Healthcare leadership In Practice


The company can achieve success with the help of a good leader. The role of a leader should be specific, appropriate and that person should behave in a proactive manner. Besides, they also help in setting the goals of the organization and achieve it. In the study we will see how the leadership approach affected the organization. Also, discuss the knowledge, skills and improvement required in a leader. With the help of the reflection part the leadership skills are trying to set and improve based on the personal development plan.

Section A

The leadership affected the role and nature of the organization

In an organization the existing beliefs and values are referred to as organizational culture. Also it means the beliefs on the staff and employees and on their work which reflects in their attitude and behavior (Belrhitiet al. 2020). To fulfill the objectives of the organization the leadership behavior by the administrators is generally adjusted. It helps in influencing or encouraging the job satisfaction of employees. So, it can be said that the role and nature of the organization can affect leadership. The objective of the organization is to improve the performance which helps in achieving the goals of the business. This performance can only be improved with the help of good management and that can be done by a leader. Within the group the job of a leader is to maintain unity so they can target the goal. The structure in the group is formed as per the goal of the leader. To provide direction and clarification essential information is distributed in the group that brings satisfaction in the group and increases the performance. Leadership quality is to provide proper guidance and help the other members who take them towards the goals. Besides, they can influence others with the help of their knowledge and skills and have a leading quality. With their innovative ideas they always try to improve the culture of the organization. Although setting up a good environment or atmosphere is done by a strong leadership quality. In the organization, the performance is improved by effective leadership and is considered as an essential source of management (Groves, 2020). Besides, organizations get helped by the transferable leadership in accomplishing the existing goals in an accurate manner. To value reward the job performance is linked with the objectives and the leader confirms that the employees have all the essential resources to complete the task. Also, the leader plays the role of visionary and in this case they create the strategic vision about the future aspects and based on that they take actions and make commitments. Besides, this strategy also increases the trust between the team member and the impact seen in the performance of the organization. Although the leader takes care of other essential things going in the organization like training a new or existing employee, focus on the cost control and other activities that bring changes in the organization (Bratton, 2020). The organization gives all the power to the leader so they can manage the organization in a unique way which takes the organizations towards the door of success.

In a leader knowledge, skills, and behaviors required

A positive contribution in an organization is done by the successful leader who increases or improves the performance of the organization and also shares the behaviors of the common leadership (Haque, Fernando and Caputi, 2019). Based on the type and size of the organization the characteristics of the leadership will change. The knowledge, skills and behavior of the leader put a lot of impact on the performance of the organization. It also affects the atmosphere of the organization like the positive attitude of a leader spreads positive vibes in the organization which improves the work of the employee and can help in achieving the goals. A clear vision and planning is one of the essential parts that can be done by the leader and it is the duty of a strong leader to communicate with the team so that every member can easily understand them. To achieve the objective a leader should communicate with their team on a regular basis and make the objectives clear. It helps the employee to complete the work efficiently and build trust in them. Although due to this they move towards the objectives effectively and that helps to move towards the vision. It is the duty of the smart leader the team requires time, attention and appreciation so they can be engaged in the vision of the team (Srivastava and Dhar, 2019). Besides, a good leader is able to take out time to value each individual and praise them and their work. It creates a positive environment in the organization which flourishes good performance. The leader should take ideas and suggestions from the team and discuss their own ideas with them. This encourages them to take part and ultimately come up with innovative ideas. Besides, they need to create a one-way communication with the team members which helps in clearing the issues and create a bond between the leader and team. In case when new members enter a team or new team form in an organization it is the duty of a leader to help them and encourage them also improves their skills and knowledge by providing training or giving proper guidance. The performance of the leader reflects in the organization as per the skills and knowledge. The clear vision, target objectives and achieving the goals are the real quality of the skilled leader (Hooper and Potter, 2019). The behavior of the leader also put a direct effect on teamwork performance. So leaders should always have positive behavior towards their employees and organization.

Improvement in leadership as per the response

In an organization the leader should carefully observe the behavior of their employees or team members towards them. Based on that the leaders should change or modify the work pattern which helps in improving the work culture in the organization (Franken, Plimmer and Malinen, 2020). The leader should be polite and calm towards their team and should have a sense of knowledge so they can convince their team. The role of a leader is like a coach and to guide their team, motivate them and communicate with them is their job. Also, the leader needs to take care of the team members if any difficulties or issues are facing or not and identify and analyze the issues. Based on that, finding the correct solution which improves the workflow in the team is also the job of the leader. Although, showing passion towards the work and coming up with new and innovative ideas can help the leader to motivate other members of the team. A strong leader needs to arrange meetings or a session in which all of them discuss the issues which they are facing and find the best solution to it (Aliet al. 2020). It also creates a bond between them and can help in achieving the goals. The leader should not have an overconfidence attitude which may shift their concentration towards the target and leads towards the loss. Bringing unity in the team is also important to work and can be achieved only when a leader plays safely. The responsibility of a leader is big and serious and to complete those responsibilities accurately requires patience, strength, ideas and the good team requires. A leader alone cannot complete anything with a strong team; any task can be done easily. So, a leader should make sure to take the team together in any work and also include in every success (Pyrovolaki and Liu, 2020). It improves the leader quality in the eye of the team which brings out a positive response from the team member.

Section B

A 12-month personal development plan considering the development of your leadership skills

I am working in an organization as a team leader and I need to develop my skills and knowledge to improve my work performance. So I choose to make a personal development plan in which I am planning to do a 12-month crash course for leadership management. It will help me to develop my skills and knowledge and also provide new ideas to complete the task and achieve the goals. Although side by side I will give online exams from my official site. It will also help me improve my skills. There is training which also provides me practical knowledge in the development of my personality. It is very essential to bring changes in your personality as per the atmosphere of the organization. This helps me to communicate or interact with my team members which gives benefit to develop a strong team.

A structured process that reflects as a plan in which future personal, educational and career performance are developed based on the current learning and performance and this process is called a personal development plan. I can mark my strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats with the help of a personal development plan and give an idea about setting and achieving my objectives. This plan helps me in improving my professional life and personal life. It gives me more positive vibes, increases my confidence and will improve my work quality also. If the overall area will improve in me due to this personal development plan it will be very easy for me to work efficiently with my team. It also helps me in solving my problems and issues with any team members and other members of the company in an efficient way.

First one month I designed a plan to analyze my strengths and weaknesses. In the crash course of leadership management and with the help of training and online exams I can mark the area of my strength and the area of my weakness. From my experiences, I can get and find threats also which help me to achieve success. After identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with the help of a personal development plan I will set my objectives and goals. With the help of guidance that I earned from my courses and professional training. Then I will set my objectives like I already mentioned I will join for crash courses, training and online exams.

Personal analysis


  • In the company my personal administration and basic skills are efficient and in my level of training my knowledge is visible.
  • I earned confidence that with the pressures of course and even with less nap I can work efficiently. During practical work, I keep patience and provide a clear idea.
  • To work in a team as a leader by providing a clear idea and managing the work and team to achieve the objectives even under a lot of pressure.


Areas for improvement

  • It is very difficult to manage work-life and physical fitness along with crash courses and training. So, in this case, I lose some weight.
  • Before presenting any task I need to read the planning part thoroughly. It helps me to not raise any problem while explaining. To understand the process of planning is still not that strong and requires more training.
  • To increase my confidence level in work I need more training and experience in different ways of team management. 


I have explained to my employers that I have had a training and management course and took leadership training to achieve the tasks. Besides, I chose to go for a clear structured work which helps me in providing a clear direction and I am able to deliver the quality of work to my company.

All the activities help me to balance my life with the hectic schedule and keep me calm and patient.

I also took help from my professional seniors to guide me in difficult situations.

 The company’s annual appraisal helps me to give proper feedback.


Maintain the balance between my personal life and professional life.


My goals


Where do I want to learn?

What do I have to do?

What resources will I require?

How will I measure success?

The target date for review?

To lead the activities in the business require more knowledge

Complete the leadership management course and company training and online course.

The company training, institute of management, and online exams.

Based on the results and reports of the training, online exams and crash course I will measure my success.

31st march


I will communicate with my team members and build confidence in me.

Require the feedback from team and advice from seniors

Self-opinion and formal and informal assessment.

31st march


Use my knowledge and skills in the events and planning of the business

With my line manager, I will discuss and set my priorities

Confirm I will attend all the training.

With the help of the appraisal form set my goals.

31st march

Improving my role of leadership

From experienced managers gain knowledge. Also, gain their friendship and trust.

Senior colleagues.

During the program of development by mentoring and appraisal in performance.

31st march

My personal fitness will improve

Start a class in the evening for fitness training

Will take advice from Fitness instructors

Self-observation and see the test score of personal fitness and improve it.

Quarterly and annually

As a leader build confidence

As a leader to gain experience, take part in functional projects of related matter.

Line manager

From the project sponsor and team, the feedback will take

After the completion of the project

Core business skills are achieved

The management training need to get complete


The benefits of bonus are secure and are essential.


The decision making and planning need to improved

The business analysis process gained experience. Use this process in the activities to improve the workflow and performance. 

Revision and training are used in the task.

Based on the report and results.



Personal objectives

My personal objectives are to take a short term goal like for the coming 12 months my planning to develop my skills and knowledge with the help of a crash course, company training and company online exams. Also, with the help of professional guidelines and diagnostics tools I gained various knowledge that I will apply in my business activities. In this way, I can improve my work performance and also manage to resolve the issues that may arise at the time of implementing or performing the task as a team. The diagnostic tool helps me to make a strategic plan to achieve the goals. It also helps in improving my confidence so that I can communicate and build confidence towards me within my team members.


Based on the above study it can be concluded that the role of the leader is very important and crucial to achieving success in the organization. Based on their skills and behavior the company targets can be achieved and set a positive environment in the company. Also, with the help of a personal development plan it is explained that the leader needs to improve their skills and knowledge at a regular interval to maintain the workflow and performance in the company.





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