Course code-ITC505 Project Management


(Describe the current challenges and opportunities that the project is addressing.  In your response, please be sure to answer the following four questions:

  • What problems will be addressed by the project?
  • What goals will be achieved by the project?
  • What benefits will the project deliver and which constituencies will receive these benefits?
  • How does the project align with the strategic priorities of the campus, college, school, or unit?)

Currently, in Australia, it has been observed that the rate of customers' demands of readymade food has been raised drastically. In order to meet the rising demands of the customers,  the project manager  has planned to build a cold. It can help the organisation to increase its business profitability. The rate of customer turnover can be increased as it can deliver them readymade food. Along with that, there are certain benefits of cold displaying such as the requirement of a shorter time to make the dishes and reduced rate of food waste


2.3.3 SCOPE 

(Describe the scope of the project. The scope defines the boundaries where the project begins and ends. The scope describes what will be delivered including where, when, and how.  It describes the services, functions, systems, solutions, or tangible products that are approved by the Sponsor(s) to be created during the course of the project, as well as the business process impacts.


In the current scenario of the australone market where the demand of edit made food id increasing day by day, this becomes very vital that restaurants have to upgrade their infrastructure. For this purpose, the restaurant has contacted   some manufactures and the dealers who can provide those services for their cold storage plan.






(List any deliverables including services, functions, systems, solutions, or tangible products that the sponsor has determined to be outside of the project’s scope. It may include specific deliverables to be created during a future project.) 

For the current assessment where the learner is analysing the case scenario of the Sushi Restaurant which are trying to adopt the new ICT technology for the purpose of clear storage. Highlighting on the quality of the product  this becomes very vital in the case of food items, that the device must have the efficiency to preserve the food for a long time . Chilling or maintain the temperature is a normal thing but it is required the preserver the wit the better quality of that food item.







(Describe what success looks like for the project. How will the Sponsor(s), Functional Owner and Technical Owner know that the products and services created by the project have addressed the problems, delivered the needed benefits to members of the community, and achieved the goals that are described in the Purpose section of this Charter?)


Description of the Measure of Success



Deadline to

Achieve the

Measure of


Is this measurement designed to determine if specific project goals described in the Project’s Purpose section have been achieved? If yes, which goals?


Customers turnaround

Out of scope

2  weeks

Yes. It increased customers demand


Customers review

Positive response


Yes, they are responding positively


Product demand

High Demand

2 week

As the café is out of order due to lack of resources


Revenue and profit

Higher income

3 week

Yes, financial statement of café is justifying this


(Please answer the questions below to identify the change management requirements and activities to help members of the community transition successfully to using the new services and products created by the project so that the campus, school, college or unit will achieve lasting benefits from the investment of resources. Identify the training and communications needed for staff providing operational support for the services and products created by the project.)

2.4.10Describe the groups that will be impacted by the services and products created by the project and how they will be impacted. If there are particular units or departments that will be impacted, please identify them.

Briefly describe the training that is needed to help the impacted members of the community transition to use the new services and products and to adopt new business processes. Describe both the training needed for the customers of the services and products and the staff that provide operational support.

Briefly describe the kinds of communication and outreach activities that are needed to help the impacted members of the community prepare for the transition to use the new services and projects and to adopt new business processes. Such activities could include newsletters, project web sites, town hall meetings, and presentations to specific departments or campus groups.

Are there any other change requirements or activities that need to be conducted to help the impacted members of the community transition smoothly and successfullyto achieve the intended and lasting benefits from the project?





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