The magic of numbers – Mathematics as a subject

Mathematics, the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangements is a very ancient field of study. Maths is the building block of everything in our everyday life; it is in everything we do. The history of maths goes back to as much as 5000 years ago. The beauty of mathematics makes every student appreciate and understand the discipline. In the dictionary language, Mathematics is the methodical treatment of measure, relationships between different forms and figures and the bond between the quantities that are expressed symbolically.

Structure of Mathematics as a subject

The subject can be treated as:

  • Human Endeavour: Measurement of time like hours, days, month, years and such is maths. The different system of distance measurement is maths. Mathematics is in art,dance and music as well. It is in almost every aspect of events used in the development of humans and human society.
  • Discipline: Maths is an organized and a formal field of study. It is defined by the type of problems, the method of resolving the problems and the results it achieves after solving the problem that it had addressed. It is a broad and deep discipline that keeps on growing.
  • The interconnected bridge between various other subjects: Learning has a prerequisite of writing and reading talents. Maths requires the simple application of knowledge. Its utility can be judged by the fact that it is used as the elementary or basic study in our education system.

You need to crunch it, not mug it

Mathematics is an enigma, the more you understand it, the more you will want to know about it.

The actions and reactions surrounding our life

Science is a word that brings different pictures in our minds ranging from a fat textbook to a lab coat, microscopes, telescopes, equations, laws and so on. These are all a fraction of science but not a complete picture of it. It is a collaborative human effort to understand better how everything in the world functions. It is a systematic endeavor that builds the knowledge in the form of explanations and predictions based on that knowledge regarding universe.

The structural anatomy of science as a subject

Science is:

  • A process:

    Science is an ever-going process of study and discoveries. These new findings allow us to connect the isolated facts into the reasoned and detailed understanding of the natural world.

  • Exciting:

    The constant new discoveries and studies keep the student’s mind active and interested. One thing makes you eager to find the next and soon it turns into one big and exciting treasure-hunting game.

  • Powerful:

    The knowledge of science is reliable, useful and powerful. It can be used for creating new technology, find a treatment for diseases and find the solutions for other problems.

A never-ending discovery - Science

Science is about continuously refining and expatiate our knowledge of universe. The more we surf, the more questions hit our mind and we move to find answers further. This is a never-ending and ever-going phenomenon. Science never ends. It gives you the power to create. Treat, explore and change the way people think. It gives you the power to control things and analyze the result of certain actions. Science is an ethereal magic.

It’s all about the money and calculating it

Finance is all about managing, creating and studying the entire financial system that includes money, banking, investments, assets and liabilities.

Structural shape of Finance as a discipline

Finance can be divided into three parts:
  • Public finance: It is concerned with the total spendings and total earnings of the governmental agencies. It mostly includes study borrowings from banks, insurance companies and government. It also includes grants and aids, dividends and so on.
  • Corporate finance: Shares, debentures, shareholders, capital structure, firm valuation, anything to do with the companies and corporate comes under corporate financing. Every decision that a firm does regarding its finances is covered under the heading.
  • Personal finance: Individuals earn and spend. The study of it is called personal finance. It is the financial management of an individual and a family unit, their budget, savings, spending and monetary resources over time.
All these three categories are anxious with activities like following sound investments, obtaining low- cost credit, allocating funds for liabilities, and banking. Yet each of category has its own definite deliberations. We can explain these categories with examples also individuals require provision for retirement expenses. Other categories are also helpful for future purposes.

One of the most emerging fields of study - Finance

In simpler terms, Finance is all about the exchange of existing resources. It requires detailing and analysis. It is a vast and recurring process. It keeps going on and on. Set goals, plan and keep tracking. These are the three key points of successful financing. But before doing anything you need to make yourself familiar with the terms and process of financing. Any activity without the knowledge of the subject is a waste. Finance is beautiful; it teaches you how to do well even in small earnings and save well. Not just save well but if you save with brains, you might even become rich.

A machine no one can compete with – The Computers

The study of computers and the entire system is called computer science. Its study mostly deals in software and software system, their theory, design, development and application. It is a discipline that spans theory and practices.

Why only computer science and nothing else?

Here are some reasons why you should study computer science:

  • This is a digital age and this age needs computer scientists. They theorize, design, develop and apply the programs-both hardware and software that we use in everyday life. Well, this does sound very important.
  • Students of computer science have excellent prospects as graduates. This is a field that gives high employment opportunities, both in India and abroad.
  • Research has proved that computer science student earn well in life and have more scope of moving up the corporate ladder quickly as compared to other discipline.
  • Every industry uses computer in the age of digitization hence it is implied that they require computer science degree holders to keep their systems run efficiently and effectively, without errors.
  • The scope of computer science includes internationally diverse cohort, which means you will get the exposure to diverse Indian and international cultures. It will also help in creating all kinds of contacts that will prove beneficial in the future.

Will there ever be an era without computers again?

We guess these are the enough reasons for studying the subject. Computers are global and will give you a global opportunity of working. This discipline is a mechanism to feed a cycle of specialized instructions to a computerized system. Here, we provide all the assignments related to the subject that you can take advantage of.

The bulwark of industries – A proper management system

Management, the word in it is a complete definition. It is all about planning and achieving your goals perfectly. It is a process of achieving goals by working with and through organizational resources. The organization and coordination of the activities in business and day to day life for achieving defined objectives is called management. Going by book, it is more about using the available resources efficiently and effectively for attaining the defined objective.

What makes up the term management in reality?

Management can be defined in three major characteristics. It is a continuous process of managing the job and all the related activities. Its main aim is to achieve the targeted goals and these goals are met by working with and through the people and other available resources.

Decision making is one vital aspect of the management system. Sometimes, it might include easier ones and sometimes the tougher ones. Before reaching to a decision, all its impacts on the organization and related people, for long term and short term must be considered. It is the duty of management to take the right decision as huge responsibility of resources and organization lay upon them. Management, in short, is a vast and a continuous process. So, it is important to have an insight to the area before you step in it.

Management is the keyword to corporate success

The term management describes a specific kind of behavior in an organization. Particularly, the term stands for those who determine the allocation of resources in the organization. Essentially, management is a function built upon the social sciences and bears the same connection to it like the medicine to chemistry, anatomy and physiology.

The dictionary that runs a market - Economics

The etymology of the word describes it as the science of wealth but in time it has evolved and has become the social science of factors that influence the well-being. Economics is a discipline that borrows its studies from various sciences for understanding why and how people act to expand their wealth and wellbeing.

While Economics deals with understanding and interpreting, it also depends greatly on concrete numerical proofs. Hence, maths helps economics in finding what works and what not and why.

Classification in Economics while studied as a discipline

Here are some things that you must know about Economics:
  • It has two main streams- Micro and Macro. Micro Economics is customer centric while Macro deals with the economy as a whole, in a broader sense.
  • Law of demand and supply is the founding block of discipline. It is the basic that is highly applied in many places.
  • If you are unaware of Marginal utility, you will never know the value of anything.
  • GDP or Gross Domestic Product is something on which the entire economy is counted.
  • The most used word ‘inflation’ belongs to this discipline.

Economics is the bridge that connects the world

Apart from these, there are factors like fiscal policies, interest rates and so much more to know about how the country operates. Economics not only gives you knowledge; it also imparts glorious career opportunities in fields like law, business, government, education etc. You can also own a consulting firm or work in government agencies. This subject opens a whole new horizon for your career growth as well.

Guest is truly the real God – Provide them with hospitality

Hospitality management is all about managing hotels, cruise ships, resorts, bed and breakfast and similar other hospitality services.

A basic structure of Hospitality Management as a discipline

It includes supervising the operations and attending to guest needs. Since, hospitality management is a growing field; there are a large number of institutions with specific programs for graduates. A usual course of study in this field would comprise of customer service, business administration, personnel management and marketing. Students could then further specialize in a specific focus of hospitality management like casino management or resort management. Being successful in hospitality industry needs much more than what is required in any other business.

Hospitality Management as a thriving career for your life

If planning and hosting a party interests you, you are in for the job of your life. It means you have initial welcome skills. Hospitality Management offers a fast growing career but extensive job training and work experience is typically necessary for upper-level management positions. Many colleges and universities provide degree and certificate programs in this discipline. Some institutes also offer distant learning facility. You can have the career in many industries like hotels, resorts, airlines, tourism and so on.

Do God’s Service by serving your Guests

In India, our guests are considered as God. Working in Hospitality Management will help you understand the true meaning of the phrase when you will feel satisfied looking at the smile on faces of your guests. So, spread your smile and service for the happiness of others.

Projecting your businesses with Project Management

Project management is the subject of running a series of jobs for a team to meet targets and receive success in goals. And a project is a temporary enterprise undertaken to produce a unique product, service or result. It is often abbreviated as PM.

A skeleton of project management as a discipline

Project management has five phases:

  • Initiating: An idea for a project is circumspectly inspected to establish whether or not it will benefit the organization. During this part of the project, a team infers whether the project is viable enough to be carried forward.
  • Planning: A project plan is then penned, outlining the work to be done. During this phase, a team emphasizes, records and categorizes the budget and then infers what resources are required.
  • Executing: Resources tasks are disseminated and teams are informed of their responsibilities. This is a good time to bring up vital project related information.
  • Monitoring and controlling: Project managers will contrast development and current status of the original project and add resources to execute the remaining job. This part involves project managers rescheduling in the scheme of things or do what is crucial to prevent the project to go in muck.
  • Close: When the project is concluded and the client has approved the result, an assessment is necessary to emphasize project’s success and learn from project history.

Last but not the least to projects

In time, the processes have evolved and vary from industry to industry. But the core values behind running and managing a project will always remain the same without any affixed differences.

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