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Horan Rainsford Architects is an Ireland-based architectural company that wants to expand its business in the UK and the Netherlands market. Thus, an internationalization strategy is required that must be implemented during the business expansion of the firm. Through a thorough evaluation of the socio-cultural aspects of both the countries by applying Hofstede Cultural Dimension model and Hall's context model, the organization will be able to select its best market for business expansion. Additionally, the economic, political and legal situation of the UK and the Netherlands will guide Horan Rainsford Architects to develop a risk assessment model that can shield the business for the long run in an international market. Thus, the assignment explores numerous internationalization strategies to develop a rigid plan for market entry of the selected market between the UK and the Netherlands. Moreover, accurate recommendations will help Horan Rainsford Architects to analyze its loopholes so that it can strengthen its marketing schemes in the foreign market.

Company Background

In 1973, Tony Horan established his business that grew and became popular as Horan Cotter Associates in the year 1978. The enterprise secured its business across Ireland and the United Kingdom with special emphasis on architectural practices of housing. The business success is evident from the winning of the RIAI Triennial medal by Tony Horan for excellent housing strategies. Additionally, this practice was reformulated in the year 1992 and created Horan Keogan Ryan Chartered Architects (, 2019). This is famous in Ireland as HKR Architects. The organization has always focused on providing excellent and creative designs for homes and commercials. This is to enhance commercial awareness, cost control, detailing of the designing processes and healthy relationships with the stakeholders. The company is inclined to provide quality infrastructures to generate a high level of consumer satisfaction. The organization holds skilled and competent architects to distribute its products both in Ireland and in other parts of the world. Their clients include Philips, Kennedy Wilson, Alanis, Meridien, Marriott, Oakmount and many others. 




Socio-cultural aspects

The Irish government has decided to launch Culture 2025 so that they can enhance the lives of the citizen through cultural engagement. There are significant cultural differences observed between the Catholic and Irish Protestants. Thus, in order to mitigate the differences Culture 2025 is designed that is regarded as the first infrastructural policy in Ireland to enrich the overall cultural sector. As Ireland is a culturally diversified nation, the objective is to bring together the arts, visual arts, broadcasting, films, cultural heritage, Gaeltacht and the Irish language.

The socio-cultural aspect of the Netherlands is diverse, as reflected by the regional distinctions. Additionally, the enormous spirits and mercantile set by the Dutch people have helped the native businesses to expand in the international markets. From the historical evidence, the Dutch people have played significant roles in cultural liberalism. As the Netherlands has an open economy, it is susceptible to foreign developments that are based on consensus. The country consists of numerous architectural emblems that denote the interests of the Dutch culture towards architectural establishments (Hamilton and Webster, 2018). Additionally, from the 20th century, modernization in architectural applications has begun providing foreign architecture companies to establish their business in the Netherlands. The country has embraced cultural diversity and thus, the socio-cultural field of the nation is believed to accept Horan Rainsford Architects efficiently. 

In comparison to this, the United Kingdom is regarded as a highly diversified and multicultural country. The architectural market in the UK is highly focused on creative and sustainable practices (Baxter, 2016). This provides a good option for Horan Rainsford Architects to expand their business in the multi-diversified culture of the UK.


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