NET455 Network Design Assignment

Q1: What kind of operating system would you install on the server and why (Windows Server 2016/2020 or Linux)? For the operating system of your choice, discuss

  • What is the specific hardware requirement for the Server (CPU, Ram, Storage, Video)
  • Associated costs of the server and client operating systems (Hint: client access licensing);
  • Features of the operating system you choose (Windows 2012/2016 or Linux);
  • any other related costs.


Are the client system specifications adequate for the customer’s needs? If not, what upgrades would you recommend and how would you carry out the implementation?


Q2: If the customer is to have a flexible installation that will accommodate future expansion needs, what network architecture, topology and layout would you recommend and why? Discuss

  • ease of installation, performance characteristics and
  • features and overall cost for networking hardware chosen, as well as installation costs, including network cable installation.

Also provide your solutions for

  • additional support for some limited wireless network options, apart from the mainstream wired connections for this office/client and
  • maintaining a high degree of reliability, in terms of providing redundancy.


Q3: Indicate directly on a network diagram (please redraw the office layout professionally):

  • How the wiring would be implemented; that is, the location of any switches/router used, and how the computers/printers will be connected.
  • Also indicate how the LAN would connect to the Internet.

NOTE: The diagram should be larger than the standard paper size (11” X 8.5”).


Q4: The customer is also interested in a backup solution (tape drive, external hard drive-based NAS or cloud) that is cost effective, reliable and reasonably fast.

  • What hardware and software, if any, would you sell the customer to be installed on the server for backup purposes?
  • Discuss the choice of vendors and related costs (compare at least 2 vendors’ offerings).


Q5: The customer would like the entire operation to be connected to the Internet and deploy a web site. In particular, they would like to have Internet connectivity on all stations to allow for web browsing and e-mail access (web and e-mail services will be hosted by an ISP).

  • What networking hardware and, if any, additional software would you have to provide to enable the Internet connection?
  • As before, discuss a particular choice of vendor/ technology and the related cost (compare at least 2 vendors).


Q6: The customer wants to create VMs (Virtual Machines) for its DNS server, DHCP server, File server, remote access server, and a database server on a single physical computer. You have to choose software from several virtualization programs to create and manage VMs. Compare any 2 products for their functionality, features, interfaces, and ease of use. By this the customer is able to create a network for combining physical and virtual elements. Also discuss the operating system for the virtual machines, including licensing.


Note:       This assignment is due 1 weeks prior to the final exam week (exact date will be available in class schedule document). It MUST be typed with good formatting and proper spell checking (not hand-written). No late assignments will be accepted. A sample marking scheme has been provided for reference but each instructor may change the marks assigned to each section without prior notice.


Discussions should have a minimum length of half to one page for the following sections:

  • Recommended hardware specifications for the new server (CPU(s), memory, storage, network connection(s) [speed, type], redundancy, etc.) and new client systems
  • Are the existing client system specifications adequate for the customer’s needs? If not, what upgrades would you recommend and how would you carry out the implementation?
  • General features of the server operating system you choose (Windows server 2012/ 2016 or Linux)
  • Associated costs of the server and client operating systems (Hint: client access licensing)
  • Features and overall cost (including installation) for networking hardware chosen, including cabling, wireless networking options and providing redundancy
  • Hardware and software for backups
  • Hardware and software for Internet connectivity
  • Software for system virtualization (virtual machine)
  • Other related costs, if any, and total cost summary

Marks will be deducted for the following reasons:

  • Font size more than 11 size for running matter
  • Spacing more than 1.5 space for running matter
  • Leaving a lot of white space(s)
  • Hand written material on the report
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Omission of student name and/or which question(s) was(were) handled by that student
  • Omission of total cost summary (including taxes, labor/cable costs)

Each and every question should appear in the report.

The portion / topics developed by each student should be mentioned in the last page.

Office layout for NET455 Final project

You can use a scale of 1 inch is 2 meters (approx. 6 feet)


Question 2

Answer 2.1

In this particular approach, the various topologies have been stated with their advantages and weaknesses:

  1. Star Topology

Strength: Centralized and easy to operate with proper isolation of each device

Weakness: Central hub services if critical can result in total network shutdown

  1. Ring Topology

Strength: Passage of data is transparent and provides better accountability in comparison

Weakness: If a single node is un-operational, the entire network might start to create issues

  1. Bus Topology

Strength: Most easy installation and cost-effective compared to other networks

Weakness: The network structure is not viable in case of a huge number of nodes

  1. Mesh Topology

Strength: Point-to-point operational contact is done to ease the data transactions

Weakness: Significantly higher complexity often leading to unused connections

Answer 2.2

  1. Star Topology

Ease of Installation: Fairly easy to install through one centralized structure

Performance: Operates efficiently if the central hub is functional

Cost: Very Low Cost

  1. Ring Topology

Ease of Installation: Fairly easy to install through simple circular structure

Performance: Performance is not very high as the speed of such network is slow

Cost: High Cost

  1. Bus Topology

Ease of Installation: Highly easy to implement through simple structure

Performance: Performance is very low as it is not a viable structure for large networks

Cost: Low Cost

  1. Mesh Topology

Ease of Installation: Highly complex installation and is not at all easy

Performance: Very high performance related to the systems complexity and application

Cost: Very High Cost

Answer 2.3

In the consideration of providing redundancy operations, these aspects need to be quantified through proper analysis of each of the topologies under management. In these particular operational systems, the relative perspective of trouble-free operations can be implemented with proper determination and judgment. In terms of the cost-effective nature of network and ease of operational construction, the bus topology tops all other network topologies. In case of the fastest operational might and secure data application, Mesh Topology tops others. While in case of best accountability, it is always more secure through Star Topology.

Answer 2.4

In case of limited wireless network operations, various topologies would be essential as usual. However if there are less resources for a network setup, then Bus Topology would be essential. The operational structure of Bus Topology has been associated with proper determination of simple application of network and their options. The use of basic devices would be essential for the operational designing and development of a limited wireless network application.

Answer 2.5

  1. Bus Topology

In case of Bus Topology, the cost of operational structure of the network is les as a single main network connection from the server is able to serve various nodes within the internal network of the systems.

  1. Ring Topology

In case of Ring Topology also, the cost is fairly less as the connectivity of the network is single and simple. The ring topology structure is related with basic use of devices and server systems with the nodes.

  1. Mesh Topology

The cost of operation is significantly high as the various nodes are independently connected to each other. Use of physical connectivity for such network structure requires advanced server applications within higher expense.

  1. Star Topology

The cost of operation for Star Topology is also highly anticipated. Star topology operates mainly on a centralized management server system. This centralized systems needs to be operated with proper security and expense.

Question 3

Answer 3.1

Figure 1: Network Design structure

This network structure has been associated with the proper consideration of a basic office structure and segmented departments. The application has been implemented with the help of valid use of devices and connectivity. The detailed analysis has been associated with proper evaluation of the major requirements. The wireless aspect has also been implemented here. The appropriate structure has been stated through 3-level design for the network.

Answer 3.2

It can be seen that there is a three level diagram for the operations and their network systems. The routers are located at the primary level of operations. The second level is associated with the distribution of network blocks according to the operations. The switches are associated at the third level through operations of separate departments that the network is related.

Answer 3.3

The computer and printer connectivity has been associated with copper straight-through connectivity and operations. The switches have been interconnected through the network with the help of copper cross-over connectivity.

Answer 3.4

The LAN connectivity to the internet is done through a direct application of the operational structures of the main router. The ISP connection to the network has been secured with the operations of a physical Firewall structure.

Question 4

Answer 4.1

The most suitable type of data backup would be associated with providing cloud computing solutions to the structure of the entire system. The cloud computing application needs to be leveraged through third-party operations like Azure, AWS, and SAP etc. Although, expensive, this type of cloud data solution can be suggested.

  1. Tape Drive

Tape Drive is a highly outdated system of storing digital data and information. These drives have high maintenance, are relatively slow and totally obsolete compared to the modern day backup solutions.

  1. External Hard Drive

External Hard Drives are highly viable solution for backing up network data through their applications. They are easy to link and easy to de-link relating to the aspects of easy backup storage. However, there are certain disadvantages to the physical handling of the hard drive as a backup storage. In this particular approach, there is chance for physical damage being one of the major disadvantages.

  1. Cloud

The application of cloud computing structure for data storage is probably the most suitable solution for the operational structure of management and evaluation. In this particular consideration, the necessary determination can be provided through suitable backup. The applications for such systems need to be associated with proper third party cloud storages like AWS or MS Azure. This type of application also comes within the extended security of network data through data protection provided by organizations such as Microsoft or Amazon associated with their respective cloud services.

Answer 4.2

The offering from two vendors has been implemented here through proper presentation of backup solution:

Amazon AWS Services

Commonly known as Amazon Web Services, the vendor of this service as the name states is This type of cloud computing service provides an overall structure and development for various companies to rely on their applications and their security. The ease of operation for data backup, storage and processing is highly associated with proper delivery of services. Amazon’s services on cloud data storage systems are highly flexible and transparent. The aspect of security is also flawless and operation.

Microsoft Azure

Azure cloud computing services that are associated with the operational might of their vendor Microsoft provides a globally secure and reliable cloud computing service. Such service not only provides data backup for various companies and their network, but also through various other applications and operations associated with the data processing considerations. They also provide proper optimization features according to their clients and their network requirements.

Question 5

Answer 5.1

There are various Internet Service Providers all over the world. Two of the most prominent global providers are Airtel and Vodafone. In terms of offering Aritel provides a great range of services from valid recharge offers to money-back guarantee. These services are directly associated with their packages. Vodafone on the other, hand as greater reliability of service almost any point of their reach and boundary. Their signals are probably the best under offer. In terms of speed, both Airtel and Vodafone are associated with enhanced services and reliable speeds in core structures of their operation. The valid uses of current 4G services are associated with proper approach and development.

Answer 5.2

In terms of web-browsing, both Airtel and Vodafone have been associated with proper design and development of the operational structures and their management qualifications. Their web browsing structures are highly reliable through operational presentation of proper network coverage. In terms of the email services, Vodafone’s ISP is a slight efficient with proper backup ad secure applications through the application of proper designing and management of their mail servers.

Answer 5.3

The hardware requirements for the application of internet service within a network are stated as follows:

  • Web Server
  • DHCP and DNS Server
  • Firewall
  • ISP Cloud
  • Modem

The application of software requirements have been stated below:

  • Wireshark Packet Capturing tool
  • Nmap
  • Nessus Vulnerability Scanner
  • Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox etc.)

Answer 5.4

The choice of vendor needs to be done primarily on the aspect of speed of their service. Related to Internet operations the next most important aspect of operations is associate with the designing and development of their reach of signal and security of their operations. The technology needs to be chosen through the latest generation. The use of Fibre Optic cable ISP needs to be implemented and provided.


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