ITPRD102A Communication for the IT Professional Assignment

Type of business and requirement of IT consultants for that business

A technology service business is an enterprise dealing in providing services to its customers looking for aid in purchasing or repairing of any previously purchased technology such as computers, mobiles and smartphones or any other technological gadget in the market. Since technology businesses use both hardware and software for its functioning, the need for IT (information technology) is a mandatory part for satisfying the technological need that it requires. Computer and phone businesses demand to repair and maintenance when facing technical issues and an IT professional or a consultant is needed to examine any such issue in order to provide solutions as needed.

Types of issues faced by small or medium businesses

Every business owner, once in a while, is bound to face technical issues that only an IT professional consultant can solve. Lack of technical and network maintenance, problems regarding new technology and hardware, issues with backup and malfunction recovery, issues with security and data privacy and risk management are few technical issues that a business has to overcome with help of professionals. Among the prior mentioned issues, the most prevalent being the issue with securing data or protecting it from technological and digital fraud (, 2020). In order to curb unauthorized computers, databases and websites, the protective digital privacy measures that are taken is termed as data privacy. Usage of data has always helped a business to increase its profitability and efficiency but improper or unadvised use of data can also lead to its devastation.  Information security or data security is the foremost requirement of a business to work without it being subjected to fraud or overall market loss. Irrespective of the size and type of business or organization, data security is an essential aspect of IT.

Leading causes of data breach and cyber-attacks

With the advancement in technology and rise in the production of devices, data breaches have also risen along with it. Hacking and skimming, later followed by internet attacks and employee error are few of the prominent causes of data and security breach (Romanosky, 2016). Very often, as a result of unintended and unsafe access to the internet, information is exposed to a third party leading to successful hacks. Technology service business deals majorly in recovering technological gadgets from such issues and breaches and requires privacy of data themselves as well when hostility is taken over and information is extracted involuntarily. More complex approach to data beaching other than hacking happens when malware are installed by scammers in order to derive information from the original source when it is being used. There have been a number of cases where new business owners, unknown to the possible cyber-attacks, have their data stolen.

FIGURE 1: Leading causes of a data breach

(Source: Cheng, Liu and Yao, 2017)

Resultants of security breach and cyber-attacks

These attacks are sometimes so severe that it pushes the business into a grinding halt and not only decreases the business productivity but also lead to losing customers due to lack of security. Businesses are 100 percent accountable for the customer’s safety and confidentiality because securing client data and employee information is a business’s crucial priority for it to stay in business for a long time. Brand reputation of a business is majorly dependent on its customer services and security provided and when security breaches happen, a lot more than just money and trust is lost. Stolen data can put the overall business finance into risk and the clients’ confidential data exposed to be used by hackers for gaining access to their system without their knowledge. For a small business, the loss of data and trust on the brand can cause disruption of workflow, an additional fund to recover it and more importantly halting of growth opportunities and market reputation (, 2020).

Figure 2: The amount of data compromised due to a security breach

(Source: Hall and Wright, 2018)

Popular software solutions to prevent and recover from security breach and cyber-attacks

Since the importance of data security is well-understood at this point, it should also be considered that a few software issues can only be solved with the help of IT consultants and professionals. To overcome a data security attack, the solutions and operations needed to do so should be of high-security measures and data security policies. Many at times, sensitive and confidential data are not protected by proper data handling measurements or technical controls. Prevention and recovery from cyber-attacks and a data breach can be done through integrated software and hardware technologies. For a small business like the above mentioned, the best possible encountered methods is the use of technology encryption where drives are encrypted for them to be rendered unreadable or untraceable to unauthorized users. There are various tools and services to prevent or recover from such breaches such a system firewalls, malware and antivirus scanners, system monitoring and log auditing tools, encryption tools and data security and integrated services. The foremost step to recover from a security breach is to recognize the kind of threat and its extent and details of the data and assets affected and then to execute a solution. Intrusion Detection System also knows as IDS are developed to detect any signs of a breach and prevent the device from any future breaches. Popular IDS such as OSSEC, Snort and Fail2Ban automatically detects and bans unauthorized intrusion into devices conncted to the internet. System firewalls like GFW on Ubuntu and firewall on CentOS are quick solutions to prevent any further loss of information (Dunna, O'Brien and Gill, 2018). Anti-malware solution for Linux servers like Maldet and CXS are used mostly nowadays. Encryption tools such as LUKS and CryFS can be installed when data safety is required for most confidential information. Besides the installation of data encryption tools, using password tools like 1Password and Dashlane can prevent security breaches to an extent (Hall and Wright, 2018). Once the breach is isolated and the device is retrieved it is important that the system is again analyzed by security professionals and a revised Recovery Policy should be implemented. Security auditing tools like Lynis and Rootkihunter are the most popular scanning tools available for running regular check-up against any Linux servers and detecting hidden and suspicious files, respectively. A breach of security can occur as a resultant of various factors which may or may not be a human error but irrespective of the degree of the breach and its recovery it is advisable to maintain a high standard of security and raise higher awareness in all the businesses concerned.

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