Sales Management


Sales are the purpose that helps to build trust and market reputation, therefore, it can be said that in the case of sales management an organization needs to set a sales goal and try to make it visible. Sales management is the procedure through which an organization can fulfill the organizational goal with the help of the team and effective resources. With the help of these long-term goals, an organization can increase its sales volume, profit margins, and most importantly the growth of organization. In this assignment, the selected organization is Morrison, which is the fourth-largest supermarket chain in the UK. The assignment has focused on the sales management techniques of Morrisons. The study has included the background, mission, sales techniques, sales principles, and structure of the organization. It can be said that the major focus of the study is to find out the proper sales management for the organization.   

1. Background of the organization

William Morrison was the founder of Morrisons, which is the fourth largest retail organization in the UK. Based on the reports from the UK, it can be said that this organization has 498 stores around the UK (, 2020). As a retail organization, Morrisons sell a variety of products such as food, clothes, drinks, and many more lifestyle-related products. It can be said that every organization must have a proper mission that help-s to meet the desired goal of the organization. The mission of Morrisons is to deliver always with a low price and good quality product (Huntington et al. 218, P. 245). The organization wants to progress their business through shared values and knowledge regarding B2B platform, which helps to enable their business procedure in front of the people.

The vision of the organization is to create a platform where they can use advanced seeds and innovative needs of the people to create a new product. The organization values that “All for one, one for all”, therefore, it can be said that they value the unity of the employees (Malek et al. 2018, p. 32). On the other hand, the product portfolio is the process through which an organization can compile its products and services to grab the attention of the target market. The product portfolio portrays all of those products which an organization used to create the market. In this process, the organization conducted sales services that factor in the market segmentation. In order to maintain the product portfolio in the sales services of the organizations; innovation is the major factor (Rubera et al. 2016, p. 167). Based on the report related to Morrisons it can be analyzed that recently the organization has designed new sales techniques for the customers. It can be said that these newly innovated sales technique focused on the best quality services and majorly attracts the reputed and affluent customers of the organization (Cillo et al. 2018, p. 50). Tax benefit and visualization of the products are the basic things that can be improved through the portfolio of the products.

However, due to the political issues in the UK, the organization has faced some challenges in sales management (Johnston and Marshall, 2016, p.88). It can be stated that Morrisons has lost its performance rate from the market due to the competitive challenges in the market. Moreover, in a press conference, the hierarchy of the organization has stated that they have joined their businesses with Ocado, and Ocado is handling the online business of the organization (, 2020). Based on the findings it can be said that the changes are temporary as Morrisons is using the same warehousing software, therefore, the organization wants to bring flow in the online business with the help of Ocado. Therefore, it can be said, in order to maintain the sales in the organization, Morrison should focus on the mission, vision, product portfolio and values that can attract the customers (, 2020).               

2. Selling principles, its effect on the organization and B2B & B2C platform

Selling Principles

Sales principles establish the perspective and point of view of sales through which an organization can effectively build a sales framework (Haleem and Jehangir, 2017, p. 2). Here are some sales principles that help to identify some personalized unique sales conditions, such as-

Respect customers perspective

It can be said that the sales conversation between the buyer and seller is the most effective thing. In case an organization is selling something in the market therefore, they need to understand the point of view of a customer that what he or she actually needs (Norris, 2019, p. 64).

Sell yourself

In the case of selling a product, a marketer must know that he is not only a seller but also an advisor. It can be said that customers generally buy things based on the confidence level of the seller (Kadic-Maglajlic et al. 2019, p. 378). Therefore, a marketer must have the capability to convince the customers in order to meet the goals and mitigate the sales challenges. The seller must discuss the importance, challenges and solutions of the product.

Need to focus on the opportunity

In order to grab the market, the organization cannot focus only on one opportunity. For example, in case Morrisons is getting proper sales opportunity from an organization, therefore, it cannot be assured that the organization will remain loyal to the entire life (Nickson et al. 2017, p. 698). Therefore, the sales department of the organization needs to focus on other upcoming opportunities that will help to improve the business.

Need to listen more

In the sales management purpose, it can be said that the employees of the organization need to listen to their customers. It sounds easy however, it is not so easy to handle as sometimes the sellers need to face a number of customers who have too many queries regarding the product and after spending a lot of time the customer was not interested to buy it (Pascalis, 2018, p. 154). Therefore, it can be said that it can be a time-consuming process, however, the most effective process that helps to connect the customers to provide a frame to the business.

Selling Techniques

Selling techniques must be as much as efficient that a salesperson can sell the product to an Eskimo. It can be said that in a retail sector gaining knowledge about selling techniques is the most important thing as the organization meets different types of people with different types of needs in product or services. Here are some suggestive selling techniques, such as-

Making friends

It sounds like the unprofessional method; however, it is the most professional way to connect with the customers. In this process, the employee of the retail organization needs to notify the customer properly while they are in front of them (Waddington et al. 2018, p.3). In this process, the salesperson needs to comment or praise about one thing that the customer has worn or held it can be about the dress, earring, phone, or bag. After this, the customer will freely talk with the person regarding the choice of the product. For this purpose, the salesperson must have enough observation skill and it cannot be done in the mass. Therefore, in order to acknowledge the situation, the salesperson must have proper training (Malek et al.2018, p. 33).



Need to be honest    

Some of the customers can easily analyse who is being honest with them in case of purchasing a product from the retail organization. In case the customers like the behavior of the salesperson then it can effectively grow the level of customer’s satisfaction in the organization (Johnston and Marshall, 2016, p.65). It can be stated that a salesperson must not overstate anything regarding the product or services of the organization for some shortcoming. It can affect the image of the organization and the reputation of that person, besides this, the customer can leave the organization without buying anything.

Focus on the psychology of the customers

Reading the mind of the customers is the best technique to grab their attention, it can be said that this kind of approach helps to understand the personality of customers. Based on the personality the requirements of the people are quite different (Huntington et al. 2018, p.245). It can be said people who are introverts; they approach another wayside by side that is extrovert approaches in another way. A salesperson must carry versatile communication skills so that they can manage with any kind of person.


Figure 1: Retail Sales Growth in the UK

(Source: Pascalis, 2018, p.155)



Evaluation of the selling techniques on Morrisons

Based on the reports regarding Morrisons’ selling activity it can be stated that the organization prioritizes six major activities (, 2020). Competitive nature helps to grab the customers and increase their needs. Morrisons’ use their food experts to ensure the quality of the product. Service for the customers must be organized enough so that changes in the business strategies can be effective for the customers (, 2020). The sales team of Morrisons believes that har5d work can amuse their customer’s choice. The organization believes in simplification of the process so that the customers can easily get the point. Through culture-based hard work and teamwork, the organization provides efficient business. Developed services of Morrisons helps to fix the sales goal and bring flow in the sales of the organization. Therefore, to continue this matter the organization updated its cafes, products or services. 

The sales planning of the organization helps to identify the risk factors of the market. The CEO of the organization has stated that for the sales growth they believe in valuing the customers and their choice without any kind of compromise in the choice. It can be said that the customers must know the main standing point (, 2020) of the organization. For the political issues, the other organization has increased the cost of the product, however, Morrisons is the only one who is providing a reasonable price of the products. Based on the reports of sales it can be assumed that last year due to political issues the organization has lost 2.4% sales from the previous year (, 2020). From the reports it can be analyzed that the organization is facing loss however, the chief executive of the organization assured that within a few months the organization will recover their losses.

Effects of sales techniques on B2B & B2C platform

B2B platform refers to business to business and B2C platform refers to business to consumer. In the B2B platform, Morrisons can exchange the products, services with the other business. On the other hand, in the B2C platform, Morrisons can sell their products to the selective customers therefore, it can be said that the B2C platform cannot provide customer loyalty to an organization (Gou et al. 2018, p. 18). In order to gain the customer base, the organization needs to start their business on the B2B platform. Based on the above-discussed selling techniques it is found that in B2B and B2C both use similar selling techniques but in different ways.

It can be said that in case of dishonesty in the business of B2B platform the organization can face a huge loss, on the other hand, in B2C platform there is no surety about the customers, therefore, the organization would not face huge loss as customers are changeable (Iankova et al. 2019, p.170). In B2C platforms the organization needs to understand the psychology based on their moves, however, in B2B the organization deals with other organizations directly for the long term, no need of psychological understanding. In case the organization needs changes from Morrisons they can directly demand it.



Figure 2: Growth of B2C Sales in the UK

(Source: Gou et al. 2018, p.20)


3. Sales structure and its importance in an organization

In order to maintain the sales structure in the organization, there are a number of sales structures in an organization (Johnston and Marshall, 2016, p.55). These sales structures will help to manage the sales and the marketing segment of the organization. The important sales structures that can be impactful for an organization, such as-

Customers based sales structure

The structure shows an organization must organize their sales rate based on the customer’s demands means market demands. Therefore, it helps to trace the trending market of the organization. Through this process, the organization can build a strong and lawful relation with the customers as it based on the demands of the customers. Therefore, customers can easily get their services from the organization (Kaneko et al.2017, p.1846). Another advantage is the management of the organization can strategically capture the other markets. However, the only disadvantage of this process is, due to the high demand in the market the organization higher the cost of the product.

Geographic based sales structure

Based on the territory the organization can change the sales techniques and structure as di9fferent place leads to different style and culture. Therefore, the organization needs to change the selling style based on geographic changes (Norris, 2019, p.65). Based on research it can be stated that this structure leads to lower the cost of the product based on the demands and situation of the place. It reduces the rate of duplicate products in the organization as based on the area the organization needs to change the products and services (Koibuchi and Goto, 2018, p.462). Moreover, the lower rate of duplicate products enhances the trust of the customer on the organization. On the other hand, the structure has its flaws as in a hard time it will be impossible to improve the market. Territorial change can affect the revenue of the organization.  

Product-based sales structure

In this process the organization focuses on the products or the groups of the products that can bring impactful sales growth in the organization. Through this process the organization can provide more efforts of the product evaluation so that it helps to capture the customer base. The major advantages in this procedure are to identify the product expertise that can increase the sales of the organization (Ogawara et al 2018, p.183). Moreover, the management of the organization can easily guide the sales of the organization in the trending market. Besides this, the structure has its drawbacks as it higher the cost of the products due to the duplicate products in the market and affects the customer base of the organization. The structure creates an issue due to the lack of coordination in the sales management procedure.

Impacts of the sales structure on the organization

Based on the key findings of regarding the sales structure of Morrisons it can be stated that as the largest retail sector in the organization must include these sales stricture in the organization (Haleem and Jehangir, 2017, p.5). Based on the above discussion it can stated that for the sales management of Morrisons Geographic based sales structure is the appropriate one as the organization has large number of stores in different areas therefore, they need to measure the sales perspective of the respected areas (Koibuchi and Goto, 2018, p.470). It is found that territorial changes in the product can impact the business developments therefore; the organization can measure sales demand of the area. As a retail organization Morrisons ns need to focus on this matter as will help to lower the cost of the product based on the geographical conditions and financial growth of the place (, 2020). Besides this, the structure will help to reduce the duplicated products of the organization. It is seen that due to the differentness in the market areas and territorial changes sometimes organizations sell duplicate products; therefore, in this structure the organization will be unable to do these things with the customers. However, the organization needs to focus on the drawbacks of this structure; otherwise it can hamper the business and market reputation of the organization (, 2020).  











Figure 3: Sales structure of Morrisons

(Source:, 2020)


4. Concept and importance of ‘selling through others’ in the organization

Selling through others is a process through which an organization can sell their own products with the help of another retailer in the market. In this process, intermediaries play a vital role (Comi, 2019, p. 160). They are the one who connects both the organization with each other and grows their sales in the market. Through the intermediaries, the organizations can set up their online business smoothly. These intermediaries can be the brokers, agents, wholesalers, resellers, and the distributors of the organization.

With the help of the intermediaries, the organizations can increase their reach between the customers (Locher, 2016, p.394). It can be said that without selling through other technique the organizations will be unable to spread their business in the market. The sales of the organization can be increased through the intermediaries of the organization. It can be said that the more people will know about the products and services of the orgasnizatio0n it would help to increase the sales (McFarland, 2019, p.208). Increasing sales growth of the organization can easily enhance the cash flow in the market and the organization can increase the revenue. Through this process the organization can bring a force in the marketing, therefore, the stores, wholesalers; suppliers will be as much as profitable as the organization.

Based on the findings it can state that Morrisons should apply this sales technique in order to grow the sales rate of the organization. Morrisons is the most leading organization of the UK, therefore, the organization need to spread their business with the help of agents, brokers, distributors of the organization (, 2020). Therefore, people can easily reach to their products.

For example, in case Morrisons is selling a branded wine in their organization which is unavailable in the market if the organization provides the distributorship of that wine that people can easily buy their products and get to know about the innovation of the organization. By the increasing demand in the market, Morrisons can easily increase the cost of the product. It is well known in the time of high demand people usually buy their products after increasing the cost also (, 2020). It can be said that Morrison can apply this technique in order to establish a market in the retail sector of the organization. Therefore, it can be said that selling through others would be the most effective selling process to manage the sales of Morrisons.      

5.Analysis of successful selling principles ads techniques
Principle and techniques of successful selling

The success of Morrison's banks upon a long-drawn culture in terms of building a robust base of customer relationship. A robust customer base is attained through a strong customer relationship. Morrison’s is currently one of the top-selling entities across the UK. Therefore it could be no exaggeration that they are adhering to the strict principle that has extracted business growth and developments. There are five core principles to a successful transaction:

1. Selling is all about building a relationship

Morrison’s has an extremely wide team of leaders in marketing who are involved devoutly in product orientation. The product orientation policy of an organization successfully chisels out sales as customers do not have access to a wide variety of products of the same category. Therefore the task of the marketing team would be to design the marketing that would protect the product in a unique way (Grant et al. 2017, p.156). A unique projection is possible through customer interaction.

2. The sales have to be the customer problem and not product

Many times, customers find problems and issues related to a particular product. The job of the core team is not only to push sales but also to extract customer reviews. The teams generally talk to the customers who are using the products. Jotting down the problems, the retailer could become bridge between the manufactures and the sellers.

3. Prices and value go hand in hand

The job of the marketing team of retail is product promotion. While buying the product the customer will definitely weigh the product from the perspective of comparative prices as well as value offering of the particular product, primarily the effectiveness in terms of quality. From the point of view of the manufacturers, the product has to be cost-effective and economical that will cater to the widest reach possible.

Effective Closure of Deals

One of the prime functions of sales is the effective closure of deals. Large entities like Morrison’s make a comparative deal with the related manufacturers regarding prices, supplies and other issues. This is done quite diligently as the retailer puts the heart and soul towards pushing the product into the competitive market. Therefore effective closure of acquisition deals is extremely important towards an increase in sales in the market.

Listening to the customer’s problems

The management’s success lies in the effective sales of the products. In order to achieve it, the operation management and leaders of different units should listen to the customer’s problems (Reigadinha et al. 2017, p.110). This is what most successful retail brands like Morrison’s have done through ages. Taking the reviews as well as successfully implementing the suggestion channelizes sales of a product. 

Other than the Principals, the retail store like Morrison’s exerts prime focus on the sales techniques. Large and successful retail entities successfully follow the following techniques:

  • Setting the expectations through high-quality management
  • Taking  minute care on the aesthetics and looks of every sales unit
  • The person chosen in the sales units have to be good persuading skills
  • An adequate focus needs to be given on customers’ problems as well as issues.
  • Endeavors of sales must focus on selling the most uncomfortable  products
  • Risk-taking capabilities
  • Managing sales fluidity

Building and managing customer relationship

A retail brand like Morrisons sells multiple brands to the customers. There will be an equal push for all the brands. Customers decide which product to buy and which one to discard. Looking at the stiff competition in the market, the management must make sure that setting a rapport is important. Morrison’s could use the aforementioned techniques and principle to make sure that the five areas of development is focused:

  • Effective communication
  • Endeavors and hard work to exceed expectations
  • Ask for feedback
  • Using the technologies as well as manpower to connect with the potential as well as set customers
  • Showing and projecting appreciation to the customers by offering wide varieties of services to the customers

Modern business organization like the Morrisons has made effective use of technologies to ease communications.

Analyzing the applications of successful selling principles in Morrisons

Morrison’s has adhered religiously, to the aforementioned areas of sales and has obtained benefits in the form of sales increment. Pre 2014 was marked by the global recession sponsored, created and orchestrated by the US (Duncan et al. 2017, p.1111). This has led to a sales decrease in UK retail pedestal. The Management of Morrisons has implemented the aforementioned techniques to increase sales.

An effective sales principal not only help in chalking out plan of operation but also ensures that the organization is able to achieve sustenance in difficult time period.




Figure 4: Change in sales of Morrison’s

(Source:, 2020)

It is observed that sales started to rise from the earlier part of January. The stagnation in global business is laid down by economic slowdown as well as global unrest (, 2020). From 2014 to 2016 the company observed one of the biggest declines. Post-2017, the sale of goods started increasing. This event triggered the growth and development in value of share value. From the aforementioned facts, it could well be established that Morrisons has extracted the benefits out of effective sales promotion techniques as well as principles. One of the main reasons behind this collective improvement is a robust customer to customer rapport establishment.

6. Explaining the significance of sales strategy development with prime focus on Morrisons

Significance of developing sales strategies

The success of an organization banks upon an effective sales strategy. A sales strategy helps an organization to plan and structure market operation with an eye of profit generation as well as enhancement of quality management. The root cause of the development of business analytics depends upon an effective sales strategy. Effective sales strategy helps Morrisons to sharpen the core objectives as well as goals (Hellowell et al. 2016, p.830). The principle elements to the proper delineation of a full proof business strategy stand upon three pillars:

1. Addressing the need of customers at every step

Morrison’s is one of the foremost brands that have always focused on proper branding and promotion models. The sales strategy of Morrisons depends upon effective maneuvering of the main impulse that would force proper to enervate the root cause of product failure. This analysis emanates out of a faulty product or a weak strategy. Even if the product meets the standards of the market, they do not fare well and transform into profit generation as well.

2. Sales strategy pushes research and development of the product

Morrisons’s management has been devotedly following the process of product enhancement as well a product development through continuous research. The inputs collected via management and market team is transported to the manufacturers. Therefore, proper product development is managed, controlled as well as pushed towards development.

3. Sales strategies enable proper Human Resource Management

Morrison’s research and development team always need a strong workforce. This makes the entire management work towards the development of a product. Effective designing and promotion of product must be aimed at quality enhancement. All this development requires an able workforce. Morrisons follows a two way system of salsas management. Firstly they have a definite time period in which they are able to recruit manpower that is armed with management knowhow. This provides open advantage over the rivals. Secondly the manage follows and effective policy of employment retention.


Incorporation of account management within the sales structure of  Morrisons

Account Management, as well as sales structure, has common point’s affinity. Robust account management aims at setting business goals as well as targets. Account management caves out organizational goals and aligns with Roles and responsibilities. Morrisons has always targeted towards strengthening sales goals (Papasolomou et al. 2017, p.15).



Figure 5: Organizational sales structure

(Source: Huang et al. 2018, p.78)

That’s why it is realized that the management elements are well aligned with the organization’s sales structure. The sales structure vividly portrays basic models that are structured towards implementing sales goals. The management of Morrisons always conducts repeated vigilance of the sales progression and subsequently takes decisions to identify the gray areas as well as take bold steps. In attaining the said objective the alignment of the account management within the sales structure is made. Effective sales structure enables the Morrosons organization to manage effective management of the sale structure.

Role of core finance principles and successful portfolio management in competitive edge and profitability

 The finance manager of an organization could be narrowed down to three basic areas of purview:

  • Treasury
  • Capital budgeting
  • Capital structure

The success of an organization like Morrisons depends entirely depends upon a strong network of arrangements in the form of corporate finance principal application. The top management set targets and studies the core principle to make sure that the organization is able to successfully turn the base applicants into profit generation.


Figure 6: Morrison’s Annual turnover

(Source: Dey et al. 2019, p.1945)


 The workforce at the helm of regulating finance follows and works upon certain principals that provide them with a framework of the development of the product as well as profit-generating.

Role of Finance Principles

Investment principles

Any market operation is clipped with investment across multiple channels and platforms. The organization needs to increase capital infusion in areas like product design and development, product promotions, employee recruitment, and retention policies and technological induction. All these are aimed at only one objective that is quality management and profitability and gaining a competitive edge.


 Finance Principles

Most businesses in general and retail in particular, banks upon both equity as well as debt funding. The role of financer is to ensure that the business is able to generate and accumulate the right amount of capital (Yan et al. 2018, p.915). Morrison’s management will have to be careful in handling the aforementioned areas of development.

Dividing Principles

Morrisons’ management will have to ensure that the right kind of growth is achieved not only in product quality enhancement but also in the lives of the employees. Any organization has a profit motive as well as a welfare motive.


Capital budgeting

It is the process of planning the expenditures of an organization like Morrisons. Capital refers to the long term asset. Morrison’s management has to be extremely judicious in determining budget allocation into the core areas like product quality management, profitability as well as sales of the product.


Role of Portfolio Management

Portfolio management helps a retail organization like Morrisons to organize and extract high rates of success in terms of growth. Efficient portfolio management has certain elements:


  • Clarity of purpose
  • A higher degree of Productivity
  • Focus on productivity
  • Improved ROI
7. Evaluation of sales structure and analyzing recommendations of financial viability

Sales Structures

Sales structures relate to the sales designs and models intended for formulating sales tactics. Morrisons uses the management team to discuss the effects that lay the foundation of a proper framework of understanding. In general conversation it could be said that an organization can operate on the basis of four structures and that that includes:

  • Geography and territorial structure
  • Product line structure
  • Customer account size organizational structure
  • Industrial-organizational structure

The geographical structure refers to the alignment of the sales team in developing an affinity with a particular area where the person operates. This offers facilities in galore. Identification of the regional competitors and evaluation of the risk-taking is made easy.

The product service line of Morrisons helps a team develop knowhow relating to the selling of a specific product. The values, as well as the importance of an individual client, are well kept in track. Industries use the following sales structures that align the responsibilities of the manufacture with product design as well as demand on the market (Kuzman and Prdi?, 2018, p.631). They create value addition in terms of identifying the grey areas and addressing the demands of the customers. Sales team organization structure defines the pathway through which proper organization of team extracts better alignment.

Role of Sales Structure in improving financial position

The aforementioned sales structures help in strengthening the financial position of Morrison’s retail unit performance. This is understood that every structure follows guidelines that provide safety and security in terms of understanding the core areas of work. One of the prime requirements of Morrison’s is to achieve a harmonious balance between organizational cost management as well as chasing the sales targets.

The geographical or territorial structure offers low cost of the product as well as team management. Proper management of territory minimizes low geographical as well as  duplication efforts relating to the customer.

Product sales structure reps develop the expertise of the product. The management could easily guide the endeavors entangled with sales efforts as well as managing internal operating costs. This leads to profit generation as well as product management as well. Market-based structure analyzes as well keep track of the customer’s needs as well as relationship-building. Relation building strengthens the development of the product. In the said structure, management controls strategize market allocation. Functional structure strengthens the selling activities and helps to minimize risks and uncertainties.


Cost Minimizing Efforts of Retail

Retail organizations like Morrisons make use of a capable management team to study the areas wherefrom; cost-effectiveness or narrowing could be extracted. The management of Morrisons is indebted towards making sure that the organization thrives under the ecosystem of stringent competition. This makes the organization understand self capabilities.

1. Focus on customer’s acquisition

Morrison’s management over the years has banked upon inputs from a capable workforce. This has made the organization frame strong policies in employee retention as well as management. Experienced   Employees of Morrisons always use the long-drawn expertise towards the growth and development of the organization.

2. Audit and cost curtailment

Utmost transparency needs to be maintained in terms of audit and financial management. A transparent audit encourages employees and management to push towards wider goals and undertake difficult business challenges. The management of  Morrisons has an able and capable team of accounting professionals who engage in audit operations (Fernie  and Sparks,  2018, p.111).

3. Offering the retail Space on rent

During the Brexit turmoil, when the overall sales have submerged, the management of different business organization rented the retail space for commercial activities. The ploy seemed to have worked and now it has become a profit-seeking policy for a retail organization.

4. Online Stores

Online stores induction has straightaway curtailed expenses. Previously the online stores are run by organizations dedicated to online business only. 

From the aforementioned trend it could well be derived that eComerec business has threatened retail business and has cut short profit short profit of retail vintner retail business



Figure 7: Growth and development of retail business in the UK

(Source:, 2020)

The aforementioed readings give an implication of the fact that Morrisons business in affected by the emergence of retail business in the UK. The upper trajectory has   ushered in threat of existence before Morrisons.

5. Reduction of shipping Costs

The rattail business heavily banks upon import of goods from cost effective markets. It enables the organization understand responsibly in reduction of costs as well management of transportation. Effective management of transportation could reduce costs. In order to achieve this feat the planners of Morrison’s make sure that the organizaion is able to bring down costs to significant levels. Morrison’s will have to give prime focus upon local’s vendors as well as suppliers. This will enable cost sloshing as well as lower the product costs.  This will make sure that the organization successfully promotes local products as well as services.



6. Taking advantages of business relationship

Morrisosns Management aims upon buildings a harmonious relationship white the existing customers and also the prospective customers. Relation building could be achieved through effective marking as well as product development. Morrison’s could organize event and congregation marking the entry of a new product in the market. Offering discounts as well free samples could be another way of relation building.

7. Automation

Induction of cost effective technologies have hampered labor force to a great deal across all times and all climes. Induction of cost effective technologies have reduced labor fore and when the induction cost is revived, profits is generated.


8. Outsourcing

One of the best ways of cost curtailment is the outsourcing of products. The retail organizations in the UK  have outsourced products and services from the nations that cater to quality products in an effective cost.


One of the core objectives of individual retail is to lower the costs and this automatically lower down overall costs of the products as well as services.  Morrison’s has made sure that they are able to bring in costs effective technologies and work upon the finacial management to reduce cost of the products and services. Morrisons, has been suffereing extensively in terms of identifying the loopholes into the organization. The management of Morrisons has to make sure that they are able to induct a positive framework that could channelize the core elements and effectively counter the issues and areas of concern. The management  of  Morrison’s will have to make sure that they are able to  take counter in modernizing the aras of development like organizational culture, Marketing tactics and plan,  effective products development in order to counter the ensuing business challenges and impediment. In the project, the rescuer has gone deep in analyzing the key principle to successful selling and the sales management of Morison’s is also evaluated summarily.

In this discussion the buying value of the customers has also been looked upon. Consumer tastes is fleeing as well as elastic. The sales structure of Morrisons has also been discussed with key focus on product quality development. The assignment also aims to determine the key elements of selling through others. The sales techniques of Morrisons have been discussed under the light of sales structures. Morrrisns over the years has successful business through successful principles adherence.  All these have improved the performance of Morrisons over the years and have helped in finding sustainability development.




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