Technical Documentation for Smartwatch

The section below provides an idea of how the smartwatch could be used for various purposes.

Step 1: Open the box and go through the user manual that has been provided with the watch. the user manual contains data on how the watch could be operated and connected with mobile phones. The user manual will also provide data on certain aspects that must be considered such as the operating system of the phone that would be supported by the watch.




Step 2: Check if the operating system of the phone would be able to support the watch as the operating system of the phone must be able to align with the operating system of the smartwatch and hence checking it would help in in understanding it (Nitze and Grosse, 2018).

Step 3: Install the application that has been mentioned in the user manual in order to make the watch work. The application would be available in the play store for the Android devices and Apple stores for iOS devices.




Step 4: After the application has been installed, the user is supposed to open it and try to align the watch with it in order to make it function. Switch on the watch and there would be a pop up regarding your phone asking for access to the connection of the watch. Click to allow and continue the process of connecting your phone with the watch (Hjelseth and Mêda, 2017). It will take the time of around 20 to 30 minutes because the data on the phone and the date of the watch would be saved and collaborated.




Step 5: After the data is saved as well as collaborated with the phone, you would be able to use it as per your requirements. Ensure that the watch has a full charge before it is used. Using the watch with an incomplete charge would result in disrupting the system that had been installed in the watch it might affect the phone as well (Feltham and Harries, 2018). The data director any kind of data breach or data loss would not be e responsibility of the authority.




Step 6: the user must ensure that regular updates are carried out in order to function the watch effectively. In order to update the watch, the user can check his phone and go to the option of watch updates and check for regular updates. If the option shows an object painting the user must click to the update option and process the update step by step.


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