practices are one of the most significant aspects of the modern scenario that has been undertaken by several industries across the globe. In addition to that, it can be observed that, in the modern scenario, the industries are practising healthier and more efficient resources that can be used perfectly by ignoring all the possible negative effects on the environment. In addition to that, there is the construction industry that has started to develop several green approaches within their organisational practises while initiating the maintained and demolishing activities. While discussing the concept of green-practises it can be observed that the activities are mainly comprised of friendly actions that can help the organisations to achieve significant sustainability while improvising their performances. However, in the modern scenario, the environmental practises having also been acquired by the retail sectors as this industry tends to change its operational behaviours to a practically perceived way.

The green sustainability mainly refers to the activities that promote efficient and effective use of natural resources. In addition to that, through ensuring the green practices the organisations and different sectors can also minimize the negative impacts on nature due to their industrial and production operations. On the other hand, while discussing the context of sustainability it can be stated that it mainly signifies the responsibility of the business organisation or the sector that assures them to solve a specific issue by eliminating the diverse effects on the company in future. On the basis of this, the concept of a green idea can be explained that refers to the positive ideas for the start-up companies at the time they tend to start a business. The green sustainable practises are essential that can serve several economic benefits for the company and for the industry as well. Moreover, it also assists the organisations to operate their business and production operations with lower cost. It can be observed that the use of renewable energy can also assist the organisations to reduce the consumption rate of excessive energies and also assist the company to contribute their parts for the betterment of the environment. The concept of Go-Green also defines the means to pursue an efficient knowledge and experience that can lead the company to become more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible. It can assist the environment to protect and sustain all the significant natural resources so that future generation can have a healthier lifestyle and also can use their share of nature.                       


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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of the Research

In this particular section of the assignment, an overview of the entire research operations will be analysed that will be considered throughout each and every stages of the assignment. Moreover, the background of the research topic along with its aim and objectives will be critically analysed. The research questions will be formed and at the later section of this section, the problem statement will be stated.

1.2 Research Rationale

The primary motive of this assignment is to demonstrate the sustainable organisational practises and green-business strategies that have been adopted by the HONG KONG’s construction industries. It can be observed that in the modern scenario the construction industry is one of the most diverse industries of the nation that includes several activities such as raging, foresting and quarrying processes. Apart from that, the construction industry is also critically inter-related with the supply of products, maintenance and disposal. In addition to that, the construction output of the entire Hong Kong is nearly £110 billion that contributes approximately. The sustainability in the construction industry can be referred as a broad term that describes the desires of the professionals of the sector to carry out a specific business operation that signifies the use of natural resources with a respectful manner so that all the harmful impacts can be minimised. Besides that, the sustainable use of natural resources also refers to make the resources available for use for future generations (Misopoulos et al. 2019).

In addition to that, it can be understood that, within the Hong Kong, the construction sector of the nation tends to develop such industrial operation which can create a structural and resource-efficient business practises through which the organisational behaviours can become environment-friendly and proper maintenance can be developed. In addition to that, the industry of the Hong Kong has started its operational behaviours by acknowledging the energy-efficient practises (Trotta, 2018). On the other hand, the assignment will also include the proper use of the wastages that can emerge from the construction wastes. On the other hand, the sustainability can also be defined as a collective process through which a collective process can be established so that all the built environment can become able to achieve a significant ecological balance so that retrofit construction operation can be developed. On the other hand, it can be understood that for achieving long-term viability and humanized architecture the green-organisational operations can be established. Apart from that, for promoting the sustainable industrial operations within the UL’s construction sector the companies have taken several initiatives to minimize the carbon-emissions and also incorporates the use of renewable energy sources. Additionally, on-site water treatment plants have been manufactured in the construction sites of the nation. Moreover, to minimise the wastages recycling operations have also been incorporated. Furthermore, it can be seen that in the modern scenario the concept of sustainability is one of the most significant aspects that are to be considered for reducing the negative impact of the construction operations on the environments (Craveiroa et al. 2019). 

1.3 Aim of the research

The primary aim of this research is to demonstrate the contribution of the construction sector of the Hong Kong to promote and establish environment friendly industrial operations. In addition to that, it can be understood that the assignment also tends to represent the effect of eco-friendly organisational behaviours on the environment and initiate a sustainable operation structure. Apart from that, the assignment also aims towards stating the types of sustainable movements on the environment and its effect on the nature. In addition to that, one of the significant aim of the assignment is to demonstrate and analyse the waste management operations undertaken by HONG KONG’s construction industry to properly recycle the on-site wastages of the construction ground. Besides that, the assignment also aims to determine the critical elements that are essential to be undertaken for maintaining the sustainable measures. On the other hand, the sustainable goals of the green-environmental practises is also to be discussed in the assignment in respect of the HONG KONG’s construction industry. The significance of the green-ecological practises will also be aimed to discuss in the research so that a specific balance will be maintained in various social and ecological dimensions. However, the major aim from the sustainable development is to balance an economic and environmental prosperity that can allow the future generations to have a significant support while using the natural resources.

The major advantages that can be gained by the construction industry of the Hong Kong will also be stated in the research. It can be observed that, sustainable development is the type of improvisation of organisational behaviours that can allow the organisation to meet with all the specific needs without compromising the capability of the future generations to fulfil their own specific needs and requirements.       

1.4 Research objective

In general terms, the research objective mainly describes the expectations of the researcher that is to be achieved within a specific timeframe. On the other hand, the research objective of the research objective for this assignment is also aligned with the hypothesis of the project. On the other hand, the major objective of this particular research is to analyse the significance of ensuring sustainable and green practises within the construction department of the Hong Kong. The objectives of the research are as below:

1. To understand the concept and evaluation of green marketing.

2. To analyse the effectiveness of the Go-Green concept in organisational practices.

3. To understand the effectiveness of Green and sustainable initiatives within a business organisation.

4. To demonstrate the operational efficiency and working structure of the HONG KONG’s construction industry.

5. To analyse the sustainable measures in the construction industry of the Hong Kong.

6. To determine the carbon-footprints developed by the construction industries of the Hong Kong.

7. To analyse the initiatives that have been acquired by the government of the Hong Kong to reduce carbon emissions and enhance sustainability.

8. To assess the essentiality of sustainability within the Hong Kong.  

It can be stated that the above stated objectives are essential as it explains the exact reason and achievable of the research. In addition, the above research objectives are apt and justified as through achieving these objectives the actual overview of the context can be understood.   

1.5 Research question

The research questions that are to be achieved are stated as below:

1. What is the concept and evaluation process of green marketing?

2. What are the effectiveness of the Go-Green concept in organisational practices?

3. What is the effectiveness of Green and sustainable initiatives within a business organisation?

4. What are the operational efficiency and working structure of the HONG KONG’s construction industry?

5. What are the significant sustainable measures in the construction industry of the Hong Kong?

6. What are the carbon-footprints that are developed by the construction industries of the Hong Kong?

7. What are the initiatives that have been acquired by the government of the Hong Kong to reduce carbon emissions and enhance sustainability?

8. What is the essentiality of sustainability within the Hong Kong?

1.6 Problem statement   

It can be stated that the implications of sustainable development within the construction industry of the Hong Kong mainly signifies the betterment of the people and the society as well. Therefore, based on this it can be understood that the well-being and equality in using natural resources are not often compromised by the modern-day industries. It can be stated that the organisations want to use most of the resources and hardly wants to minimise their uses by sacrificing their own enhancement. Apart from this, it can also be understood that if the natural-society faces several imbalances due to the excessive use of natural resources can threaten the economic and social stability of nature.

On the other hand, while discussing the sustainable movements and green industrial operations in the HONG KONG’s construction sector, it can be understood that some of the sectors are still using non-sustainable ways while operating their business activities. Therefore, due to their non-compromising behaviours in using natural resources can also serve drastic effects on nature.

On the other hand, on the basis of this current study, one of the major problems that have arrived is the lack of time for commencing proper research. As the entire research project is required to be submitted within a specific time, some of the areas have remained unassessed. Besides that, due to lack of unauthentic secondary data resources, some of the aspects of the research has also remained unexplained.



2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

Environment is changing itself from the last few decades. There are reasons behind this change. Human lifestyle is one of the primary reasons for establishing some changes. Earth is being polluted by different types of hazards which are being created by humans. As the pollution increases, the environment of earth is also reacting to that, which is causing natural calamity and several diseases. Now, it is offensive to mention that every person is careless about the environment but some are there who really want to resolve this fatality. People on earth must be aware of the consequences of this increasing level of pollution. As it has been mentioned that human lifestyle is one of the foremost causes of the environmental issues, so that indicates several industries performing on the earth and putting its wastage either in air or soil or water. Another reason for the environmental imbalance is reducing trees for the sake of industries. Today, this awareness must be increased by which the people on the earth can understand that the issues of the environment are happening because of the lifestyle of the human. It is imperative to mention that so many people are working collectively to save the environment vis-a-vis the world. The behaviour of the consumer is being changed now-a-days, the lifestyle of the people on earth is inclining towards a lifestyle that is “green”. Many agencies are working together who are trying to recycle the used objects as well as trying to save the resources. Pertaining to this new form of livelihood, industries are being modified also. This way the marketing factors are also taking place which have indulgence towards green. The motto of “going green” is now everywhere. To increase this Green lifestyle, many adaptations must be ensured by the industries. On the other hand, the marketers are also trying to utilise this need of the customers so that innovative ideas are being carried out, products are being modified, sustainability is being maintained and many more efforts are being performed simultaneously. To protect the environment, customers are putting stress towards those materials which are not hazardous. Responsibility of the customers are evolving towards the aspect of protecting the environment. Now, “Green” is the signature of purity as well as quality and “Green marketing” is that event which is being important in the world, today. On the other hand, green marketing also facilitates sustainable development in the industry. The following study will be based on the green marketing and the sustainable practice of “going green” in the market. In this literature review, there will be the evolution of green marketing. After that, a brief discussion will be presented which will put stress on the businesses and how this tendency of “going green” emphasizes that. The practice of “going green” in business will consist of competitive advantages, competition, green consumerism, regulations, factors of social responsibilities and automation. Therefore, the initiatives of “going green” in business will be taking place in the study also.

2.2 Evolution in Green marketing

As green marketing is gathering importance from the people on earth in the new market trend, an innovative business line is being introduced in the market too. The products as well as the services which are being offered in this new market are quite eco-friendly. The demands of humans are emerging with this green marketing as the reduction of the harmful effects on the environment is the foremost priority. It is a fact that the demand of humans is not decreasing but rising at every moment, on the other hand, natural resources are reducing by competing those demands. Now, it is imperative to protect those resources to save the earth as well as the environment. The business practices which take place in the market are getting influenced by the environmental issues. So many companies are there which are putting importance to the businesses and making changes in the business strategies. To have advantages in the competition at the market, many organizations are producing those products which are environment friendly. In some cases, there are those businesses which are facing those customers who are inclined to eco-friendly services as well as products. For them, those businesses have initiated “green marketing” to establish that these businesses are not causing any harm to the environment or human life. The customers are influenced by their personal habits, social state, cultural traits, psychology and economy before buying any service or product. This nature of “going green” is inspiring the customers to acquire those products which are environment friendly, which on the other hand, facilitates the performance of the services and the products to act towards the welfare of the environment. In different markets, the consumers who prefer the attitude of “going green” are increasing every day. The consumers are participating in this course of saving the environment.

Figure 1: Evolution of Green Marketing

(Source: Arseculeratne and Yazdanifard, 2014)

The inception of green marketing has been taking place on earth for the last few decades. The first attempt at Green marketing was taken by the AMA which is American Marketing Association in 1974-75. In the discourse of “ecological marketing” this particular type of marketing was introduced. After that, in the early phase of the 1980s, Europe participated in this initiative and started reducing the objects which caused detrimental effects in the environment. Ken Pattie wrote the book named “Green Marketing” which was very popular and catchy to society of the Hong Kong (Peattie, 2016). Besides this, another book with that identical name was also published in the United States of America, written by Jacquelyn Ottman (Ottman, 2017). This entire literary discourse had started awarding the society and making the people on earth conscious about the environmental matters. The green marketing was sorted in three different phases. These three phases were incepted with the first one which told about the marketing that is eco-friendly or “ecological marketing”. In this special kind of marketing, the industries have to put an eye on those factors of industries which caused environmental hazards and reduce those factors eventually. Then the industries or the organizations must offer some products and services which can earn the satisfaction of the consumers and catch the market with those services and products which do not cause any harm to the environment. The success of this phase was not as sure as all the business organizations were offering the same. In some cases the business organizations were mentioning these “green” products and services but not offering the same as promised. In this way the customers were facing issues of treachery from the business community. Some organizations were encashing this “green marketing” as only a business trick but not meant to be green at all. In these cases, consumers are getting that the business organizations are claiming to be eco-friendly and producing materials which do not at all prevent the health of humans. The next phase was about the renovation of technologies which are meant to re-design all the products. In this way, pollution on earth could be restricted as well as the management of the waste material. In this phase, the stress was put on the side of preventing the environment according to the welfare of human life and existence. The last of these three phases was initiated from the last phase of the 1990s. The last phase incepted to develop those products and services which are of standard quality, proper pricing, sustaining performance and definitely friendly to the environment. This marketing which was initiated in this phase was not only “green marketing” but sustainable marketing on the other hand (Ottoman and Humphrey, 1993).

2.3 Going Green in business

2.3.1 Competitive Advantage

According to Angelico and Vocal Elli (2017), now, it is also true that the security of the environment solely depends upon the behaviour of the consumers, the products and services offered by the organizations and the waste material of the industries performing behind these organizations. A commitment from the side of these businesses is coming in recent days, where the production, waste disposal, marketing as well as the consumption is inside the parameter of “going green” which is causing less harm to the environment, so that the global warming can be reduced, same goes for the solid waste materials which are non-bio degradable. Now many organizations are there which do not offer those products or services that are not eco-friendly or support the environment to sustain. Business opportunities are getting opened in this sense where some organizations are offering those products which protect the environment and think of the health of the consumers. Martinez (2015) states that now competitive advantages can be gained by those companies who are performing for the welfare of the society and environment as well. For example, many companies offer paper-wrapped products but do not offer those wrappers which are made up of polythene. Besides this, some organizations are there that offer services and claim that each time when the consumers buy the products, the organizations will plant a tree. In these ways, some of the business organizations can gain competitive advantages after the third phase of the green initiative (Grimmer and Woolley, 2014).

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