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Trigonometry Assignment Help

Trigonometry deals with angles and straight lines as it a very important part of mathematics. Every students need to know the way to deal with this and how to face it. By this assignment, they will have a clear idea on it. produces these types of assignment in a very professional manner.

Trigonometry also deals with the properties of triangle and calculates values of angle between two lines, which is generally lies between 0 to 90 degrees. At higher range the optimum scale for every triangle, need to be with 360 to 108 degree.

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Trigonometric functions and relation with each other

    Important function for Trigonometry

    Sin x = opposite/ hypotenuse, Tan x = opposite/adjacent, Sec x = hypotenuse/adjacent, Cos x = adjacent/hypotenuse, Cosec x = hypotenuse/ opposite, Cot x = adjacent/opposite

  • Cot x = 1/tan x
  • Cosec x = 1/ Sin x
  • Sec x = 1/ Cos x
  • Tan x = Sin x/ Cos x
  • Cot x = Cos x/ Sin x
  • Tan x = sec x /cosec x
  • Cot x = cosec x / sec x
    Theorem of Ptolemy

    This Theorem is very near to Pythagoras theorem as it deals with triangles. By this theorem, if A is an angle of any triangle then Sin2 (A) + Cos2 (A) = 1.

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