MGT601 Dynamic Leadership | Leadership Plan Assignment


A personal leadership plan is a plan through which I will be able to produce a document that will show the evident ways in which I will be able to develop my leadership skills so that I can become a good and efficient leader in the future. In the recent analysis and feedbacks that have been received, it has been seen that I have several leaderships strengths and traits that help me ineffective leading although there are some areas of development that I need to focus on so as continuously develop my skills as a leader and become a transformational leader through the participative leadership skills and methods. In the current assessment, there will be a creation of personal leadership development plan that will be used to make sure that the shortcomings that have been identified in the self-analysis and feedback received from the previous workplace is managed and optimized and proper leadership skills are developed to become a transformational leader like Elon Musk that I admire as a leader.

Time selected

I will try to make sure that the leadership development plan of 2 years is created as in this time-space I will be able to develop my skills in an evident manner which will include the theoretical and practical process of leadership skill development. The following time has been chosen because it is the most suitable time scale through which rapid development of leadership can be done making sure that there is fast leadership development so that I can become a good leader in an efficient way.

Evaluation of my current leadership skills, capabilities, and my leadership journey so far

Before developing the leadership plan I think that it is important to understand the current competencies and capabilities that I have identified through analysis via the Gallup Strengths Finder test, feedback, and by understanding the leadership journey so far. I have made sure that I analyze both the strengths and weaknesses to make sure that I can work on my leadership skills to better them in an evident manner.  Firstly in my leadership reflection, I conduct a Gallup Strengths finder test which is an online tool through which one can effectively assess and meet the competencies and strengths of an individual for 34 different thighs. I conducted this test because through this test I would be able to understand my current position and skills using which I can better my professional and leadership abilities.  The result of the test was very convincing that stated I had high potential and stamina to face challenges and that I am a focused individual that focuses on achieving goals regardless of the factor that the work is time-consuming and hard to be conducted.   The test also stated that I am a hardworking individual and like to work hard to achieve goals that are tough to achieve. In my reflection I have stated that I aspire to Elon Musk as an ideal leader and because of this, I feel that innovation in operations is a key area where I tend to focus more. I like innovation and creativity and as a leader would like to support subordinates and fellow team members to work innovatively and creatively.  Further, the test also showed that I am a learner and try to learn new abilities and skills to instantly improve my competency as a leader and as a professional. The test showed that I had the ability to become a transformational leader in the future if I work on my leadership skills in a more evident manner.

On the other hand, I also took feedback from my recent workplace where I was an Associate project executor in a company named Hetero Drugs. In that Firm, I faced some leadership challenges which include challenges related to building a relationship with team members and challenge in conflict management, Although while gaining feedbacks from a different individual that have been a part of my leadership journey I have come to know that there are strong leadership traits in me this includes transit such as emotions intelligence, self-confidence, decision-making skills and attractiveness.  Although I also attended a conference of Hetero Drugs and in conference, I also got feedbacks from different leaders there were some positive and negative feedback given by them which will help me in identifying my strengths and weakness based on which the current leadership plan can be made. The positive feedback that I received included feedback from leaders saying that I have strong leadership qualities and my friend said that I have strong relationship-building cavities. On the other hand, the negative feedback that I got related to my leadership was that I was not good in participative decision making and my friend Jackson told me that I am not good in managing unexpected situations. These weaknesses are there in my leadership approach that I need to work on these to become an efficient leader in the future. Hence based on the analysis, feedback, and understanding of leadership journey so far I have been able to identify the strength and weaknesses in my leadership skills that I would like to work on. This will help me develop the leadership development plan so that a proper set of skills are developed to become a transformation leader in the future.   

Leadership development plan

Objectives of the plan

To develop a leadership development plan there is a requirement of setting proper objectives that are to be achieved on the completion of a leadership development plan. The objective set in this section will provide a directive approach to me so that I can develop a leadership development plan which is viable and feasible and that I will be able to achieve goals that I want to achieve to develop abilities and competencies as a leader. The objectives that I have developed are based on my aspirations as well as weaknesses that I have identified through self-assessment, feedback and understanding of leadership journey so far. I will look to achieve these objectives at the end of the leadership development programs that I want to initiate to develop my skills, abilities and competencies. The objectives that  want to achieve through the current leadership development plan is as follows;

  1. To Improve my team relationship-building skill
  2. To develop my Conflict management skills as a leader
  3. To be able to conduct Participative decision making as a leader
  4. To enhance my communication skills for Better communication with subordinates
  5. To, become a transformational leader
  6. To achieve greater self-awareness about leadership behaviour

Based on these objectives I will develop my leadership development plan which will help me in achieving goals that are needed to become a better and transformational leader.

Key changes and development requirements

Now based on the set objective above it is seen that I need to bring changes and development in my leadership ways and have to learn different skills that will help me to become a better leader.  Now it is important to consider that the first objective that has been set above is to achieve improvement in team relationship building skills. Now it is seen in my analysis and feedback that I have received that I am not able to properly build effective relationships with team members in a short time and this affects my leadership process in a negative way. Hence the relationship-building approach and process will be changed and developed by me to make sure that I am able to develop relationships that are better and efficient in nature (Carpenter et al. 2019). This will help me in developing strong relationships with team members and subordinates while I am leading them in improving the overall coordination and trust that exists within the team and the leader. It is important to consider that the second change that I will have to bring and the skills that I have to develop are related to conflict management. It has been indeed twice that I am not good at conflict management and also not good at handling unexpected situations. For this purpose change in the management approach when managing conflicts and unexpected situations will be done to make sure that such situations are handled and managed in an efficient manner.  This is a major change that I will have to bring so that I am able to develop a stable leader that can face uncertain situations and conflicts.  The third change or skills development that I will focus on in this leadership development plan is the participative decision-making skills. I know that I am a very competent and individual decision-maker but this affects the participative method of leadership that I want to use in my leadership process. It was indicated by another leader that I am not good at participative decision making and this will affect the leadership approach that I want to adopt.  For this purpose, I need to develop my participative decision making skill where I can gather advice from different subordinates in a transparent manner and use them as pieces of information for my future decision-making process. This will enhance my leadership and will help me in complying with the participative leadership method that I want to follow in my leadership process (Dye & Garman, 2014). I also need to enhance and change some elements in my interpersonal communication to make sure that I am able to communicate with my subordinates and team members in an evident manner. This will help me in developing better relationships with them and will also help me in brainstorming and motivating them to achieve goals and objectives that have been set.  I also want to become a transformational leader for this purpose I will need to become a leader that is transparent, visionary and innovative in nature. My focus on innovation and creativity is immense and I want to learn more innovative and creative skills of leadership that will help in removing a transformational leader.  Development in innovation and creative fields will help me in becoming a visionary which will eventually increase my vision as a leader as I aspire to become a leader like Elon Musk. Lastly, I also want to become more aware of my leadership behaviour so that I am able to adapt to different circumstances in an evident manner and so that my leadership approach is flexible in nature (Lussier & Achua, 2015). This will help me in developing my leadership skills in a very evident manner helping me to become a very successful leader in the future.

Development plan according to the Whiteman Grow Model

In this assessment, I would like to enlighten the development plan in regards to the Whitman Grow Model. Sir John Whitmore with his colleagues founded the GROW model in the year 1980. The objective of the growth model was to develop the leadership skills in an individual on an everyday basis so that the individual can be able to develop the innate qualities of leadership inside them. The GROW model is based on four categories which include goal, reality, options and will. For a proper understanding of the GROW model all the four division of the model are discussed below:

  • Goal- The goal differs from one individual to another and in order to develop the leadership quality setting goal is one of the most important things. Once the goal is set then there are different levels of the goals in which the individual crosses each level for achieving success. The goal of every person is set on the basis of their achievement like what they want to achieve in the future. The goal is one of the most important tasks for a leader through which he moves forward and climbs the ladder of success. Hence it can be said that setting a goal is one of the most essential tasks for the development of a leadership plan.
  • Reality- The reality is based on the current situation of the person, from reality; one can understand the present situation and problem that exist at the present time (Mohapatra, 2016). Analyzing reality also helps in identifying current barriers which are stopping the person or the leader from achieving its goal. In order to identify the current problem, it is important to set some questions so that the individual can find his own strength.
  • Options- There are many options that one can explore or choose alternative ways to attain the goal. It is important to keep some other options rather than sticking on one single ideology so that by exploring more options can help to enhance the imaginative power of the individual (Yapardi & Milawati,  2016). Keeping options also helps in understanding the obstacles that the individual can face. It can be said that after the obstacle is identified then it is the work of the leader to find out various kinds of methods in solving the problems, these various methods used by the individual are based on options.
  • Will- After following all the three stages mentioned in the above the last stage is the will. The will means when the leader wants to achieve its goal then there might be a question of will. For example, if the individual wants to do certain things for achieving the goal then when will he start doing something for the goal, when will the individual take any further step for the future. Hence it can be said that following the GROW model developed by Whitmore will be helpful for developing the leadership quality among one individual or a group of people. For developing the leadership qualities Whitmore GROW model can be used.

I can say that in order to develop the proper leadership plan it can be said that there are some points that need to be fulfilled which will help in the development plan. In becoming a transformational leader I need to use options from the GROW model in which I need to keep a lot of other options for achieving one single target. I can say that a better communication plan is also important for the proper leadership skills within me. It is important for me to improve my communication skills in a better way so that I don’t have to face any kind of communication problem. For being a proper leader it is important to be good in communication since I have to meet a lot of people who will be related to business. Participative decision-making is another important part of the developing plan, If I use the Whitmore GROW model for the participative decision making I can say that it is related to the reality of the GROW model that is mentioned above (Zimmermann & Antoni, 2017). According to my I can say that reality helps in understanding the current situation of myself and it will help me in understanding my current situation and I will be able to analyze the barriers which I have in the path of the goal. It is very much important for me so that I can provide the right to my group for making any decision.

Using the GROW model developed by Whitmore I will be able to achieve greater self-awareness among others in terms of leadership behaviour. Self-awareness is one of the important factors which will help me to understand my own problems and will also guide me to identify any future problem that I might face in the future. The GROW model will also help me to spread awareness among others about leadership behaviours. The GROW model will also help me to develop my innate potentialities; some of the things that I need to improve within me among which there is a communication problem (Alabdali, 2020). With the help of the GROW model, I will be able to improve my communication skills which will help me in various stages of my life. For instance, it can be said that better communication will allow me to speak anywhere with confidence, with my improvement in the communication skills I will be able to communicate with different people belonging from different cultures and religions. In order to become a better leader and develop my leadership skills, I have to explore a lot of things from which I will be able to learn a lot of new stuff. I have some lack in becoming a proper leader for which I will implement and apply the growth model which will help me to identify my problem and will help me to rectify my weaknesses so that I can develop it for becoming a good leader. Therefore I can say that Whitmore’s GROW model will help to build a proper leadership plan.


Concluding in the light of above context it can be said that through the help of the above leadership development plan I will be able to effectively develop the leadership skills that will help me in becoming an efficient leader. As seen above I wish to work on my participative decision making and as well as participative leadership skills to make sure that I am able to effectively mitigate and optimize the problems and issues in my leadership so that genuine and effective leadership is developed for leading in the future.  I made sure that I use an effective time scale of two years to develop my skills as this will help in effectively gaining skills that are required as well as to the test my development that I am making in my leadership approach and whether the following complies to the transformational leadership goals that I have set for me to become in the future.  I tried to make sure that I cover every aspect of leadership skills development so that I am able to train and develop my skills in an effective way to meet the growing demand of leadership skills in my leadership approaches.

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