How to avoid plagiarism in academic papers?

Plagiarism is one of the most serious offenses in academic life. It can be defined as copying someone else’s ideas, thoughts or content without prior permission and authorization. If caught, an academic institution can reject your paper and for a more serious offense, you can be blacklisted or even terminated from the institution. Finding ideas or researching for content is absolutely fine and it should be definitely done. However, to give due credit to other people for their tiring work is also essential.

So, as a student, it is very important for you that you follow all the rules and regulations of academic writing while writing any assignment or academic paper. Here are some tips that can help you to write a plagiarism-free assignment.

  1. Provide proper citations – it is the best approach to avoid any sort of plagiarism in your assignments. There are many citation styles that you can follow to avoid plagiarism. However, most of the universities inform their students about the citation styles that can be APA, Harvard or Chicago. Once you know what citation style you need to follow, you can easily get help online to select citations and stay away from plagiarism.
  2. Paraphrase wherever you can – paraphrasing is still one of the most ignored tactics to remove plagiarism. You need to quote the main idea and then paraphrase it with your own statements. You need to imbibe the main idea and then write about that in your own words using some examples and historical proofs.
  3. Provide referencing – it is as important as citations. If you have used other people’s work in your paper, you need to refer them for their hard work. It is also provided in a pre-described manner. All the universities lay down their referencing requirements. You need to follow them and also provide a referencing table at the end of your paper. A proper reference provides all the information about the author, publication, and date of publication.
  4. Quoting statements – if you are using some individual’s statements, you need to quote them in your paper. When you quote someone, you need to refer them as well. It is a good practice to use small statements. You also need to take care that you quote exactly the way the author has said it. Misquoting someone is one of the worst mistakes you can commit in an academic paper.
  5. Refer multiple sources – this is a small bit of advice but when you refer a single source many times, people will assume that you are just copying someone’s paper and writing it in your own words. When you refer to multiple sources, people understand that you have researched and read a lot. Ultimately, you are the one who is gaining knowledge. So always research from many sources that are reliable and refer them properly.
  6. Take time to write – it may not sound like a technical tip. However, it is quite important to give time to academic writing. Even if you commit mistakes, there will be enough time to correct them if you start early. You need to prepare a proper timeline with milestones and stick to it throughout the writing process. It will enable you to make amendments whenever it is deemed necessary.
  7. Check plagiarism from time to time – there are many plagiarism checking tools available online. Some of them are free while some are paid tools. You need to make sure that you keep checking plagiarism using these tools at every milestone. You can do that once you have finished writing, but if you find much plagiarism, it will be a huge task to remove them. So always keep checking it after a page or paragraph.

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