Issues that James faced after leaving the foster care

From the given list of case studies, the case study that has been selected for this particular assessment is case study 1. In the chosen case study it has been seen that a guy named James who is 21 years old has a history of growing up with family violence. Because of this reason James spent most of his life in foster care and residential homes. James is Aboriginal, however, he is not aware of that and also he is having some identity issues. It has been noticed that James left foster care and now he is being forced to start drinking and doing drugs by his friends. He is in a confused state and does not know what more he will have to face in his life. James does not even have a job as a result he is feeling overwhelmed about life.

The issues for James are that he cannot remember where he belongs and what his real identity is. He is also facing some issues regarding the use of alcohol and drugs that his friends are forcing on him, which clearly he does not want to do. Also, since he does not have a job he has nowhere to go and he feels overwhelmed.

The children who are put into foster care face a lot of disadvantages because of the maltreatment as well as the other risk factors that are associated with their placement which include poverty, parental drugs, violence, and so on. As a result, the children who live in foster care suffer from depressions, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder as well as behavioral conduct disorder in comparison to the children who live with their own biological parents. It has been seen that the children who live in foster care struggle a lot after leaving foster care. Some common issues that children from foster care face are struggling in school, having difficulty in finding employment, and have a tendency to consume drugs and alcohol at an early age Turney & Wildeman, 2016).

As per the case study it has been identified that James is having a lot of trouble in dealing with his life as a young adult with no job, no sense of identity and in an environment where he can get influenced with alcohol and drugs easily. Hence, it is important for James to receive guidance and help from a welfare system. Welfare system is a kind of a community that promotes the economic and social well being of the people. These communities are formed to protect the people of the country from getting involved in bad habits and activity and provide them support to succeed in life.

The welfare system also provides certain support that is a little different as it considers certain aspects such as whether the individual is single or in a group, whether there are more children having the same issues, and so on. The welfare system plays an important role in all areas of research on families (Moffitt. 2015).

Hence it can be said that the welfare system is relevant in the case of James as the system is meant to provide help and support to the people like James. The issues that James is having will all be addressed with a proper and effective welfare system.

Things that could be done for James if he attend a place of work

If James attends a place of work and I have been made responsible to assist him, the first thing I will have to do is be patient and give James time to open up. Then I have to make James comfortable in order to make him feel that he can completely trust and can be open about his feelings. The more comfortable James feels the more there is chances that he will be able describe how he feels and what help he requires. I will listen to his problems and will try to resolve all the issues he has. Further I will also recommend or suggest to him some social support services that help people get over their trauma and issues.

Support services are those communities that provide support to people in need. The support can be in various ways such as supporting to get a job, supporting food supplies, supporting to get over the trauma, supporting to leave bad habits, supporting to indulge in a healthy lifestyle and so on. According to Bigby, Whiteside & Douglas (2019), a formalized support process may differ from informal supporters in decision support, who guides the person in their best interest. The support services identify how they support decisions, what is their approach to support and the challenge a person faces.

The support services are extremely helpful to the people who are in need of support and want to get their life together. As per the case study of James it has been seen that he needs support regarding getting a job and avoiding being influenced by alcohol and drugs. The support services are funded by the Government of the respective country for the wellbeing of the citizens of the country. The government provides funding to the support services which then use the resources to help the people in need of mental health or physical health support.

Who can help James, the services that will be helpful for James, and how to encourage James in attending those services

People who provide support services will probably be able to help James in resolving all the issues that he faces. James always stays mentally destroyed due to his childhood trauma, living in foster care, growing up without parents, having no job and being forced to consume alcohol and drugs. All of these things have a significant effect on James' mental health due to which he feels overwhelmed about life.

Promoting human rights and social justice serves as a motivation and justification for social work. However, it has been seen that social work as human rights work is not that common. Even after the addition of human rights to social work policy it has been seen that the social work practice has still not achieved pace yet (Mapp, McPherson, Androff & Gatenio Gabel, 2019).

Promoting the well-being of a fellow person is important in order to make the person realise his worth. In order to encourage James in taking those support services a well-maintained social and culture has to be formed where everyone supports each other’s wellbeing. As classified by Brown, & Corry, (2020), the social as well as cultural realms lead to improving the health as well as well being of a human being either directly or indirectly.

Therefore, it can be said that the better the environment is for James the more there is a chance that James will be motivated as well as encouraged to join and take help of support services.

It has been evident that the physical, biological, social, as well as cultural realms of the landscape lead to better health of humans as well as well-being (Brown, & Corry, 2020).

With the proper environment and better intervention, James will be encouraged in taking the help of the support services that will help him in recovering from the trauma that he has been through all his life.


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