Leadership Assignment Project SHR011-6


The report below will discuss the effectiveness of leadership skills for a particular organization. There are several aspects of leadership, however, the leaders need to control a particular team towards success and development of an organization. In this report, there will be so many aspects through which a leader can perform with her/his team. There will be discussions regarding various management styles as well as leadership styles. These methods vary on different lifestyles, cultures and history of a particular place and people there. Leadership style is something that impacts on the performance of the people of an organization. Therefore productivity of the organization depends on the performance of the people, so these two are complimentary for each other. Now approaches of different leadership styles are different too, so it matters on the leadership that who will follow and how they will, which will be discussed in the report below. After that capabilities of personal leadership will be evaluated. Finally, a discussion will be stated on the future programmes of the organization. The organization which is taken for the study is Renaissance Services in Oman.

1. Various kinds of management and leadership style depending on geographic life, history and culture

It is imperative for the workforce of an organization that they can follow efficient leadership. Without efficient leaders, companies are like rudderless ships. Performance of an organization solely based upon strong leadership as well as skills of management. There are different companies which prefer different styles of leadership. In this particular report, an organization has been taken to assess which is Renaissance Services. This organization has chosen a particular leadership style that is effective for the organization. Renaissance Services operates its workforce from Oman, where is the headquarters of the organization. There are reasons why a particular organization opts for a specific style of leadership, which is nothing but the geographic life, history and culture of the particular place (Arnold et al. 2015).

The ancient form of leadership style followed an autocratic system. This kind of system is helpful to operate the team as the decisions on the procedures of work comes from a particular entity. Now, it is imperative to be autocratic in case of doing a specific job. A company has to maintain a large workforce in different areas, for instance, Renaissance Services has provisions of providing services in Renaissance Village, where are a different form of works such as providing food, maintaining laundry and other businesses, in which case it is important to manage well for individual categories of work and where the leaders of every team will make decisions based on a particular work which must be done. But this form of leadership has been outdated for several reasons. This form of leadership may violate basic rights of the employees so that another leadership style has also been introduced which is quite popular these days, that is democratic or bureaucratic leadership style. In this form of leadership, the leaders must consult with at least some of the employees before making any kind of decisions. In the case of Renaissance Services, this kind of leadership is appreciated for several reasons (Anderson and Sun, 2017).

From the aspects of culture, transformational leadership is popular and effective in the workforce. In Renaissance Services different employees come from different backgrounds. Now it is important for the leaders to not hurt anyone's beliefs in the field of work. The leaders must respect and encourage every kind of culture at the place of work (Buble et al. 2014). Transformational leadership style helps the leaders to understand the different beliefs and cultures of the employees. This specific style of leadership helps the leaders to collaborate with the workforce and proceed with every individual in the work field. On the other hand, feedback given by the employees is very important to run the company. This feedback helps the leaders to understand the perspectives of the employees. As the leaders of the company understand the employees it is easier for them to collaborate with the employees and make decisions according to their aspects and make effective decisions for the benefit of the company.

Geographic lives of different regions are different too; according to various geographic structures, an organization needs to act. For instance, Renaissance Services is an organization that is established in Oman. Now the leaders of the company need to act according to the lifestyles of Oman. The coaching style of leadership is helpful to understand the geographic lessons of a particular province. The leaders must provide lessons to the employees too to understand the needfulness of a particular region. To work efficiently in a particular place, such as Renaissance Services in Oman, the leaders must understand the lifestyle of this geography and train the employees according to the mentioned (Keskes, 2014).

Seven leadership mindset theory

Productivity and performance of a company depend upon the leadership and management of the organization. Now the mindset of the workforce facilitates the lifestyle and there are other elements of society and culture which also depends on the mindset of the workforce. This mindset theory solely focuses on these segments. The uprising complexities of the environment, as well as the economy of the society, are based on the concept of the theory (Sethuraman and Suresh, 2014). There are so many issues regarding the environment and the corporate life, the leaders of the organizations must stress on this idealist leadership style so that the working style never gets stagnant and the changes can be adapted subtly. Besides this, politics is one of the major complexities to overcome, this mindset theory also stresses on that matter. This particular theory of mindset makes changes in the life of the leaders so that they can create new paths and become the pioneering agents who can lead the workforces towards success. As the leaders of an organisation understand the theory, they can make progressive amendments on the working procedures. It is imperative to work on mindset theory because this theory enables the leaders to approach development, growth and allows for proper expressions towards the employees (Al-Asfour and Lettau, 2014).

Impact of present leadership value system and structures in the organization

The present leadership of Renaissance Services is effective for the organizational structure because of the value system. This kind of leadership impacts on the employees in a positive way. The value system based leadership style enables the leaders of the organization to think from the perspectives of the workforce. Renaissance Services allow leaders to motivate the employees. To motivate the employees, leaders must have some credibilities which increase the trust in the relationship with the employees. This leadership style helps the leaders to understand the cultural variations among the employees. As leaders can understand the values of the employees and respect their cultural preferences, it becomes easier to motivate them. This leadership value system encourages the leaders to make the right decisions and achieve the goals for the organization with the help of the workforce. This particular structure of leadership allows facilitating the relationship with the workflow as well as it helps the employees to understand their responsibilities towards the organization. As soon as the employees understand their responsibilities, it becomes easier to achieve the goals for the company. As the information flows in a company from the top level to bottom, the leaders can anticipate the consequences or what the authority particularly needs. If the communication among the leaders and the employees are smooth, then the leaders can easily approach the employees for developing what the organization wants. Through this sound system, Renaissance Services has been able to develop an organised structure of leadership and workforce in the company (Amanchukwu et al. 2015).

Considering and analysing the differences between local and global competitors

As the organization, Renaissance Services is based on the market of Oman. There are so many competitors of the organization in the global as well as the local market. The top competitors of Renaissance Services are, AEMTS LLC, Complete Production Services, Five-star measurement etc. These competitors have different styles of leadership in the field of work. The difference between these companies and Renaissance Services is the value system in leadership style. Renaissances Services always motivate the employees through the leaders. They share cultural values and the leaders try to understand the aspects of the employees, which also helps the leaders to pervade the workforce with their demands. On the other hand, the company gains success despite so many competitors being there (Fiaz et al. 2017).

Considering the positive and negative points of the organization

As the leaders can understand the aspects of the company, they try to encourage the workers as per the needfulness. Now it has been said earlier that the leadership style which is preferred by the organization follows the leadership that is democratic or bureaucratic (Nanjundeswaraswamy and Swamy, 2014). It is not always possible for the leaders to look after the workers because it is the company that is ultimate. A person cannot be more important than the institution, that is why sometimes there are turmoils which occur in the field of work. On the other hand, leaders need to be careful about the needfulness of the employees. If the company wants to perform consistently, the workforce has to be satisfied with the organization. The strategic ways and methods of the leaders help to emphasize the quality of work as well as the services by the workforce (Quintana et al. 2015).

2. Critically evaluating different kinds of management/leadership styles

An organization always depends on the management and the leadership, which guides the employees towards success. This success is not only for the company and it also reminds the success of the employees because they are the resources of the organization. The leaders and the managers are those pillars of the company who ensure to take the growth of the organization to a different level. If the guidance provided by the leaders is lawful then it becomes harder for the workforce to collaborate and it hinders the success of the organization too (Yahaya and Ebrahim, 2016). The employees must take the leaders as their idols so that they can improve their working capabilities and assure the success of the organization. The leaders who are the precursors have established the facts that different styles of leadership must be adapted so that the employees can be motivated towards the betterment of their work. But it is imperative that the employees also understand the aspects of the leaders. If the system becomes autocratic then no improvements in the organization will take place but the environment of the work field will be chaotic. For the betterment of the workforce, the leaders or the managers must convince the employees for a particular decision. The decisions of the leaders are not only beneficial for the company but these decisions also emphasize the working styles of the employees. In this case, the seven mindset style of leadership is very helpful to collaborate with the workers (Kang et al. 2015).

Evolution of the sector

In the case of Renaissance Services, the internal knowledge system is very developed. That is why the employees have information which is important for the field of work. This enables the workers to perform well with the help of the management and the leaders. If the knowledge for the betterment of the company is only possessed by the leaders and the managers it would not make any help for the development as well as the maintenance of the organization. For the evolution of the sector, the leaders must distribute the acquired knowledge among the employees (Saeed et al. 2014). This way the employees will be benefited for their betterment as well as for the company also. There are behavioural aspects also which must be developed on the other hand. A sound environment in the organization helps the employees as well as the leaders to find a better path towards the success of the company. To produce the best work, the leaders must teach and mentor the workers so that they focus on their performance and help to evolve the sector (Walker and Aritz, 2015).

The way it differs between Renaissance Services and the competitors

There are so many competitors of Renaissance Services in their industry, which are AEMTS LLC, Complete Production Services, Five-star measurement etc. There are such a large number of contenders of the association in the worldwide market. These contenders have various styles of leadership as well as management in the field of work. The distinction between these organizations and Renaissance Services is the worth framework in their culture of administration. Renaissances Services consistently inspire the workers through the pioneers. They share social qualities and the leaders attempt to comprehend the parts of the representatives, which additionally causes the leaders to invade the workforce with their requests. Then again the organization picks up accomplishment regardless of such a significant number of contenders being there. Renaissance Services have a reputation and collaboration with such stakeholders who are loyal to their business. Now it is not easier to compete with local companies but Renaissance Services has that kind of leaders who encourage the workers to yield the best quality of work (DuBois et al. 2015).

The extensions of positive points and negative traits of the organization

As the pioneers can understand the parts of the organization, they try to support the workers according to the needfulness. Presently it has been said before that the administration style which is favoured by the association follows the bureaucratic authority. It isn't generally feasible for the leaders to take care of the employees since the organization is extreme. An individual can't be a higher priority than the organization, that is the reason once in a while there are disturbances which happen in the field of work. Then again, the pioneers should be cautious about the needfulness of the workers. If the organization needs to perform steadily, the workforce must be awarded by the association. The vital ways and techniques for the leaders assist with stressing the nature of work just as the administrations by the workforce. It is not helpful for the organization if the internal collaboration among the workers gets hampered so that the leaders or the managers must take the responsibility which will wipe out this kind of resistance from the success of the company (Sipe and Frick, 2015).

3. Discussion about the impact of a particular leadership style

It is the duty of the leaders as well as the managers to guide the employees through the right path as the company and the employees get benefited too. Different leadership approaches are helpful to sustain the success of the company. Different kinds of leadership approaches have been discussed in the study such as transformational leadership, coaching leadership and democratic leadership. The seven mindset leadership style is imperative to make the workers comprehend about the path of work. In Renaissance Services various workers originate from various foundations. Presently it is significant for the pioneers to not hurt anybody's convictions in the field of work. The pioneers must regard and empower each sort of culture in the work environment (Saleem, 2015). Transformational administration style causes the pioneers to comprehend various convictions and societies of the representatives. This particular style of authority encourages the pioneers to team up with the workforce and continue with each person in the work field. Then again, input given by the representatives is imperative to run the organization. This criticism causes the pioneers to comprehend the viewpoints of the representatives. As the pioneers of the organization comprehend the representatives it is simpler for them to work together with the workers and settle on choices as indicated by their viewpoints and settle on compelling choices to support the organization. The workers must find their leaders as the epitome of moral values so that they will try to become as selfless and motivating towards their works as their leaders. If the employees understand that the leaders they are following are hardworking, then the workers will get motivated with their leaders' appearances and working styles, which will lead them to follow the paths of their pioneers. The pioneers of the workforce must have an approach as they are friendly to the employees. This can create a sound environment in the field of work. If the workers feel free to discuss any kind of problem with the leader, the pressure of the work can become less towards them. Friendly behaviour may convince the workers to follow their leaders at the workplace (Bushe and Marshak, 2016).

Changes taking place in the organization to maintain a consistent growth

To maintain a constant growth in the company, Renaissance must implement some ideas which will help the organization to have some advantages in the industry. Renaissance Services can execute some trends such as gathering feedback from the customers as well as from the employees. As the employees get the chance to get closer to the customers, they will know better about the preference and the needfulness of them. An organization needs to keep up an enormous workforce in various regions, for example, Renaissance Services has arrangements of offering types of assistance in Renaissance Village, where are diverse type of works, for example, giving food, keeping up clothing and different organizations, in which case it is critical to overseeing well for singular classes of work and where the pioneers of each group will settle on choices based on a specific work which must be finished. It is important to satisfy the customers so that Renaissance services must have a continual connection with their clients (Buchanan and Kern, 2017).

4. Evaluating personal leadership capabilities implementing seven leadership mindset

As per the name of this leadership style, the seven leadership mindset has some traits which enable a leader to become the epitome of moral values and hard work towards the workforce. This theory helps a leader to develop her/his capabilities in the workplace (Paxton and Van Stralen, 2015).



Time duration


Exceptional teamwork and innovative ideas which break the traditional systems as well as mindset

5 months


Developing goals for long and short term

4 months

Aspiration for ROI

The investments must be surveillance as well as the fluctuations in the market

4 months


Achieving success and targets

5 months

Fear of inactivity

Continual work and innovative ideas

5 months

Searching soul

Sustain reading habit which will inspire to be a successful leader who can reform the society

6 months


Adhere to the plannings and decrease the chances of giving up

5 months


The above table clarifies how a successful leader should act. There is a basic framework of how a leader should be. By this way, a leader can develop her/his attributes in front of the team. As a team leader, I must have these characteristics so that the team can depend upon me. By the above-mentioned traits, I can develop my career as a team leader. A team leader cannot deprive the organization or the team so that I must not convolute my personal life with my professional career. Also, I have to break the traditional methods and think within a broader perspective which will be helpful for me to understand the needfulness of the company as well as the team. If I possess a rigid nature, that may hinder the growth of the business so that openness in my behaviour is very important for my organization. The seven leadership mindset is helpful to understand oneself's nature and this way one can amend the perspective of viewing which motivates to reach success (Bligh et al. 2018).

Issues faced by the organization

Three major issues of Renaissance Services must be discussed in this section of the report. The issues are being identified below:

  1. Health: As a service provider, Renaissance Services faces some issues regarding health. The company is facing challenges in this segment, that is why it needs to amend some policies and put stress on environmental health as well. The awareness regarding health issues must become across by the authority of the company.

  2. Growth of workforce: Renaissance Services has many sectors where they work, such as catering, pest control, cleaning and many more services the organization provides. The organization must increase human resources as well as these resources must be trained very well on the other hand.

  3. Equality: Oman has been facing equality issues since the year of 1969-70, but the organization has executed plans which do not bother this distinction. Therefore, the company believes that every person is equal and they have the same capabilities of work if they get trained and mentored properly.


The above study has stated that every leader must be aware of effective communication in the place of work. The situation that is surrounding the workplace may not be favourable all the time but a leader must know the paths of interactions so that the employees can involve themselves to each situational hazard. Leaders have to be adaptive in the work field, in this way the employees will be motivated to be adaptive as well. It is the responsibility of the leader to make the working environment airy which will be helpful for the workers to work in a sound environment. To avoid mental stress at the workplace, a leader must distribute the works in the same way. These little amendments can make the workplace better which will also be beneficial for the organization (Hassanzadeh et al. 2015).


The above report has mentioned different aspects of leadership and management. How a leader should act at the workplace, how the leader can utilise the skills of the workers and different abilities which a leader should possess have been mentioned in the study above. An effective style of leadership can bring so many changes in a company as well as in the society too. Values of a leader are important that have been mentioned in the report. Finally, a recommendation has been placed here which shows how the environment of a workplace should be, and this depends on the attributes of the leader.

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