Marketing Management Apple Case Study


Q1) What did Apple do right with the iPad?

The company Apple has introduced the iPad in order to attract the new generation. This gadget is considered as the most advanced technological components of all time. In addition, the company Apple has also implemented new technological components in order to attract the people for using their latest products. This gadget has been developed with an improved screen, faster processor and better camera quality (Boehm & Glen, 2017). It has also been identified that the iPad has also been sold to the international market in an effective way. Furthermore, the iPad can be used by the people for managing their work like e-mail along with Enterprise Application. With the help of this application, the customers will be able to use the device in a proper way.

Q2) What generalizations can you make regarding how companies can successfully enter an emerging market with an advanced technology?

The emerging technology like IOS has mainly helped Apple to capture the international market in an effective way. In addition, the companies will also be able to develop new products for the customers in a prominent manner with the usage of emerging technology. On that note, it can be said that the emerging technologies like cloud computing, big data and others can be used by the business entities to develop their business function in a prominent manner (Kogut, de Mello & da Rocha, 2019). It has also been identified that the emerging technologies have helped many companies to expand their business globally by attracting the customers.

Q3) Given your answers to Questions #1 and #2, why do you think Sony failed in its launch of the PS3?

It has been seen that people were buying PS2 more as compared to PS3 because of the flexibility and compatibility of the device. Most of the people claimed that PS3 is very hard to install and price of the product is also very high. In addition, the compatibility feature is also the reason for the failure of PS3 of Sony.




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Kogut, C. S., de Mello, R. D. C., & da Rocha, A. (2019). International expansion for knowledge acquisition or knowledge acquisition for international expansion?. Multinational Business Review.



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