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Assignment 1a

Project Scope

  • This project would be efficient and essential for the proper analysis and designing of link between the various applications that have been considered for management
  • Chichester High School would be implemented with a proper design of a hybrid network structure through both wired and wireless connectivity as required
  • The digital linkage between the boys and the girls institution would be successful with the designing and management of such network structure for the entire school


  • Implementation of secure link through proper connectivity and application would be essential for the wireless structure of the network through a proper distribution channel under placement [1]
  • The application of network security is also highly relevant for the operational logic and management of the entire systems throughout the network structure under evaluation and development
  • The structuring of the physical network from two already present network structures would be a huge challenge in the aspect of operative determination and development of proper network approach

Assignment 1b

User –centric design concept

The specific user-centric design concept would be implemented through a three layer operation for the entire designing of the sic departments namely Administration, Academics, HR, IT, Finance and Sports departments. A basic structure has been provided below for a necessary analysis and determination of the features of operation for the network system. This design will be associated as a user-centric design concept for operational logic and structuring of the network within the simulation.

Figure 1: User-centric Design Concept

This base design structure has been associated with proper development and management of the operational systems of the school and their network requirements [5]. The detailed justification can be placed with further designing and management of the same systems through valid developments and their systematic preferences with both wired and wireless approaches as stated in this particular design structure for the entire network integration.

Project hardware requirement

In this particular operation, the relevant analysis has been implemented through structured administration and management of the networking systems and their applications throughout the operational understanding of the hardware devices and connectivity required. This tabular structure is related as follows:

Device Name


Cisco PT-Routers

Required for holding IP blocks and use them for proper distribution throughout various network hosts

Cisco 2960-24TT Switches

The proper connectivity of the hosts to actual network structures or Virtual network trunks if required

Laptops and PCs

To act as host nodes for the network to initiate user experience according to specific requirement


To provide voice-over connectivity among specific users of thee network through secure application [3]

PT-AC Access Points

The establishment of proper wireless connectivity throughout both boys and girls campuses can be done

Serial DTE cable

Required for the proper interconnectivity between routers

Copper cables (Straight-through and Crossovers)

To establish connectivity among the switches and the host devices like PCs, laptops etc.

Table 1: Hardware requirements

Network Design topology

In this particular analysis and presentation, the detailed network design structure has been implemented with proper designing and development of the systems have been implemented and analyzed. The proper structural designing and development of a network simulation has been quantified throughout the designing and development of the system specifics. The design structure presented below is a screenshot of the actual network simulation that has been designed throughout the network application system presented.

Figure 2: Network topology simulation (Cisco Packet Tracer)

This design structure has been assigned with proper directional division and analysis of the various departments that are related with the school. The theme of the grand merger has been associated with proper definition and a centralizer approach for the entire premises. The application of simulation structure relating to the requirements of girls and boys institution access to the same network has been implemented with the help of proper network signal division using necessary access points under management and application. The structural analysis and development has been implemented with proper designing and development of the necessary values of evaluation and application systems [2]. Each of the devices has been thoroughly used with the help of layered segmentation of the valid requirements. The use of certain additional devices such as IP Phones has been done through necessary structure and analysis of the relevant department(s). The necessary analysis has been associated with structured validation for the network topology structure required. The applied simulation environment has been implemented structurally here.


The operational outcomes have been associated through targeted application and analysis of the designed systems through valid developments. The necessary consideration of mobility and reliability has been associated with proper approach and management for the various systems. The necessary expected outcomes have been determined as follows:

  • The increase in mobility of the network through proper lining and merging of the departments and the campuses through a single network structure
  • The application of proper designing and management of network system approach and structural analysis of the operative implication of flexibility [4]
  • The flexibility of the network will be increased through the operation of proper systems and their approach for the use of hybrid wired a s well as wireless operations


There also is valid limitation to the entire structure network systems designing and management for the applications. The structural analysis can be considered for the approach towards renovating the network for an entire institution such as Chichester High School. The specific limitations to this project are stated below:

  • The older existing network system cannot be scraped totally from the operations as they are well connected and established within the school structure
  • The concept of budget is also another limitation within this project. The operations of the network need to be managed through salvaging from the older one
  • The application of network security at the highest level has not been provided here. The application of access controls and other such features is necessary


The application has been related through the appropriate consideration of various networking requirements. The operational structure and logic has been quantified throughout the network structure for operative development of the relative operations and their applications. The design and management of the operational systems of the network has been associated. The relative approach and designing has been analyzed through proper application and implementation of valid applications has been implemented with the directed logic a designing of the structures of the network system evaluated here. This project would provide proper definition to the network innovation required for Chichester High School.


In this considerable demonstration, the relative network systems analysis has been done for the created simulation structure. These two screenshots provided below have been associated with proper determination and consideration of proper approach for ping testing and established connectivity.

Screenshot 1: Real-time ping testing

It can be seen at the very corner of thee right side that the real-time ping testing between two specific PCs within the network has been associated with successful operations.

Screenshot 2: Command Prompt ping testing

It can be seen within the coded structure of the command prompt operation that ping testing between two specific PCs within the network has been associated with successful operation. The relevant use and determination of the trace route has also been associated here.



[1] A.M., Fathollahi-Fard, M., Hajiaghaei-Keshteli, G. Tian, and Z., Li, 2020. An adaptive Lagrangian relaxation-based algorithm for a coordinated water supply and wastewater collection network design problem. Information Sciences512, pp.1335-1359.

[2] H., Rahemi, S.A., Torabi, A. Avami, and F., Jolai, 2020. Bioethanol supply chain network design considering land characteristics. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews119, p.109517.

[3] I., Radosavovic, J., Johnson, S., Xie;, W.Y Lo, and P., Dollár, 2019. On network design spaces for visual recognition. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (pp. 1882-1890).

[4] L. Wang, and A., Wong, 2020. COVID-Net: A Tailored Deep Convolutional Neural Network Design for Detection of COVID-19 Cases from Chest X-Ray Images. arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.09871.

[5] Y., Wang, G., Correia, E. de Romph, and B.F., Santos, 2020. Road Network Design in a Developing Country Using Mobile Phone Data: An Application to Senegal. IEEE Intell. Transport. Syst. Mag.12(2), pp.36-49.


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