Essay on Justice


In addition to that, justice maintains no discrimination of the members of the society. In other words, justice carries meaning of joining and cementing up human beings together. This concept is not static. It changes with time. Justice theory of John Rawls has elaborated equal distribution of the resources with primary concern. In addition to that, justice elaborates enlightenment of the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke who advocated social contract theory. The authors addressed the disruptive justice in the theory related problems. In the theory, the author has argued about reconciliation of equality and liberty for applying basic structure of the well-ordered society. As commented by Mandle (2017), justice theory has included five steps of fairness. Those principles are original position, veil of the ignorance, and acceptance unanimity of original position. By the original position, it can be understood that in hypothetical situation, rational people may arrive at the contractual agreement resources distribution to maintain principles of justice fairness. On the other hand, in veil of ignorance people can arrive at original positioning. By this, society can reduce self-interest and biases. Lastly, acceptance unanimity agrees to the contract before it develops effect to the society (Pogge, 2017). 

Personal reflection

As per my knowledge, justice helps to maintain fairness of human rights by punishing the wrong people. Academic definition of justice does not match with my viewpoint. This also upholds the administration process of the nation through the implication of fair laws. As per my thinking, John Rawls has shaped the theory of justice by connecting it with the social contract theory. Rawls justification related view of human beings is inherently good. I think, the justice theory engages human being in corporate social responsibility properly and maintains social development. In addition to that, justice theory supports to admire ethical principles in a significant manner. It involves both attainments of the just to make philosophical discussion regarding the just. As per me, it involves several fields with different viewpoints based on moral correctness. It has created major impact on the culture. It also provides philosophical overview of the particular country. It provides society to link fairness, equality, and entitlement in a proper manner. Laws related to justice provide rights to every citizen to maintain given duties. I think it is the duty of the citizen to maintain a safe environment to asses support service. Thus, it can be said justice is a combination of access, human rights, and fairness. As per me, if the justice is not served properly then it can affect the entire society in a negative manner. It helps in preserving generally accept responsibility and right. As result, it can enhance the ethics and values of the particular society. 




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