The following report will provide information on how the IT sector supports the organization in every aspect of the business. In the below-discussed survey, there will be information about Telstra which originates in Australia and it is a telecommunication company. It will also provide information on how Information Technology supports both the employees and the customers of the organization. The information regarding the strategies that the organization uses to maintain the IT sector effectively in the workplace will also be provided. It will also enumerate about the advantages that the organization gain as well as the risks which the organization faces. Question 1

Yes, it does need Information Technology. The below-discussed information will provide a clear knowledge about Telstra’s Information Technology system. This company uses IT as a backbone as this company comes under the sector of telecommunication.

Question 2

The information technology system in Telstra is important because it is the backbone of the company. Information Technology professionals in this company are concerned about constructing and supporting sophisticated facilities, networks, and technological systems. This company mainly provides an opportunity to work with cutting edge technology. It is important for every business to operate IT around the workplace so that the performance of the work becomes more effective. The importances of Information Technology in Telstra are specified below:

Engaging employees

Information Technology provides huge support to the employees of the company. In the case of Telstra, this organization provides technology to the employees through which they can perform their tasks by staying at any corner of the world. Information Technology in Telstra allows the employees to telecommute to work and inspire them to assemble with each other for sharing important files and information (, 2020). The employees also feel flexible as they can perform their tasks by staying at any corner of the world.

Solving a complex problem

Information Technology solves the problems whenever the company faces problems. According to Telstra, this company uses some smarter applications which support the company to perform its tasks in an efficient manner. This company also uses applications to boost cloud communication Panviva, Docusign and it also uses a mobile application named Kony (Cater-Steel et al. 2017). This software supports the company to cope up with every difficult situation.

Improvement in marketing strategies

The implementation of various strategies of IT is needed to develop the services of the company. Similarly, Telstra also uses some technologies which protect them from being hacked. Nowadays cyber attacks are increasing day by day so Telstra uses McAfee to protect its data from being hacked.

Development of customer support

It also develops the relationship between the customer and the employees of the organization. This organization implemented the strategy of installing 5G which will gather the interest of the customers and they will feel much more comfortable buying products from this company. Information Technology also supports customers through multiple channels such as emails, telephones, social media platforms, etc.

Expand the business

Technology has become a more important factor for every organization to become successful. The usage of advanced technology supports the company to remain the best company as compared to others. Telstra expanded its business around the world and earned a revenue of 2600 crores AUD.

Question 3

Nowadays IT has become a significant part of every organization. This system supports the company to perform its tasks efficiently. The Information Technology department increases the performance and productivity of the company through which they are much concerned about achieving competitive advantages. It also develops the communication skills of the organization. According to Telstra, the management generated the IT department by implementing below discussed strategies:

Planning: Every business is much concerned about planning as it is the most significant part and the business needs to maintain planning before operating IT in the business environment. In the case of Telstra, this organization planned to setup Information Technology through which they can easily reach the customers and can provide them with better services. They placed several towers in many areas in Australia which helps the customers to get high-speed internet as compared to other companies (, 2020).

Costing: This factor is very essential that needs to be observed. According to Telstra, this company mainly spends money on serving up email accounts, a software program to share and create documents, and accounting software like Quicken. These are the elements needed to operate an IT system in the business environment. The net amount Telstra spends to operate IT is around $2600.

Equipment: The crucial element which is required by Telstra to operate the Information Technology system in the business environment are computers, external hard disks, wireless routers, and some software that will protect the company from being hacked. They also need to install accounting software to keep regular records.

Training: Training is the most significant part as this process increases the motivational power of the employees through which they perform their assigned tasks effectively. The employees in Telstra need to provide some better skills through which they can adjust themselves with the working environment. Training can also support the employees to cope up with the technologies such as video conferencing, skype. They are also operating 5G in Australia within 2021, which is known as the high-speed internet. Similarly, they are organizing their employees in such a manner that they can handle every difficult situation in an efficient way (, 2020).

Question 4

Information Technology provides several benefits to both the employees and the customers of the company. It helps the customer to get information by staying at home. Customers are known as the backbone of every company. Every successful business maintains its IT department as they increase both productivity and profits. Information Technology supports the employees in the organization by encouraging them to implement some creative ideas in the business which will support the company to achieve competitive advantages.

According to Telstra, this company is much concerned about its customers. So they maintain customer services efficiently. They installed several technologies through which the customers get demanded services as well as high-speed internet. This company also uses some software to provide information regarding the company to customers which maintain customer loyalty towards the company. Telstra also uses some applications through which the customers get information regarding the offers and can also purchase services through the apps (Kasemsap, 2017). The company also develops their technologies according to the preferences of the customers. In some cases, the technology also reduces the cost of production and due to this the customers also get some exciting offers. This strategy easily captures the interests of the customers and as a result, the company maximizes its profit levels. Similarly, Information Technology also supports the employees of the organization. It improves the level of coordination at work. In Telstra, every department is linked with each other. This reduces the stress of the work and accordingly increases the motivational power of the employees this helps them to perform their tasks efficiently. The implementation of information technology in the business environment also boosts up the work efficiency. Sometimes the company also organizes seminars with the help of IT such as video conferencing. This maintains a proper balance between the stress of work and entertainment. It also maintains the relationship among the employees of the organization. It also provides some benefits to the employees as they gain huge knowledge by working under the system of IT. Information Technology also maintains the suppliers of the company by conducting regular communication with the suppliers. Similarly, Telstra uses its several communication systems to maintain a good relationship with its suppliers.

Question 5

Information Technology is often appreciated in the business environment to achieve immediate offers that it provides. In several areas, IT supports the company to achieve success in the long term. According to Telstra, it has been observed that IT provides several benefits to this company. The benefits are specified below:

Reduces costs

Information Technology seems to be expensive while implementing it in the business, but in the long term, it is cost-effective. The implementation of technologies in the workplace eliminates extra employees as machines do not require a huge number of employees as a result it reduces the costs. In the case of Telstra, it uses maintenance software which supports the company to perform its assigned tasks efficiently in every situation. The implementation of an online training program also improves the internal process of the company and this also reduces the business costs.

Protect information

It has been observed that Australia is the country that uses most protective software to protect the data and information of the company. According to Telstra, the cloud is custom and mainly designed for business through which they encrypt and protect the data from being attacked. They also allow fast access i.e 24*7 (Stroyov, Patel and Ali, 2017). The IT departments also helps the company to store, share, and backup files for later use and protect the files from, unauthorized individuals.


Information Technology provides flexibility to both the employees and customers. They feel flexible in performing their tasks as with the help of the IT system the employees can perform their assigned tasks by staying at home. Similarly, IT also provides information to the customers with the help of some particular applications, so in this way, the customers also feel flexible, and due to these benefits, they generally prefer this telecommunication company. For eg: due to the pandemic situation which occurred due to COVID-19, the employees of Telstra are performing their works by staying at home with the help of emails, skype, and video conferencing (Masters et al. 2020). 

Effective communication

In Telstra, the company uses several tools to interact with each other and can discuss issues relating to the business at any time. The virtual meetings can also be organized even if the senior is not present with the help of communication systems. This supports the organization to perform its task without waiting for many hours.

Question 6

IT performs a significant role in the company. There are several risks that may occur due to Information Technology systems such as failure of software, spam, theft of important data, viruses, etc. According to Telstra, the recent cybersecurity result shows that 59% of business faces a security breach at least once a month (, 2020). The risks which Telstra faces are specified below:


Telstra uses two cloud-based protection i.e internet protection web and internet protection mail. Intellectual Property thefts also occur due to the IT system. In Telstra, the company also faces insecurity due to the fishing of emails. The hacking of software also becomes possible due to IT.


Spam has become a regular process. In the case of Telstra, the head of the company sets the passwords for the important data which are most important. This company does not face privacy problems as they use a high definition of the security process. The software which Telstra uses helps the company to detect malware, viruses, and spams.


The term confidentiality defines as disclosure of important information directly or indirectly. It has been observed that Telstra never ever share any vital information with the employees of the company. This type of risk arises when an employee shares internal information of the company by taking bribes.

Question 7

Information Technology supports the company in several ways. Information Technology supports the employees to perform their assigned tasks in an efficient manner. The ways are enumerated below:

Telstra can achieve competitive objectives if they regulate logical IT objectives with its own business objectives. The IT department will manifest several objectives, or tasks and will support the organization to achieve its objectives. The long term goals can be achieved by the company when the leadership teams encourage the IT department (Santos, 2020).


In the above report information regarding Telstra’s IT system has been discussed. The information related to how they increase the customer’s loyalty by utilizing the IT system. The above information also enumerated about what advantages did the company gain by operating the IT system in the business environment. The recommendation of how Telstra will achieve objectives by maintaining the IT system in the business also specified above.


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