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In 1636 Harvard University was first established as a private Ivy League research university. It is one of the oldest universities in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  It is also is one of the premier educational institutions in the United States. Harvard University equips students pursuing advanced degrees with greatness in training, discovery, and education. It is a worldwide institute of higher education with over 20,000 undergraduates centered in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts. The institution offers programs for master's, bachelor's, and vocational learners. When it comes to graduates, Harvard University has around 360,000 spread over the globe. Furthermore, the institution focuses primarily on teaching and research to further human understanding in a variety of fields. University provides students with an outstanding educational experience as well as excellent financial assistance packages.

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BUSM448 Business Model Assignment

  In the following scope, the analytical appreciation of the contexts of a business model and disruption is attempted along with applying the business model of Osterwalder and Pigneur. The overall

LAW504 Consideration according to the legal laws

LO 1. Understand the essential elements of a valid contract in a business context: 1.1              The importance of the essential elements required for the formation of a valid cont

HI6028 Taxation Theory, Practice and Law| Holmes Institute

QUESTION 1 Issue In the current case, John got the license of working a betting club in Melbourne Australia which named 'The casino club East. The working period of this license continues f

Marketing the Hospitality Brand through Digital Media | Assignment Sample

Question 1 An outline for a summary review of your learning from placement to be shared in a group discussion during the last taught session I have worked in a Mental Health and Rehabilitation h

Guidance for completion of Strategy SHR019-6 | Assignment Sample

Introduction The following report will discuss the various environmental conditions in brief that determine the success of a business organization. On the other hand, the key factors that lead to


Week1 Describe the kinds of engagement consider for three tasks with levels of assurance In the given case of OEL ltd, the three tasks of the management are justified by considering an appropria

Guidance for completion of strategy shr019-6 assignment

Introduction The following report will discuss the various environmental conditions in brief that determine the success of a business organization. On the other hand, the key factors that lead to t

Podcast Presentation about 2 Diabetes and Cancer Patients

Question 1: your patient/client has malignant tumour that metastasised. Your patient has a friend, named Alex who has been diagnosed with abnormal growth also, but Alex doctor tells them their tumour

Artificial Intelligence Assignment Sample

Q1.Difference between Supervised and unsupervised learning Supervised learning algorithm Supervised as well as unsupervised learning are algorithms are important machine learning a


Introduction Nurses have obligation to work in compliance with the composite web of state and federal statutes in order to make decisions in an ethically responsible way, due to progress in medical

Effective Measure and PPT Slides


Visual Aids in Communication

QUESTION 1 When is it best to use a Pie-chart? ANSWER:  Pie-chart is a graph where various classes are divided into a comprehensive and overall result. Pie-chart is circular which displays divi

Financial Accounting Sample Assignment

Question 1. a) units produced 10500 units sold 9400 units remaining 1100

MBA623 | Healthcare Management | Case Study Analysis

Executive summary The mission for Victorian aboriginal health service comprises ensuring the health and wellbeing of the aboriginal people through educating people about healthy lifestyle and conse

Making the Business Case for Business Events

Business Need  It is obvious that there is a need for adaptable, productive automobile sharing because it will help achieve many different objectives. They will include both corporate goals and ob
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