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    Consumer and competition law assignment

    What are consumer and competition laws?

    A consumer and competition law can be described as the set of instruction to deal with the relationship between suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers. The main motive of these laws is to maintain a healthy relationship and promote fair trade at all level. These laws are very important to protect the interest of consumers. Those students who are studying law generally get to write consumer and competition law assignment to understand the complicated relationship between producers and consumers while understanding the law to understand how to maintain it without hurting anyone and protecting everyone’s interest. It is considered as one of the toughest assignments in law as sociology is also involved in it while having all the technicalities of law.

    Let’s see the list of issue that is dealt with by the consumer and competition laws –

    1. Transparency – It is of supreme importance to maintain transparency between the producers and consumers so that trust can be maintained between the two. The details of production and pricing structure should be available for the public to see.
    2. Quality – The products with high quality are essential for health and other factors and law is required to maintain a basic structure that will be the base requirement for a product to be sold in the market.
    3. Pricing – fair pricing is important for a producer to stay afloat in the market as we have seen how predatory pricing can kill even large corporations. The high prices can also be a burden on consumers.
    4. Anti-trust – It is an important factor which translates into a fair competition between companies. Predatory lobbying and conspiracies can hurt a company badly which needs to be avoided at any cost. It also helps to stop the monopoly of a company in a market which is not a good thing for consumers.
    5. Competition – It is an important part of the law as it helps to maintain fair competition and regulates anti-competitive conducts. Acquisitions, mergers, intellectual property and innovation is controlled and regulated by these laws.
    6. Fairtrade – It is also somehow related to pricing but also related to a social movement which is mostly applicable in developing countries. Fairtrade regulates the production and pricing of products which are essential for public usage and an upper hand is given to consumers in these segments.
    7. Warranty – It is one of the most important things that a consumer checks before buying a product. It helps to build a relation between a producer and a consumer feels safe while buying a product which has some type of warranty. It also helps to maintain the quality of a product.
    8. How to write consumer and competition law assignment?

      The basic idea of writing a consumer and competition law assignment is the same as any other law assignment. Your assignment should start with an introduction where you will be introducing the topic to readers in a form of questions. Once you are done conducting research you can start writing the answer part which is the introduction of most suitable law in that scenario. After that, in the main body part of the assignment, you will discuss the issue in detail while providing related and concise examples. You will need to explain how the law you mentioned can be applied here and write statements based on it. When you are done with your discussion, you will need to come to a conclusion which is going to be in the form of answers to the questions that were asked before. You need to justify your conclusion in short and you will be done with your consumer and competition law assignment. Always remember to give proper reference and citation at the end of your assignment.

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