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Assignment on Taxation law

Taxation is an important part of any government to maintain tax of state that we give to government. This is quite natural for students not aware of these types of situations, we are here to help them and get them out from this trouble. plays a master role in this category.


Types of Taxes

    Taxes are everywhere e.g. shopping mall, restaurant, highway and more. Therefore, we are going to divide them into varied departments like:

  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Capital grain is charged with these types of tax, a small amount of money will go to government for every kg of grain selling.

  • Corporation Tax
  • Many company and business hub take these types of tax from their employees.

  • Income Tax
  • A small amount of money will be given to government for any monetary income of any people or company.

  • Inheritance Tax
  • This tax based on death of any people.

  • Property Tax
  • The owner of a house or apartment gets this type of tax from the person who is living in rent.

  • Retirement Tax
  • Retirement tax was given by any person who retires from his job and wants to get their pension.

  • Sales Tax
  • State government applies this tax on each item for sell inside the state.

  • Tariffs
  • This is implementation of tax of foreign items. Like mobile recharge ant lots more.

  • Toll Tax
  • On every checkpoint on highway entering a state, this type of tax applied.

  • Value Added Tax
  • Now days this types of tax are applied on any restaurant or shopping malls etc. This is a tax with addend upon the value of money spend.

    In case of the assignments, we help to make major calculations on these tax areas and try to configure what quantity or the amount is needed for the desired listings.


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