SDN and Open Source Networking


Designed system are needed to be tested and controlled with the different types of the tools and software. The system which has to be designed and which isto be designed needed to be in the proper frame and must have the proper functionality as per the requirement. For all these purposes it is necessary to debug andtest it before bringing in into final use. In this assignment the learner is going to test the FAUCET machine with the SDN controller. For this specific assignment the learner is going to perform all the operations based on the provided FAUCET, which is designed by the university. Here the main target is to perform the modification operation on the provided open source code. In other words one can say that the learner is going to perform the refactoring in this assignment, which is to change the structures and logics of the program without changing the final result.


Introduction to Faucet

In the world of the ICT and networking there are a lot of software and tools available which provides help  for the operation and testing and monitoring the devices or the developed software. FAUCET is basically an open source Open Flow controller which facilitates the network operator to run their network as they do in the normal servers or the web based servers.FAUCET provides the accessibility to move the functional process like changing the routing protocols, manage the tests and the other functions related to the designing and implementation of the software(Cui,2017).

Introduction to SDN

Software defined networking (SDN) is an architecture which makes the networkdesign agile and flexible for the users.In the process of the SDN the developer or the users can trace as well as monitor the network another designed system.

In this specific program the learner is going to perform the testing and analysis of the open source of the FAUCET. In the basic process, SDN Controls the direct traffic of the network in the way which the administrator has put into the commands.

Modification in the SDN controller

As it is already discussed in the previous section about the SDN controller and their functionalities. Here the learner is going to do the modification in the current designed system and then will analyse the new generated data from the original data.

In the process of modification of the SDN network, there are a lot of processes involved which need to be performed. In simple way one can say that in the SDN modification system there are a lot of different types of methods which onecan use for this purpose. Here in this assignment the learner is going to perform this testing and refactoring process with the medium way process, which includes the integration test for a specific scenario(Gilchrist, 2019).


For thetesting and modification process on the open source system, the user will need to set up the environment first. For setting up the environment for the purpose of testing and modification.

There are the following requirements which needs to be configured before performing this activity.

  • VMware
  • OS
  • Open Source Software
  • SDN

Highlighting the implementation and the uses of these software applications in the process of SDN testing, VMware virtual machine will act as the platform for the whole application which will allow the users to host all the software and open source applications like SDN and other kinds of the OS. On the other hand users will need to install and configure the open source software which will allow them to hold the networking device and the application. In the last it will require the SDN which is one of the most important part of this activity. Software defined networking will allow the users in getting the access to the designed network application as well as will help them in monitoring and controlling the different process of the network application.


Add an integration test for a scenario or feature that isn’t currently tested

Testing methodology

Rules for integration testing

With the architecture and the networks system of the designed software these need to integrated before the migrating it to the main server. For this process there are some rules which should be followed to complete the whole process of migration.


  • Plotting course based  on  need rather than  technology

Organizations and the business firm who are willing toshift to the SDN for the routing process of their network and other network related devices need to check for theirpriorities, As the network applications based on the Open Source software’s require the agile methodology to perform all these operations they need to change the priory and have to check for their needs and the implementation for those devices. I the current application as the learner is performing the integration test for the migration of the devices to the virtual system, the learner has selected the IP and host protocol integration and migration to well establish the designed connection and for fulfilling their personal requirement.

  • Application connectivity and network

In the next step of the integration process it is important to connect the application to the network, the designed application should be connected to the network so that they can be configured and monitored easily. In the context of this assignment the learner is connecting the SDN to the open source devices and have configured the basic parts with the application.

  • Aligning the application with SDN

With the availability of variety of the SDN platform users need to choose among them, so that which one is more suitable for their use. In the case of implementation of the artificial intelligence they need to check for the suitability of the ACI and NSX. For the better performance and implementing the whole system in a cost effective way organizations can also use the between the VMware and the Cisco,these two can also help them in aligning the application with the SDN.

  • Looking beyond automation

In the process of automation many organizations and industries are shifting towards the automation of the devices and the application. In this process of automation it may be possible for the users to not to get the full specification for testing, migrating and in discovering purposes.

  • Lab testing and platform

Most of the SDN are available with the lab testing platform which provides the facility to the users to test the designed application in different types of environment. This will provide the opportunity to the users to check and test the designed application with the different platforms. IN this specific case of the assignment the learner has tested the designed application on the simulated lab test system for the security test and the IP addressing system.

  • Developing SDN security strategy

Further in the integration process of thenetwork application the packet transfer and other protocols relayed to the data transfer need to be planned for the process of the security this process the learner has performed the security establishment process on the Packet transfer and the IP protocol system which will help in securing the unauthorized access from the other networks as wellas from the connected network.


SDN and the other opensource network applications are providing the benefits to test and check the designed network applications on various types of platforms and environment. Here in this assignment the learner has also performed the Integration activity for the open source FAUCET application with the SDN in the field of networking and technology. The outcomes and the results of the whole process is based on the integration and migration of the network system which will provide the benefit of testing the designed systembeforeits installation and configuration.





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