Zappos Facing Competitive Challenges


The introduction part mainly focuses on the different challenges that have been faced by Zappos which is staying in Las Vegas as well as he is an online retailer. Through this section, it will be perfectly highlighted whether Zappos has a high level of employee engagement or not. This part also sheds light on the different training and development sessions by which Zappos may be able to mitigate all challenges that he has faced.One of the best information systems for ensuring effective data storage and circulation is employed by Zappos. Clients may monitor their purchases and even find out whether the goods they desire are still in stock. Alerts, statistics, and recommendations are offered to workers to help them handle orders effectively. Data systems and hr are two major basic managerial procedures that are required to complete an order at Zappos. One of the most impressive features of the Zappos coding challenge that places a high priority on job enrichment is its hrm. Employees are instructed and urged to use creativity while interacting with customers. They are free to "wow" new or current clients since they are not bound by protocols or set call lengths. Operations managers carry out a variety of tasks that have an impact on how businesses market and promote their goods and services. Designing service encounters is one of the most important OM operations at Zappos. Services are Zappos' main source of competitive strength, thus this sector is given careful consideration. Employees are instructed on how to meet client demands creatively and are encouraged to do so. The great bulk of the customers are returning, which is evidence that this method is working.

Question 1

There are different essential challenges that have been faced by Zappos and which can derail its attempt for being the best and largest online retailer. Different challenges are:

  • Attracting and retaining the consumers’ attention by providing different budget-friendly as well as high quality based products along with converting those consumers into loyal shoppers (Berman, Bowman, West & Van Wart, 2019)
  • Other challenges that have been optimized by him to deliver different goods in a speedy manner to the existing as well as new customers
  • A vital challenge that has been faced by Zappos is to prosecute the smooth online buying and selling system as well as the different information access of their online offers along with various packages (Hughes et al. 2019)

Question 2

Through the appropriate training and development plan, Zappos may be able to mitigate all the challenges in an effective manner. Though the perfect training and development phase he may be able to consider a good leadership strategy over the employees’ working process. Therefore, business strategy will be developed by the help of a stronger leadership process on different employees to make them understand the working process and this can build up product making scenes for them (as stated by Nankervis, Baird, Coffey & Shields, 2019). Training and development can increase the personal skills and knowledge of Zappos and other employees to meet all the identified workplace goals and objectives. Different competitive advantages may be gained by providing training and development sessions to the workers therefore they are able to use the information to flourish the online business.

Question 3

Yes, as per my personal opinion I believe that employees at Zappos have a very high level of engagement as through providing training and development Zappos always motivates their employees to get high levels of positive based customer feedback as well as increase productivity. This engagement structure also enhances their contribution towards an extraordinary high performance, which has also led to this online retail association winning several awards (Berman, Bowman, West & Van Wart, 2019). Zappos mainly believes in helping their workers understand what inspired the association culture as well as help them in putting into different practices the cultural needs along with values.

Question 4

Training and development phase can have an essential positive influence on the person Zappos’ core values in order to build honest along with open relationships with appropriate communication that also can build a positive team as well as a family sprit (Hughes et al. 2019). Building an open along with a positive relationship with the employees can give some valuable advantages to Zappos for understanding the core values of their business that can also influence the training and development process towards employees.




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