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In this assessment, there will be a discussion of two theories which include Adlerian Therapy and Gestalt therapy in which a lot of information will be provided in this assessment. The assessment will also focus on the case of Steve and Mary who fell in love and married each other but after their marriage distance was making a position and this was affecting the relationship of both Steve and Mary. The assessment will also show how applying both Gestalt therapy and Adlerian therapy to the case study will help Steve and Marry to overcome their marital life problems easily.

Identification of historical origins and evolution both theories

In the year 1940 Fritz Perls, Laura Perls, and Paul Goodman developed Gestalt therapy which states that all humans are somehow linked with our environment and in order to maintain the growth and balance of nature and environment people help each other. Gestalt therapy also states that it is not possible to understand any individual fully until and unless we understand their context. Gestalt therapy is used as a form of exercise which helps in arousing the emotions, actions, and goals of a person. In Gestalt therapy the client and the therapist work on the current happenings and the future results. The therapist with the Gestalt theory will also be able to give a proper solution for the future after analyzing their present situation.

In the 1900s the Adlerian theory was developed by Alfred Adler which states that any person has to be connected as well as validated and they should feel that they are important (Brownell, 2019). Adlerian Therapy focuses on individuals in which the work of the therapist is to improve and enhance the personality of the person under the influence of the environment. The aim of the Adlerian theory was to make the people believe that they are important and they belong to society. It is believed as according to the theory that people show their best qualities when they are truly connected to their loved ones. Adlerian therapy can also be used for Steve and Mary in the case study which will help them to understand how they belong to each other and their importance for each other.

Details about the typical counselor and client relationship and any other element in the chosen theory

In the chosen theories which are Gestalt theory and Adlerian theory for the case study of Mary and Steve the relationship between the client and counselor will be very much natural where the clients will be able to express their current problems and the counselor will analyze the situation and without judging them will be able to provide Steve and Mary the proper solution for their present problem (Sperry, 2018). By applying the gestalt therapy in the case study of Mary and Steve the therapist will be able to make them understand the importance of their relationship by arousing their sense of actions and emotions for each other. In the Gestalt theory, the therapist helps the client to bring self-awareness in them so that they can understand their current situation. In the case of Adlerian theory, the therapist or the counselors helps the client in taking a baby step towards a new journey of behavior and thoughts.

Comparing and contrasting both the theories

Ethical and legal issues to be considered

The counselor can use the Adlerian and Gestalt therapy to provide counseling to Mary and Steve although there are ethical considerations and legal issues that have been considered before conducting the counseling process. While conducting the Adlerian therapy the counselor has to comply with Adlerian ethics. In this ethics, the counselor must understand the ethical dimension that describes what should be the ethics followed while providing counseling therapy through Adlerian therapy.  Sense of respect, confidentiality, feasibility, freedom, and equality are some key fundamental ethical considerations that should be followed by the counselor (Sperry & Binensztok, 2018). On the other hand in Gestalt Therapy, the therapist or counselor providing counseling must make sure that confidentiality and privacy of the exchanges between the client and the following are maintained although the client must be informed that the counselor must make sure that in case of extreme danger and need the following can be breached to take appropriate action.

Explanation of how the two counseling theories will be used to assist the client

Adlerian therapy also known as individual therapy is an approach in which the therapist or counselor counsels the individuals which in this case is Steve and Mary on various obstacles and problems faced by them for achieving common goals. This is done by following four stages of the therapy that are engagement, assessment, insight, and reorientation. In this therapy, the counselor first establishes a therapeutic or counseling relationship with the clients to understand them, after which assessment of their problems, strength, and weaknesses is done. Insight of client situations is gained by the therapist and at last, the counselor will develop new strategies to make sure that the client can resolve the problems and achieve goals in an efficient manner.

In Gestalt Therapy the counselor will identify the personal responsibilities of the clients and will also focus on the client experience in the current situation. In the process, the counselor understands problems that are there to the client which in the current case is Mary and Steve. The counselor will identify the personal and social problems that are affecting the psychological aspect of Steve and Mary based on which the counseling of solutions and possible strategies for resolving the problem will be provided to the following (Nevis, 2014).

Suggesting A possible outcome for the client if the counseling goes well

In both therapies, if the thing goes well and the therapy becomes successful the client will be benefited in an evident manner. In the Adlerian Therapy will be able to get new stages and ways to overcome the current barrier whereas in Gestalt therapy the personal responsibilities and ambitions can be managed in an efficient manner to understand the possible ways in which relationship problems can be resolved and a conclusion to the needs of both the client can be achieved.

Understand the number of counseling session needed in both the theories

In Adlerian therapy, there are 4 stages and each of the stages will take 7 days which means a total of 28 days will be required for the whole therapy. Gestalt therapy on the other hand will require the same amount of days to make sure that the therapy is conducted in an evident manner (Wheeler & Axelsson, 2015).

The final statement of which of the two theories is best suitable to the client

After understanding the case of Steve and Mary and their counseling requirement as well as details of both the therapies and counseling theories it can be said that the Adlerian Theory is the most suitable one. This is because it is a more systematic approach of counseling that will help both the individual to devise new and better strategies to countries the problems and make sure that the relationship is better and future outcomes are gained through efficiency.


Concluding in the light of the above context it can be said that counseling to Steve and Mary should be provided through Adlerian Therapy. This is because it will help in making sure that the clients are able to achieve proper counseling therapy to resolve their current problems.

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