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Opening Windows has been associated with a proper Information Technology designing and development plan for their business operations. The designing and management of the applied placement of Windows Server 2016 have been stated through directional management and services. The detailed network design has been considered through the necessary approach and assessment for the operations. The designing and implication have been related through direct consideration of various Active Directory components and their application for the systematic development and management of the operations. The detailed consideration of the active directory implications has been stated and thoroughly provided here.

Designing of the Diagram

In this particular approach, the relevant designs have been provided for the operational system of the services. The necessary and relevant approaches have been taken to design the organizational structure of the network for both locations through separate assessments (Francis, 2019). The strategic application has been considered as a part of the structure relative to the systems of the network approach and analysis. This design presented below provides the proper base structure of the main office application for OW.

Figure 1: Huston Branch

Figure 2: Richmond Branch

Figure 3: Network Link

These designs provide a proper structure and relevance to the systems of the network requirement for Opening Windows. The direct assessment of the new structure has been successfully implemented on a logical level to the systems. The proper links through distribution system and secure firewall operations have also been associated. The detailed consideration of the connectivity can be done effectively through proper dynamic hosting with DHCP or DNS connectivity within the entire network structure ranged over two different cities.

Active Directory Infrastructure

Features of Windows Server 2016

The existing domain forest is however required to be linked with proper network structure through secure connectivity with the help of Windows Server 2016. The valid features of the server that would help associate the OW operations properly are the consideration of Hyper-V containers of lightweight nature. According to Stefanovic & Kranjac (2019), the previous network was reliant on heavyweight containers for their operations. Another major feature under assessment is the Replication of storage for the network data structure. In this type of consideration for the server storage replication, the data of the network would be doubly secure through direct specification. The existing forest would be effectively connected and integrated with the new systems through the structural systems of the network.

Implementing Forest Functional Levels

The forest functional levels are implemented through direct assessment and administration of the strategic implementation and analysis of the systems. The application of Windows Server 2016 through forest functional levels can be systematically staged and stated below. The direct approach has been specified below within the tabular structure presented.



Stage 1

Start Option -> Select Administrative Tools -> Select Active Directory Domains and Trusts

Stage 2

Select after right click -> Implement Forest Function Level

Stage 3

Select Function Level under requirement -> Implement Forest Functions

Stage 4

Start Option -> Select Administrative Tools -> Select Active Directory Domains and Trusts

Stage 5

Select after right click -> Raise Forest Function Level

Stage 6

Select Forest Function Level -> Click Raise Function

Table 1: Implementing and Raising Forest Functions

Implementing Cross-Forest Trust

The strategic development and implementation of cross-forest trust can be done through valid strategic steps of operation and development. The consideration of GUI applications has been stated below through the tabular presentation.



Step 1

Open the active directory Domain and Trust -> Snap-in

Step 2

Right-Click Properties on Forest Root Domain

Step 3

Click Trusts -> The click on Trust

Step 4

Trust Wizard Opens -> Click Next -> Forest Trust -> Click Next

Step 5

Configure the entire structure as required, through the screens

Table 2: Cross Forest Consideration

Handling of Replication

The Replica of Storage is an innovative and effective feature of operation considering the structure of assessment and adjustment for the systems. The directional logic has been stated through appropriate assumption and consideration of the replication handling for the data within the network of Operating Windows and the business systems. This type of replication procedure that the following feature follows is the Synchronous Replication systems for data mirroring implication. The design and analysis have been done through direct assessment of the data security application. This type of replication handling and management is directly related to the consideration of data-driven services and their evaluation relating to the systems of regulation of data los aspect from within the network operations.

Active Directory Certificate Services

Modification requirement of AD Certificate Services

The certification of the active directory is required to be done through collaboration with Microsoft. As the Server prospect is the specific Windows Server 2016, this type of approach and assessment for the valid feature of implication has been considered for the network of OW. The CS server is required to be set up for the Active Directory for a proper application of modified presentation of AD certificates. The direction needs to e validated through a focus on both the specific domains under consideration and assessment. The relevant analysis has been directed through proper approach and determination for the systems and their analogical preferences for the network approach.

Active Directory Rights Management Services

Implementation of rights management

Active Directory and the respective rights management is one of the important considerations relating to the structure of operations and developmental approach for the systems. The directional logic has been stated through appropriate consideration and management of the valid bulletins for judgment and justification:

  • The network that is set to handle important financial information and credentials that are private, needs effective layered security prospect implemented through the firewall and access control for devices (Jones, Wimmer & Haddad, 2019)
  • The Rights Management within the network can be considered through the application of various other restrictions like the eradication of screenshot or print screen features for any application within the network
  • The administrators and managers need to have a proper understanding of the rights management systems and the regulatory policies that have been implemented within the network operation specifics

Active Directory Federation Services

AD Federation Services

            Federation Services are more inclined towards the consideration and application of restricted as well as transparent use of the network services for the users of Operating Windows. The approach needs to be guided through direct assessment and engagement of the relative applications and their operational logic under development. The designing has to be done through direct application of the Single Sign-On feature for each user only after they have been authenticated. Shin (2019) has stated that the application of authentication can be done for the dynamic hosts and their approaches through the use of user names and passwords. Use of SQL Server Management Studio can be done for proper windows authentication put under placement.

Active Directory Associability

Forest Domain Model Description

            The domain model structure that has to be determined through direct application of the network of Operating Windows and their services has been stated. The application has been stated through consideration of the organization's structure. The top level domain needs to be ‘.org’, depicting the organization. The braches need to be stated through presentation of ‘’ and ‘’ presentation. The designing has to be done in such a manner that the sub domain approaches would be independent to some extent for extensive application of transparency. The presentation of the World Wide Web application can be done through a website name like ‘’. The design has been done through suitable consideration for the 2016 Windows Server.

Placement of Domain Controllers and RODC

The directed domain controller approach and operation has been directed through appropriate management and implication of the definitive prospects of the networks. The domain controllers need to be placed one each within the two specific network branches and their evaluation. The specific office applications for the two network segments for Huston and Baltimore have to be done through independent approaches for the business operations.

The designs for the RODH approach need to be related to a direct read-only control mechanism for the systems. The directional logic has to be implemented through appropriate structure and management for the implications. Catrinescu & Seward (2019) have opined that these services would be directly aided with proper backing up of the database structure through direct assessment and consideration of the systematic structure for OW and their services provided over the network.

FSMO Roles Replacement

The consideration of the relevant steps has been done to provide a proper assessment of the structures of their implications. The Algorithmic presentation has been directed through systematic steps.



Step 1

Initiate Command Prompt or CMD

Step 2

Place Commands -> ‘ntdsutil’ -> Roles -> Press Enter

Step 3

Place Commands -> FSMO Maintenance -> type connections -> Press Enter

Step 4

Place Commands -> Server Connections -> type connect to server -> Press Enter

Step 5

Place Commands -> Type Quit -> Press Enter

Step 6

Place Commands -> FSMO Maintenance -> type transfer schema master -> Press Enter

type transfer naming master -> Press Enter

type transfer rid master -> Press Enter

type transfer infrastructure master -> Press Enter

type transfer pcd -> Press Enter

Step 7

Place Commands -> Exit FSMO Maintenance -> type Quit -> Press Enter

Step 8

Place Commands ->  Exit ntdsutil -> type Quit -> Press Enter

Table 3: Roles replacement procedure (FSMO)

AD Backup and Recovery

The appropriate structure of restoration and management has to be done through direct analysis and application for the systematic preferences. The restoration process that has been stated above needs to be directly related with the replication of data procedure that also been stated above. This integrated measure would help OW associate proper system for data recovery through backup of the Active Directory services related with the operational systems of the network. The full backup structure and other 14 stages of incremented backup are followed through Windows server 2016 automatic services.

Group Policy

Requirement of Group Policy

Group Policy is highly necessary to be staged and processed on many levels for the various operations to be performed by Windows. The designing and structural assessment of the relative group policy and administration has to be related with direct in-depth determination for a regulatory structure by the systems of the organization. A group policy is highly necessary to be considered through necessary structure and analysis for the considerations of connectivity, security data processing, and other aspects like private application of data management and determination of enhanced security to data from departments like Finance. The group policy structure needs to be applied through directed monitoring of the new network structure after its implementation with the aid of the Windows Server 2016.

Settings to be considered via Group Policy

The major setting of the group policy needs to be directed through approach and assessment for the relative management and consideration for proper directed assessment and analysis of group structure for the operating system within the use of the implemented server systems. The separate assessments are required to be made for both the branches in Huston and Richmond. The number of employees working for the systems is also required to be assessed for the proper set up of office policy for Operating Windows. The main priority needs to be the assessment and analysis of the security provided to the office and customer data while maintaining the right amount of transparency necessary for smooth operations.

Windows Server Features

WAP utilization

            The specific utilization of Web Application Proxy can be determined through direct operation and access through the network with a secure structure for both wired and wireless services. The consideration of proper two-stage firewall application has already been presented within the structure of operations through the directed application of the distribution systems of the network link and secure operational connectivity through the necessary integrated systems (Vehniä, 2020). The secure structure has to be related through direct application and assessment of the directions. The designing of the network has been related through direct application and development of the security operations that are highly necessary for the network systems and their implications.


This document provides the detailed Windows Network Services Proposal for the operations of Opening Windows through direct assessment and analysis of the structural key to determining how the new system would be staged for the organization. The direct development is necessary to be administered through appropriate considerations of Active Directory updated that are necessary. The document contains a proper analysis of the designs that are necessary for each of the branch’s networks. The application is related to be directed through proper operation and capable structure of the network enhancement with the help of Active Directory. The consideration of the Windows Server 2016 has been directed efficiently.



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Stefanovic, V., & Kranjac, S. (2019). Identity with Windows Server 2016: Microsoft 70-742 MCSA Exam Guide: Deploy, configure, and troubleshoot identity services and Group Policy in Windows Server 2016. Birmingham: Packt Publishing Ltd.


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Shin, B. (2019). Security enhancement in defense information system by active directory (Doctoral dissertation, University of Delaware).

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Vehniä, V. J. (2020). Implementing Azure Active Directory Integration with an Existing Cloud Service.

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