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Title of article: Novel therapeutic targets for cancer metastasis

Author of article, date of article was published:  Konstantin Stoletov, Perrin Beatty & John Lewis, 2020)


In this report we are discussing the article ‘’ Novel therapeutic targets for cancer metastasis’’ by (Stoletov, Beatty & Lewis, 2020). The article elucidate metastatic cancer in which cancer cells spread to different area of body and are extremely difficult to treat, therefore, the authors believe that efficient  therapeutic mechanism to block metastasis is required  to interrupt the spread of metastasis, the article discourse the cancer and metastasis heterogeneity, and how host cell or cancer cell can play important role for metastasis, the article discuss use of single gene deficient animal model with other model to effectively understand the process of possible blocker of metastatic.  In end, the authors say it’s a complicated process to understand the development of metastatic as it may depend on epigentic or genetic factor of either host or cancer cell and leave us with questions that next generation may come up the drugs or therapy that can hinder the metastatic disease, if we learn about key driver traits.



Discoveries/five important facts from the article-

  • As cancer is collection of more than 200 disease that are found in all cell types, metastatic cancer is complex disease therefore it is difficult to treat and need anti metastatic therapy for treatment. It been discovered that more than 90?ncer related occur because of metastasis of the disease. Researcher are working to find effective treatment for the disease, but as of now it can be treated by active surveillance and surgical removal which is not fully effective as it can only ensure 5 or 10 year of survival (Mei et al., 2017).
  • In present, human cancer-animal model has helped the researcher to understand the stages of metastatic, it is identified that blocking the cancer cell with effective metastatic blocking agents motility help in hindering the spread of the disease, early diagnosis (Wang et al., 2019).
  • It is been discovered that host intrinsic cell and cancer cell can be potential target in the anti-metastatic therapy (Sineshaw et al., 2019). The Cytoskeleton filament control and rearrangement can play significant part in the cancer cell migration in any stage of the disease.
  • The advances in the therapeutic targets in the latest discovery has improved the researcher understanding of the interaction between cancer cells and microenvironment for which vitro and vivo model are used in the clinical studies.  The molecular technology in near future will have positive effect on the early diagnosis and treatment of the metastatic disease.
  • As of now many drug failed in clinical trial in the treatment of the metastatic cancer, the translation of preclinical research to therapeutic clinical stage is very uncommon.

Questions from the article

  1. Is developments of molecular technologies can be effective in treatment of the metastatic disease despite several cases of drug failure in the trial due to complexity of the metastatic cascade?
  2. Will blocking metastatic development in a patient with metastatic situation delay survival? Is prophylaxis an attainable goal? (Stoletov, Beatty & Lewis, 2020)

Five Vocabulary words from the article

  • Prophylaxis: Treatment to prevent the disease or spread of the disease.
  • Metastatic: It mean spread of the disease from one part of body to other.
  • Heterogeneity: the quality of being very different or diverse in character and content.
  • Cytoskeleton: Cell made of microtubules are termed as Cytoskeleton.
  • Motility: an organism capability of move independently by using metabolic energy.


Critique of the article:

Answer to Question 1: we know that till now there is various cases of the failure of drug in clinical trial for various reason and researcher are still working toward effective therapeutic therapy for metastatic disease though the fail drug information/data can provide researcher vital information/data to come up with more effective targets and treatment. 

Answer to Question 2: as metastatic cancer change constantly it is possible that anti-metastatic therapy may prolong the survival therefore early diagnosis of spread of metastatic cancer is very crucial for prophylaxis approach.  Also yes the article is very well written and informative easy to comprehend the present clinical information of the metastatic disease as author think improving nucleic acid arrangement and nanoscale biochemistry and technology can help researcher to come up with effective and more therapeutic medicine in near future, and question I would like to ask the author is that is there is any fact or discovery or useful information that has been made from the fail drug/therapy?. The information mentioned in the article can help researcher to conduct more efficient researcher and provide comprehensive knowledge about the therapeutic targets for cancer metastasis.

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