SBM3302 Project Execution Planning and Management

Question 1

a. The Stakeholders that are likely to affect thesuccess of the project 

The stakeholders that are likely to affect the success of the project are as follows:

The passengers 

The passengers are the ones who are to avail the services provided by the airport organization. The success of the building of the airport project is most likely to be made use of by the passengers (Concannon, 2020). The transportation ration and sales revenue is most likely to be inflated by the passengers, therefore they must be well regarded to. 

The air carriers

The air carriers may be regarded as both the passengers and the cargo carriers. The carriers have certification to carry passengers from one destination to the other (Lenders and Martinovic, 2019). With a difference in levels of number of passengers to be carried and the frequency of the travel on a weekly basis, the certification is provided.  

Aviation users 

These are regarded as the general air taxis, the aerial observation and application bodies, and the transportation being executive or corporate and business level  (Lenders and Martinovic, 2019). The predominant role of the aviation users is to provide high quality of service to the flight bearers on their transportation experiences.

Airport organizing body

The airport organizing body regards the various and different aspects that work together in the airport to make the experience of the flight successful (Derakhshan, Turner and Mancini, 2019). The airport management team complying with the ticket counters, the receptionist counters, the security checkup team, the baggage counter and the other aspects that help in the formulated working of the airport is referred. 


The investing bodies and the bond holders of the airport are extremely crucial aspects of the successful construction of the airport. The investment of money made by the stakeholders of the airport is generally no the governing funding bodies and are solely generated by the successful running and management of the airport organization (Concannon, 2020). The investors are influenced by the quality of organization running needs and management in terms of the travelers.   


These are the accessorial services for the passengers availing transport in the airport. These take care of the food and beverage supplement of the passengers and also assist in travelling accommodation services and hotels (Lenders and Martinovic, 2019). Therefore, if the airport successfully runs, the concessionaires will be able to earn more money to pay fees to the organization. 

Service staff

These are the private operating bodies that assist services to the air carriers such as supply of fuel, handling and sorting of the baggage, aircrafts lodging and unloading services, lavatory services, and routine inspection and maintenance. 


These are regarded as both the workforce of the organization as well as the bonded companies operating with the airport’s organization. They look into matters of providing wages and job opportunities. 

Federal governing body

The federal governing bodies play a variety of roles in the airport organization (Derakhshan, Turner and Mancini, 2019). It seeks to operate, regulate and provide bills for the organization. 

Local governing body

Generally airports are entitled to the local committees of the place that helps in the strategic formulation and direction of the organization and the management team (Derakhshan, Turner and Mancini, 2019).

Nearby communities 

The nearby communities located closer to the airport are affected by the running of the organization. The affects are such as heavy traffic influences and vehicles on the ground, influences noise pollution, and air pollution. Further,it alsoemits hazardous wastes. 


The NGOs of the environment body are affected with the running of the airport (Derakhshan, Turner and Mancini, 2019). In terms of exceeding the limited pollutant emission, the government NGOs takes charge. 

Suppliers of the airport

The contractors and the suppliers of the essential equipment are referred to as the suppliers of teh airport (Lenders and Martinovic, 2019). With the successful running of the airport the need of the suppliers would be met by the organization investing more on the supplies. 

Parking team

Rental cars, rail services and ground transportation are also influenced by the successful running of the airport. As the travelers are increased, the demands for the cards and transports are also increased. 

Tourism and other organization

The organizing bodies related to tourism and other organizations such as education are majorly influenced by the airport organization. They benefit from the working of the airport (Concannon, 2020). 

b. Grouping stakeholders and power-interest matrix

Grouping stakeholders


Internal stakeholders 

External stakeholders 

Parking team

Suppliers of the airport


Service staff

The air carriers

Airport organizing body



The passengers

Tourism, and other organization


Nearby communities 

Local governing body

Federal governing body

Aviation users

Table 1: Stakeholder grouping

(Developed by author)

Power-interest matrix



(high to low?)


  • The passengers

  • Aviation users

  • Nearby communities

  • Investors 


  • Parking team

  • Suppliers of the airport

  • Service staff

  • Employees


  • Tourism, and other organization

  • The air carriers

  • Concessionaires


  • NGOs

  • Federal governing body

  • Local governing body

INTEREST (low to high?)

Table 2: Power/ Interest matrix

(Developed by author)

c. Developing quality management plan

The quality management plan is a crucial aspect in planning a project as it gives a basic outline of the necessary steps that must be covered to meet the target. It further helps in ensuring that the objectives of the plan are well met and incorporated in the plan. For the successful management plan there are certain tools and techniques that must be incorporated for achieving the targets of the project. The tools to be used for the effective quality management plan for the project, given the scenario are as follows:

Cause and their effect diagrams 

This tool helps in identifying the main reason behind a defect related to the effective progression of a plan. It aids to effectively identify and understand the primary and the secondary problem causes and helps to design the solution. The use of fish-bone figure diagrams may be used for determining the cause and effect of the problems. 

Use of control charts

By making use of the control charts, the progress of the work or the project plan can be determined and studied. The scenario position and status can be understood by the manipulation of the control charts that help to understand whether a situation falls under one’s control or not. 

Use of flow charts or diagrams 

The flow charts help the whole plan to be organized systematically so as to ensure if the project is progressed on a step wise basis. It helps to ensure that the problems related to the fulfillment of the objectives are identified correctly in the estimated time period. 

d. Developing a procurement management plan





A management plan for the project

Hire experts for inspection and analysis

A blueprint as an outline map for the implementation of the plan for meeting the target must be set (Gardiner, 2019). Reviews from professionals must be seeked for thorough analysis of the plan and identification of loopholes.

Documentation for the required areas

Seek judgment from professionals and experts

Keeping authentic documents will keep the information timely and with details for future references.

Register for risks 

Conduct a thorough market research

Risks registers will be able to keep the management team well organized and preparatory for the probable risks that may be encountered (Milani, 2019). Moreover having a risk register will keep a backup for the ways to overcome the expected shortcomings.

List for the resource requirements based on activities

Plan meetings for the project details

The resource list will be helpful in keeping the track of the activities done and the resources used for them. It would help in keeping track of the essentials and the limit the shortenings of the resources. 

Schedule of time frame for project

Incorporate tools and techniques for the plan

Timing is crucial in any plan or organization to work efficiently (Milani, 2019). With proper time management records, the work progress can be recorded and keep a check on the estimated time needed for the future work. 

Registers of the stakeholders

Distinguish on basis of contract types

Maintaining stakeholder registers will be able to maintain records of the investments and the outputs. This would help to sketch a rough estimate of the total loss or the profit made in the project.

Organizational assets

Conduct audits

Organizational asses are the essentials that help the smooth progress of the plan (Al Falasiet al. 2019). By referring to the attributes of the organization, the objectives of the plan may be well met.

Environmental aspects

Performance reviews and analysis

By keeping a check on the environmental aspects the management team will be able to make sure of the probable consequences that they might have to face during the implementation of the plan (Milani, 2019).  

Table 3: Procurement Management Plan

(Developed by author)

Question 2

a. Absence of referees on match

In such situations, the referees can be legally charged for their non-professionalism and may be answerable to the authorities of the Youth Rugby project team. The alleged referees will be needed to prove a justification for their absence and may have to face unwanted fines or suspension if found guilty of not having any authentic justification for their absence. In instances of minute disputes between the two referees, the referees would be provided with management programs to help them bond better with one another and resolve their conflicts over communication.  

b. Team conflicts

The teams facing the conflicting situations at first must be acknowledged for their disputes and try to identify the major reason that is causing the dispute. Both the teams must be spoken to separately and tried to analyse the reasons given by the two teams (Farquhar, 2019). The team must be given time to talk about their concern over communication and asked for their probable solutions. The solutions must be taken into consideration and a conflict resolving initiative must be planned that considers both the teams’ inputs and design a plan that incorporates a team work. 

c. Error committed by referee

Trained and professional trainees must always be considered for any sort of sport or activity plans. However, in case of any errors committed by referees resulting in the deferral outcome of the game, the referee must be charged to provide justifications for the errors (Johnston, 2019). Moreover, training sessions must be provided for the referee to groom their performance. Failing to do which, the referee must be suspended in depicting no improvement from the grooming sessions. 

d. Abusive parents

The situation should be tried to be defused and controlled by verbal communication and request (Seccareccia-DeClerico, 2019). However, if the abuse is made on the kids, legal actions must be taken 

e. Improper parking

The effort of talking to the owners of the wrongly parked vehicles must be done. Proper bold signs and hoardings displaying the parking must be done (Du and Tao 2020). However, if the action is repeated, the local officer must be informed.  

f. Inadequacy of team signup

In such situations, the age bracket must be extended given the average age group belonging teams are present and willing to compete. 

g. Injuries

The immediate first aid response must be given to the injured and provision of ambulance and professional health emergency team must be sought help from (Cen, 2019). After provision of emergency treatment, the injured must be taken to a well-known, nearby hospital for further treatment. 

Question 3 

Expected monetary value


Model I

10,000 x 40% = 4,000

15,000 x 20% = 3,000

14,000 x 40% = 5,600


4,000 + 3,000 + 5,600 = 12,600

Model II

8,000 x 40% = 3,200

18,000 x 20% = 3,600

12,000 x 40% = 4,800


3,200 + 3,600 + 4,800 = 11,600

Model III

6,000 x 40% = 2,400

16,000 x 20% = 3,200

21,000 x 40% = 8,400


2,400 + 3,200 + 8,400 = 14,000


Hence, it can be concluded from the following calculations that the Model III is generating more monetary value. Therefore, Model III must be suggested for the venture.

Reference list 

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