Manage Finances

How to Manage Your Entire Budget

Resource Allocation for financial data is the definite process for assigning as well as scheduling different resources as part of the project. There are a total five-step in which individuals allocate the resources for their financial data 

  • Divide the entire project into a set of task 
  • Assigned the financial resources  
  • Determine the attribute of financial resources 
  • Leveling of resources 
  • Reallocate the resource as necessary 
  • Tracking for the resource utilization 


First, the task is assigned a start and the end date and budget of the financial resource. 

Then the next step assigned the financial resources and the type of resource is Labor, Equipment, facility and material. 

In the next step, individuals need to determine the attribute of the resources such as Size, length and strength 

Levelling of the financial resources is executed with the help of a network diagram and Gantt chart 

The last step is the calculation of resource utilization rate which it the total number of billable hours divided by the total number of hours 


In financial accounting, the ageing of the accounts receivable is the particular method used by different business organizations for sorting the receivable by the total due date for estimating the bad debt expenses for the business. Account receivable has mainly occurred for the business organization when the business organization provides different goods as well as services on credit to the client.  The ageing schedule is a particular table that is intended to show the particular relationship between the unpaid invoice and particular bills of the business according to the due date. This technique is called an ageing schedule because the account receivable has split into the age category that indicates the balances of accounts receivable that has outstanding for the specific timeframe. 


Employee law needs to be put in place for protecting different workers from the wrongdoing by their respective employers. Without this legislation requirement, workers and employees are vulnerable to different types of threat. The key empowerment laws consisted of workplace discrimination, workers minimum wages, the safety of the workplace, workers' healthy law and child labour law. Some of the examples of legislation recruitment are 

Disasters and emergencies 

Occupational health and safety 

Equal pay for employee 


If the business has incorporated meets with the below-discussed legislation act in their respective workplace, then there is a proof that they meet with the legislation requirement and if not then the business needs to incorporate this requirement for the employees. 

  • Associations Incorporation Act 1991
  • Human Leave Act of 1973
  • Occupational health and safety act of 1989
  • Discrimination act 1991

Forecasting is an important part of any business organization, and the main difference between the actual and the forecast outcome is important for any kind of project.

Actual = it is the actual data or total amount that is gathered. 

Forecast= is the total forecasted data. 

In order to calculate variance m, individuals subtract the forecast from the actual because of actual> forecast. 

Based on the above excel data analysis, it is the data and information for the sales of the stationary product for a different month. With the help of variance calculation, the business forecast the unit production to date. As the month goes by, the business adds more sales data to this excel table. Based on that, we have to develop a report that shows the variance between the actual and forecast report. For that, we need to simply take the difference between the two values.  


Funnel Question 

This particular questioning strategy involved asking a variety of question that is starting from the general to the more specific question. This questioning technique is mainly useful when members are trying to get details to a particular situation. 

Probing Question 

A probing question is a specific type when the individuals are trying to get information out of the evasive people, and it is mainly useful for individuals seeking full information about a particular situation. 

Leading Question 

This question is mainly influences the particular thinking of the respondents for their own advantage. 

Vertical Analysis 

The vertical analysis involves looking for the different components of the individual’s income statement and then dividing them by revenue for expressing them as a percentage. 


Horizontal Analysis 

The horizontal analysis involves taking different years of different financial data and then compare with the data for determining the actual growth rate. 


I was appointed as a Floor manager of a multinational business organization. After the training period is over, I was associated with all types of above mention requirements that helps me to complete the job within a specific time frame. Based on that, I incorporated the workplace discrimination act 1991, by that no employees in this organization have not recognized by their respective gender and age. The next thing calculated the variance by subtracting the actual value from the forecast value. After that, I associated with the funnel question that involved asking a variety of questions that is starting from the general to the more specific question.

Effective communication is the definite process that can outline the variety of information to be communicated for the business organization and allocate the responsible person for constantly communicating for the specific topic. The communication protocol outlines the audience and different communication frequencies between the intended audiences. In addition, the management of a business organization needs to develop a proper communication medium in which they can always communicate with the respected employees and communicates with supervisor to seek important information. 

Goods and Service Tax 

According to the Goods and Service Tax Act 2017, any particular business with an overall business turnover of 40 and above need to be registered for the GST. 

Company Tax 

Any domestic corporate entity within an overall business turnover of 250 cr needs to pay the flat rate of 25% of corporate tax. 

Pay as you go 

PAYE is the specific withholding tax on the different income payment to the employees. Based on that amounts, withheld have been treated as an advance payment of the income tax due.

  • Develop the strategic plan 
  • Setup business goal 
  • Revenue projection 
  • Projection of fixed cost
  • Projection of variable cost 
  • Under the Australian Securities and Investment Commission Act 2001 thee are there are some of the requirement 
  • Promote the confident and informed participants of both the customer and investor under the financial system 
  • Administer the law that can confer both the power and function with a minimum procedural requirement 
  • Maintain and strengthen the financial system performance 
  • Based on that I am recommending that the business organization should use cost-benefit analysis and variance calculation for their financial budget projection
  • Lack of financial projection techno 
  • Lack of skills employee who has knowledge of accounting 
  • Lack of strategic dissection of the investors  


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