Visual Aids in Communication


When is it best to use a Pie-chart?

ANSWER:  Pie-chart is a graph where various classes are divided into a comprehensive and overall result. Pie-chart is circular which displays division of each class in the total circle. It is best to use a pie-chart when it important to make a differentiation between the categories in percentages (Singleterry, 2018). Pie-charts are used to classify successive and subjective data like Nominal data and Ordinal data. Examples for nominal data are gender, names of people, pets, country, any electronic devices, etc. and ordinal data are surveys or feedbacks on any work or any product. For example- In a restaurant a survey is done about the food quality, quantity, taste, and staff behavior by the manager where the feedbacks r given by the customers. These surveys are measured on a scale like- highly satisfied, satisfied, dissatisfied, highly dissatisfied. Moreover, it also classifies among the students and their marks.


When is it best to use a Bar graph?

ANSWER:The graph that helps to show the contrast between the classified information or data is called Bar graph. The bar graph is of two types which are useful in different ways. They are:

  • Horizontal Bar Graph

The Horizontal Bar graphhelps to make the bars longer and the classified data larger. For example the contrast between the volume of rainfall in each month of a year can be analyzed through a horizontal bar graph. Moreover, temperatures in each season in a year can also be examined through a horizontal bar graph.

  • Vertical Bar Graph

The Vertical Bar Graph which is also known as the column chart helps to show the bars taller and the classified data larger. The Vertical Bar Graph is a good solution to display all types of data analysis but it is best for the data that consists of negative numerical values.


When is it best to use a line graph?

ANSWER: The graph where an array of markers (input or data points) are arranged and connected by non-curved aligned segments sequentially is known as Line Graph. The line graph is used to analyze a group of information from time to time. For example- Dr. Horton American Builder is a home building company that needs to analyze its revenue of income on each month of a particular year. The line graph helps to analyze the data dynamically and gives an adequate result.


Prepare a short report on the visual features of an effective chart.

ANSWER: Visual features like visual depiction helps to figure out or perceive the data promptly and instantaneously. An authentic graph makes the report clear and authorized for any meeting. Different graphs like pie-chart, bar graph, line graph, etc. are used to analyze different data and more research can be done with the help of these graphs (Knight and Paroutis, 2019). For example Prada an American clothing company needs to analyze its sales of each month of a particular year. They will be doing it on a bar graph as it will give an adequate result.

To create a visual depiction the data must be clear and the graph must be simply designed to seek the attention of the audience and other listeners. Data representations play a vital role to improve and develop communication skills in organizations (Dubey et al. 2019)

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