Network Management in Organisations

Part 1

“In this section, you need to find an online newspaper article that discussed privacy/security breaches involving an organization. For example customer data stolen from an organization by cyber criminals. State a clear summary of the article. Use Ethical reasoning here”

In the given article it can be observed that it is around an organization and based on an incident that occurred on 29th July 2017. The private and security breaches of the organization negatively impacted over 147.9 million customers. With the help of this article, it can be observed that Equifax is one of the largest multinational firms established in the United States of America. The organization has been dealing with different cloud interface and data security tools. However, due to the extreme pressure of the data management, it can be observed that on the given date, there was a serious application vulnerability occurred for the organization is one of their resourced websites. It confidently led to the core data breach and exposed the details of the 147.9 million consumers.

It can be understood that the breach was significantly discovered and conversed in 29th July, however, the data experts in the organization have announced that the problem gradually started from May, which was negligible at the time of beginning. Moreover, it can be observed that the breach compromised the personal as well as professional information of the employees. Furthermore, it has also considered different extents of the social security numbers, birth dates, addresses and also the driver's license numbers of the 143 million consumers of the organization in the United States of America. On the other hand, it can be noted that there are 209,000 consumers, whose data of the credit card also exposed subsequently. Altogether, the number was raised to 147.9 million in October 2017. 

It can be observed that Equifax was faulted and the common public or the consumers of the country hake accused the data security system of the organization and they all taken the legal procedures. It is because, due to the lick of the details of the data in the debit card as well as a credit card, it is the high chance of the cyber-attack on the consumers and their money might be lost through digital transformation by some anonymous person. The chief manager of the organization announced that there were some application issues and vulnerabilities of the organization that should be fixed on an urgent basis. The company will also look after all the licked data of the customers, those who have been in immense trouble. On the other hand, from the article about Equifax, it can be understood that these types of application vulnerabilities have allowed the cube hackers to enter and therefore accessing the unpatched at the same time frame. Different inadequate system segmentations has possibly made different lateral movements that also made much easy ground for the hackers. In the last stage, the article provides the news that Equifax has also been much slower in procedures while reporting for the breach of data. 

Part 2

Topic 2


In this section, the ethical issue that was faced by Sarah will be established that is given within the case study. It can be observed that Sarah is one of the managers of an organization which is running with the industrial engineering industry. Sarah has been responsible for supervising over different factories of the company (Blaise and Valene, 2016, pp.67). In this case, the ethical issue lies within the debarring the workers in delivering additional money for their over-time in the organization. It is a huge reputation of the organization that they deliver the best products within the scheduled time frame (Glover and Nwomeh, 2020, pp.513-528). However, the workers are not overpaid because there are not sufficient economic structure of the company. It is one of the important ethical issues that should be mitigated by supervisors and managers.

Identification of Ethical values

There are different combinations of ethical values that can be identified within Sarah at the time of talking to the supervisor of the factory outlet. At the point of time, when Sarah heard of that employees have been working for the overtime and they have not been paid actually that they deserve after working overtime (Eyal et al. 2020). It can be observed that Sarah was also much confused to have seen the factory workers that they have been continuing to work for 8 hours a day. The continuous working of the 8 hours was not much seen in all organizations of the country, and Sarah has noticed this kind of change within the organization. She went to the factory and they listened and got attached to the ethical issues (Pietilä et al. 2020, pp.49-69). On the other hand, this misconduct with the workers is also known to the directors of the organization, who are the upper hierarchy managers of Sarah.

Analysis of ethical values

In case of the core analysis of the ethical values and conducts, it can be noted that there are some well aware of the notifications where deep ethical values can be defined in a consequence manner (Espinilla et al. 2019, pp.22). In this specific criterion, different ethical values are included where Sarah need to talk with the upper management for increasing the total salary of the workers. It can be also noted that the upper management hierarchy needs to listen to the grievances and demands of the workers who were working in the factory.


It can be noted that the whole discussion is based on the ethical values and practices that should be done by Sarah and other senior managers of the organization. This should be done because the workers are the main source of the company.


It can be concluded that the ethical values and beliefs of the higher management employees have been described in the study along with Sarah, who is the main role player in this case study. It can be assessed that Sarah will also take some actions regarding the core betterment of the employees of the factories. 


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