The assessment is a detailed overview of a life event that impacts on the level of personal development. The study focuses on two of the vital development theories, namely Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory and Maslow's Hierarchical Theory for gathering information related to the impact on development due to the change in accommodation places. Then there is discussion of elements regarding microsystem along with the requirements of the individual at the time of accommodation and the most attached human being at that point in time. The study focuses on the impact of the change in the personal development of the individual.

Short discussion regarding two theories which are going to be applied

Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory is very much essential as it helps in the proper understanding of the systematic approach of both the social and human development. This theory allows in the proper understanding of how the inherent children's qualities and their environment interact with them in their process of personal development. This ecological theory delivers development contexts into 5 vital levels of influence that comes from external environments. According to Soyer (2019), this theory focuses on the individual development that should be judged in relation to their environment. This theory emphasizes the need for judging children in different kinds of environments in order to track their development.  

Maslow’s Hierarchical Theory is considered a motivational theory that impacts human psychology. The theory consists of a five-tier model that relates to the essential human needs and is depicted as hierarchical levels within a pyramid. According to Fallatah & Syed (2018), the hierarchical level consists of the needs that are domination, gratification, activation, deprivation, as well as self-actualization. As a result, this theory shows that humans get motivated by the hierarchy of needs, and the needs are organized in a prepotency hierarchy. This mainly gets an impact from the individual differences as well as from various external circumstances. In addition to this, Maslow's theory focuses on the behavioral aspects of the individual in terms of offering motivation which is determined by more than a single basic human need.

Impact of the chosen life event on the development

Here, the chosen life event is the change of accommodation. This life event has been chosen here as accommodation is an important part of life, and the change of accommodation can provide a significant effect on the personality development process of an individual. In this regard, Maslow’s theory can be applied. According to this theory, people want to secure their basic needs first, and accommodation is being regarded as one of the most important needs of people, and that is why the change of accommodation provides a significant effect on the overall personality development process of a person. I

In this case of Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory, focuses on the individual development in terms of building, developing, and keeping levels of standard ethics that get hugely influenced by the culture or surroundings provuded (Christensen, 2016). This is the theory that offers different environmental levels and this offers strong influence on the development of the children, including the Microsystems. From a personal perspective, the Microsystems of the child consist of any type of immediate relationship or the surrounding that they are attached to. The more nurturing as well as encouraging the new relations as well as the new accommodation surroundings offers positive advantages to the child in terms of development. There are also biological factors that influence the development of a child irrespective of the culture and the surroundings. By analyzing this theory, it can be stated that accommodation change provides a significant effect on personality development process as the surrounding of a person gets changed due to accommodation change-related works.

According to Bishop (2016), Maslow’s Hierarchical Theory is considered one of the simplest ways that help in understanding human behavior. This is also regarded as a motivational theory and is often illustrated in the form of a triangle. This helps in gathering information about the requirements of human life. This features 'deficit needs' as well as 'esteem needs' and the theory helps in the proper analysis of the different relationships that come under the psychological perspectives of an individual. This theory can also be applied here. This theory is stating that accommodation is a basic need for people. Hence, it is evident that when accommodation gets changed, the personality of a person faces some disruption. However, in this situation, an individual faces the requirement to adopt some changes in regards to own personality traits in order to cope up with new cultures and new neighbors. Belongingness is also an important part of hierarchical needs. When accommodation gets changed, some changes related to the belongingness also get changed as the friends and neighbors are changed with this process. In order to adopt such changes, an individual faces the requirement to adopt new personality traits which shows effectiveness in the personality development process.

Elements of the Microsystems

The Microsystems consists of the things that are available in the connections and surroundings of the children. There are many parts of the Microsystems such as family, schools, peers, friends, religious groups, as well as neighborhoods. The Microsystems is considered a part of an ecological system theory that focuses on the understanding of the development of the child through examining the context of the influence gathered from the environment. When the change in place of accommodation takes place there is a strong impact on the personal development of the children. The friends, neighborhoods, and many other influential factors get changed. This offers a vast impact on the change in the Microsystems. Sometimes, the family members tend to get scattered due to the change in places and this also impacts the Microsystems of the children in terms of personal development. According to Vélez-Agosto et al. (2017), culture also plays a vital role in human development. Due to the change in accommodation, people obtain the chance to meet new people of different cultures which offer the most significant impact on the development of the children.

Needs at that time

A child needs to get much more care if a change in accommodation takes place. The children need extra support and care from the family members as new places can become vulnerable to them in terms of factors that are both internal and external. From a personal perspective, the need for parents' guidance is very important as it allows the individual to learn about the new surroundings. This helps the children in terms of getting safety and protection from uncomfortable situations as well as things. In addition to this, all the belongings, including some toys are very much required for the child as it helps them in getting more comfortable in the new environment. From a personal perspective, the most vital need is the love and support of the family members.

Attachment figure

An individual's emotional state is hugely affected by the change in accommodation. They get much of the impact on this change as they tend to get more involved with their education system and change in accommodation results in a change of schools that have a strong impact on the personal development of the child. From the personal context, during the time of accommodation, the most attached figure for children is their parents. The parents tend to be very much involved in offering love and support and as a child, this benefits the psychological state. This allows the children to adapt to the new surroundings in no time irrespective of the culture and people living near them. As children, the hardest thing to do is to lose all the neighborhood friends that offer a strong impact on the microsystem in terms of personal development.


The assessment offers information regarding the development theories that are useful in extracting the needs of the personal development of children. This focuses on the life event that relates to the change in accommodation along with its impact on the development of the children. The study focuses on the personal perspective in terms of the impact on the development due to the change in accommodation. The change in microsystems is also discussed as it justifies the development of the children according to the new environment. The last part of the assessment features the children's need in terms of proper guidance along with the most attached person at the time of accommodation. This information helps in accessing the development process of the children.

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