Linux Distribution based on security, privacy and penetration Essay


Developed by Linus Torvalds on September 17, 1991, at the University of Helsinki in Finland, based on Linux Kernel it is an open-source operating system that hacks secured data (, 2020). Officially, the first-ever version to be released was Linux 0.02. It’s developed under GNU License which allows it to be distributed freely.

Top 3 Linux Distros based on security, privacy and penetration


Derived from Devian distro, Kali Linux found its use in auditing, forensic, security and network. The Metasploit framework is a very dominant tool which is basically used by cybercrimes as well as hackers to probe methodical susceptibility on servers and networks. It is a framework which can be operated with every operating system and it is also an open-source framework which can be easily personalized. Kismet wireless is a system which detects sniffers, and intrusion the secured data. This system helps to hack personal information.  Nikto2 is an open-source server scanner which executes thorough investigation against web servers for numerous items. It checks around 6700 potentially precarious files or programs, analyzes for an antiquated rendition of over 1250 servers and renders precise problems on over 270 servers (, 2020). This server also keeps detailed information about numerous index files, HTTP server options and can also spot out the installed software.

Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS is derived from Debian distro and it focuses on security and privacy. Based on Debian’s Bullseye with Linux Kernel 5.5, it follows a rolling-release development model. Out of all editions, Parrot Security provides a suite of penetration testing tools which can be used for attack mitigation, forensics, security research and vulnerability assessment (Hooper et al 2016). Anonsurf is a tool TOR, I2P or other anonymizing networks for operating system communication. Accordingly, there is software named as GPA which utilizes OpenPGP, which is used to encrypt and decrypt the files, emails and documents. SQLmap automatically exploits and detects secured data. It executes arbitrary commands and retrieves their standard output on the database server. It can also disclose data from several databases. It also helps in cracking the password by performing dictionary-based attacks.


Based on Arch distro, it provides an array of tools for penetration testing and security researchers with a high-performance ruby framework which is also modular named as Arachni (Cisar and Pinter, 2019). It basically focused on helping the testers of penetration and organizer appraise the surveillance of web applications. It has an integrated browser environment which makes supporting highly complicated web applications easy. Tor Router uses TOR as a browser which never discloses the identity online. The usage of the TOR network also anonymizes web traffic. It is also a slower network as compared to clearnet.


Typically whenever a person says that he is using Linux, he/she means they are using Linux Distribution.  A Linux distribution is a package which has the kernel and other supporting operating system software provided by GNU Project

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