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   In accordance with estimation provided by UNWTO or the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the prevailing figure of International vacationers amount to around 1.4 billion each year out of which, a larger section is seen to be preferring Dubai over other destinations. This assignment will provide a detailed insight into the unique selling points due to which, Dubai has become an attractive tourist destination.


                                                      In the current scenario, in the words of Zaidan, (2016), Dubai, which is known to be the most populous and largest city in the UAE and is located on Persian Gulf’s south east coast is becoming a popular destination for the vacationers. It is being witnessed to emphasize on luxury, opulence as well as tourism after undertaking change, which has made it an iconic place for the wealthy and rich. Besides, it has become one of the leading destinations for business (Hung, Guillet & Zhang, 2019). The unique selling points of the destination includes offering the vacationers with extravagant shopping experience, for instance, Dubai Mall is referred to as the shopping paradise for the shopping connoisseurs. Moreover, it is also known for its stunning views, which includes Burj Khalifa, which is referred to as the biggest man-made structure. Moreover, the destination offers the vacationers with various delicacies surpassing American, African and Arabic or Indian cuisine.

                                                      The cosmopolitan city has moreover gained the reputation of a preferred hub for international business trips due to its modern venues, easy accessibility as well as state of the art infrastructure. In accordance with Dubai Plan 2021, the cosmopolitan city has taken resort to address the urban environment, which includes both built and natural assets and view the experience of the visitors due to interacting with the economic and social as well as environment services provided ( 2019).


In the conclusion, it can be said that Dubai is increasingly becoming a popular destination for the vacationers due to its unique selling points, which includes offering the travelers with extravagant shopping experience, extravagant shopping experience as well as stunning views.


References (2019) available at: [accessed on 11.09.2019].

Hung, K., Guillet, B. D., & Zhang, H. Q. (2019). Understanding Luxury Shopping Destination Preference Using Conjoint Analysis and Traditional Item-Based Measurement. Journal of Travel Research58(3), 411-426.

Zaidan, E. A. (2016). Tourism shopping and new urban entertainment: A case study of Dubai. Journal of Vacation Marketing22(1), 29-41.

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