Usage and Value of Information and communication technology in the everyday business operation of a multinational accounting organization


In this research study, the main motive and objective are to discuss the usage as well as the value of the information and communication technology in the international as well as multination accounting firms. The research study also discusses the impact role of communication in one business that explains the core values of information to the specific business entity. On the other hand, it can be noted that information system is one of the specific sections in the organizational culture that includes the communication, article handling, human resources, web interfaces, sorting and delivery processes for the benefits of the customers.

Presence of information and communication in Accounting

In the modern era of globalization, ICT has been one of the important factors that are included within the accounting system and that generate great organizational performances. Moreover, ICT has also been used for augmenting the reliability of the accounting information as well as the organizational performances. It can be noted that there are different types of accounting systems involved within the ICT that includes the hardware and software fundamentals at the time of recording accounting information (Yunanto, 2018). In this research, study, the ability in setting up the goals, actions and finances are being described that maximizes the core benefits of the information technology systems.

It is noted that the usage of the ICT services can be done with the adoption of new procedures that automatically increases the value and maximizes the benefits of the information technology systems. There are different types of implementation processes and adoption processes, where there are little and no impact on the adoption procedures. Mainly, it can be understood that the main usage of ICT is done for developing the core usage of the computerized systems and also tracking or recording financial transactions. In this manner, computer systems management is done by the accountants, where less time is needed to procure all the methodologies within the system. Preparation of the financial information and transactions to the management can be also done in the same manner.

As stated by Li et al., (2014), the financial performance can be assessed with the help of notifying and through classifying all the requisite transactions like the sales, purchase, assets as well as liabilities. These also adhere to certain limits of the standard formats. On the other hand, the valuation of the ICT services is also increased with the help of past performance of the organization, where the usage of technology is done for predicting the present as well as the future aspects (J.N. & M. Edwin, 2016) It can be noted that the high clarification of the information technology has transformed many organizations in the performance service industries.


However, with the flow of time, the public account has also undergone different types of changes after the Millenium and there also have been some of the rapid changes in the environment. Moreover, there are also different types of knowledge-sharing applications and two crucial components that are used by the audit software. The software has changed the structure of the audit teams and it has been equally important for the advanced systems for sharing immense knowledge.


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