Explaining whether Honda could have Avoided the Initial Problems of Poorly Selling Large Bikes

The intention of Honda was to make sure it is able to attract motorcycle enthusiasts and beginners by managing to sell their 250cc and 350cc bikes although this objective of Honda was not very realistic as there was existing competition in the market. The firm should have gone for the complete Honda motorcycle package by putting all the bikes in the Honda Line Up within the US market. In this way the firm would have attracted a much wider audience and target market due to the existing brand reputation of Honda on the international market. The firm would have also put its 50cc cubs in the sales with their premium bikes such as Honda Goldwing and Honda Africa Twin.  In this way a much wider audience would have been attracted towards the products of the firm making sure that the sales of the firm is boosted in the initial stage of the market entry. Further the bikes in low demand would have been removed from the lineup making sure a good customer base is acquired by the firm (Cuaresma et al. 2015).

Question - Change needed in the organization with the change in strategic direction

Now with change of the company’s strategic direction the company’s supply line, marketing method and organizational operations were also subject to change in order to comply with the change in the strategic direction. The firm would now have to focus more slower CC bikes to make sure that the sales are met with the increasing demand in the market. The market orientation should also be made in the same manner so that a wide target market is attracted in a large way to buy the products of the firm. The organization operations such as management of production and supply should be changed to manage the changes in the strategic direction of the firm.

Question - implementing the strategy

In order to implement the new strategy the company could have followed the follow strategy:

  1. Identification of local demand: Now first the firm should identify the demand in the market to make appropriate changes to the product one of the company so that it suits the new strategy of the firm.
  2. Identification of resources required: The firm should identify the resources required to implement the new strategy in order to make sure that the firm is properly equipped and resourced while bringing a change within the operational activities of the firm (Kirichenko, 2017).
  3. Creating a proper marketing strategy: Now as the strategy has changed the firm marketing policy must also change in accordance to the new implemented strategy so that the firm is able to market its products as per the new implemented strategy. In this way coordinated marketing of products will benefit the operations of the firm.


Cuaresma, C., Lagrimas, L., Perez, A. and Atento, R.G.O., 2015. STRATEGY INNOVATION FOR HONDA HIGH–END CARS. Laguna Business and Accountancy Jounal, 1(2), pp.185-200.

Kirichenko, E., 2017. The analysis of strategic ways multinational corporation development (Doctoral dissertation, Sumy State University).

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