Top 7 Mock Interview Questions and Best Answers

1. What are your 3 greatest accomplishments?

My greatest 3 accomplishments include the following: 

  • My degree in management. I always wanted to pursue a career in management. This is because my career in management will help me to deal with and improve my social skills. I think a degree in management will provide the greatest scope for me in the future in opening up to new opportunities. 

  • I have been able to mentor and provide leadership to my teammates. Leadership and mentoring can be considered as one of my greatest achievements because through that experience, and I have been able to understand the importance of communication and mutual understanding. No teamwork can be successful without facets of communication and mutual understanding. I think that my knowledge in communication, understanding and leadership will help me in accomplishing my goals in future. 

  • My third biggest accomplishments include that I have been able to follow the STAR approach in my life. STAR approach includes Situation, Task, Approach and Results. I have been able to take important decisions in my life following this approach. By analysing the situation and forecasting the potential results, I tend to undertake important decisions. Therefore, I feel that following the STAR approach has been one of the most important achievements in my life. This approach will help me in achieving my future goals. 


2. What are your short-term career goals? What are you doing to achieve them?

My short-term career goals include the following: 

  • I want to finish my higher studies in management. I want to get a master's degree in my subject. This is one of the most important short-term goals for me because these goals will not take several years as I have already come to the edge of completing my studies. Completion of this goal will take 3 months. 

  • Another important short-term goal is to maintain a daily journal. A dial journal will help me to write down all my daily activities with a time table. I have a drawback of deriving from the actual goals or my dreams. Therefore, I think writing a dial journal will restrict me from drifting from the main ideas and my goals. Also, I think that ke[ing up a daily journal will make my daily routine more productive and successful. I will be able to accomplish this goal within 4 months. 

  • Another short-term goal that I want to achieve is to attend a personality development seminar. I believe that there are a lot of drawbacks and loopholes in my personality that might restrict me from achieving my success and desired goals. Therefore, attending a seminar might help me get insightful perspectives to improve my personality drawbacks. I want to accomplish these goals within six months. 

I would like to accomplish the above-mentioned goals with the help of my diligence and dedication for my work. I would also keep a routine or a to-do list of goals that I would like to accomplish over time. The list will help me in reminding the things that I need to perform on a daily basis. 

3. What are your greatest strengths?

My greatest strengths include the following: 

  • Leadership: I am very confident in providing leadership to the team members. As I mentioned earlier, I have experienced leading teams in very previous days. I have provided leadership to my team members with the help of mutual understanding and communication. Therefore, I think that providing leadership is one of the strong pursuits in my personality. I can provide suitable leadership strategies to my team members without creating confusion and ambiguity. 

  • Confidence: Confidence is one of my major strengths. I think many people can win over a situation with confidence. Even if I fail at something, I have the confidence to deal with the situation. This confidence has helped me in dealing with failures with severe positivity. Confidence gives me the power to accomplish many goals in my life. 

  • Communication: Communication with people is considered to be one of my greatest strengths. Since I have always wanted to work with people, I have strengthened my communication skills. I have earned the capability of communicating with people without any hindrances. I think that communication skills should be brushed up to pursue a career in management. 

4. What are your weaknesses?

My weaknesses include the following: 

  • Patience: I have a very little amount of patience. Management operations and skills require severe patience since it deals with people and their opinions. I do not have severe patience which leads to anger issues within me. This is one of the greatest weaknesses in my personality that I need to overcome with time. Lack of patience and anger issues will restrict me in dealing with various kinds of people residing from different cultures. 

  • Discipline: One of the greatest weaknesses that I have is the lack of discipline; I am not a disciplined person. I do not follow things or actions in order. The lack of discipline often leads to unorganised behaviour. Because of the lack of discipline, I have tended to ensure that I follow a journal and diary routine that helps me to keep things in track. This is one of the weaknesses that I want to improve within me. 

  • Decision-making: Although I have a strong leadership pursuit, I lack decision-making. My decision-making skills are very weak and ineligible. I have a tendency of overstressing, and thus I can not undertake important decisions at the moment of crisis. Management and leadership require an effective amount of decision-making that will benefit all the people. Therefore, I need to improve my skills in decision-making so that I can work in proper coordination along with my team members. I should learn how to make decisions that do not affect the workforce or delay productivity. 

5. What motivates you?

Learning new skills motivates the most. For me, learning different attributes and skills helps in keeping engaged to a particular job. There are several new skills in this world. In my opinion, there is no end to new learning. Therefore, the fact of abundant knowledge motivates me the most to proceed in life. I know that the more hard work I put, the more new things I will learn. So I think new skills encourage and motivate me the most. Other than learning new skills, success motivates me, as well. I feel that success can be achieved if we become accomplished in ourselves. The accomplishment of dreams leads to success. Attainment of success is what motivates me to do better things in life. 

6. Describe a situation where you had a conflict with another individual and how you dealt with it. What was the outcome?

In a situation where I have a conflict with another individual, I dealt with the situation with compromise. I think that compromise is the most effective way to sort things out. The compromise would give me the chance to negotiate with my opponents. With the help of negotiation, both my opinions and other opinions will be valued. Compromise will help me over the situation in a matured manner with mutual understanding and respect for each other. 

The use of compromise and negotiation had a positive outcome in the business. With the use of the compromise, the outcome was balanced and peaceful. We have come to a term where both the parties are happy and content with the situation and learn to grow out of the situation with effective learning and knowledge. 

7. Questions you would like to ask an employer:

Questions that I would like to ask the employer are:

  • How long has this job been open? 

I will ask this question because this question will help me understand the viability of the job. With the help of this question, I will be able to understand the chances of me getting this access. If it's an urgent opening, it will help me to prepare my best for the job. The answers of the employer will help me to get an idea of the organisation in a detailed manner. The attractiveness of the job will also be understood with the help of the question. 

  • When will I be able to join the organisation? 

I will ask this question to the employer because through this question, I will understand my position in the eyes of the employers. I will want to know what the employers feel about me. Therefore, this question will help me in understanding how much employers want me for their company. Their positive response will be able to encourage and motivate me to perform with absolute dedication and diligence in the organisation. 

  • What would be my developmental opportunities in the organisation?  

As I mentioned earlier, developmental scopes are essential for me. Therefore, I will ask this question to understand how I will be able to strive for success in the organisation. I do not want to participate in such an organisation where I do not get to learn many new skills. Thus, this question is extremely significant. Through this question, I will understand how far the organisation strives to attain success and developmental progress. This question helps me in understanding the positioning and progress of the organisation that I will be working for.


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