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Human Resource Management | Sainsbury Case Study


Human resource management of a business organization indicates to the department that works with human resources of the company. It is concerned with the management of people of an organization. It influences the decision making process of a business organization, and on the other way, it can also be considered as a product of human relations movements as well.  This project has also focused on the human recourse management of a company. Sainsbury has been chosen in this regard. The Functions Of HRM, significance in decision making and employee legislation all have been discussed on the basis of this organization in this project.

Sainsbury is the second largest supermarket chain in UK. They have almost 16.9 % of share in the UK supermarket sector. They have 1415 stores, and 162,700 employees are presently working with them. The yearly revenue of this company is
£23.506 billion ( 2017). 

JSainsburys Logo.svg

also be considered as a product of human relations movements as well.  This project has also focused on the human recourse management of a company. Sainsbury has been chosen in this regard. The Functions Of HRM, significance in decision making and employee legislation all have been discussed on the basis of this organization in this project.

Sainsbury is the second largest supermarket chain in UK. They have almost 16.9 % of share in the UK supermarket sector. They have 1415 stores, and 162,700 employees are presently working with them. The yearly revenue of this company is
£23.506 billion ( 2017). 

JSainsburys Logo.svg

Figure 1: Logo of Sainsbury

(Source: 2017)

Assignment 1:

LO 1:

1.1 Explaining the functions and the purpose of HRM, which applies to resourcing and workforce planning of the chosen organization (P1, M1)

Figure 2: Functions of Human Resource Management

(Source: Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017)

Human resources are the key elements of every organization, therefore it is highly required to implement a system thus these resources can be managed properly. The process of HRM includes the service of people, enhancement of their skills, even motivating the employees to get the optimum benefits from them. According to Brewster and Hegewisch (2017), it is better to say that HRM is such a process that is needed to manage the employees from their recruitment to retirement. Several functions are there for human resource management in the organization like Sainsbury. However, some of them have been discussed here. The above-depicted picture is showing the elements which have been controlled and observed by the human resource management in the organization like Sainsbury.

Selection and recruitment:

As stated by Reiche et al. (2016), both the selection and recruitment are being considered as the processes to captivate, screen and select the skilled and suitable employees for the organization. While starting the process of recruiting new candidates, the HR manager in Sainsbury needs to count the actual number of candidates they are required. The main objective of this process should be to grab the attention of skilled candidates. However, it should be remembered that the employee forecasting deeply depends on the yearly budget of the company. Additionally, the short-term, as well as long-term, should also be evaluated.


Marchington et al. (2016) has opined that it has been followed in some cases that some of the companies do not provide the proper orientation of their new employees. In that case, the human resource manager should help the employees to cope up quick with the culture and work pattern of the organization. The HR manager in Sainsbury has implemented several orientation programs those have helped its employees to become well accustomed with the company.

Maintains a good working atmosphere:

Chelladurai and Kerwin (2017) have stated that the human resource manager is responsible for providing a good working atmosphere to the employees. It has been identified that employees cannot achieve the organizational goal due to the lack of motivation. The HR manager in Sainsbury tries to motivate them through several non-financial and financial rewards.

Training and development:

This is one of the major parts of human resource management. Brewster and Hegewisch (2017) have commented that training and development are the ways that can improve the present as well as future performances of the employees. In Sainsbury, the HR manager organizes different training programs for the newly hired employees.  

1.2 Explaining both the strengths as well as weaknesses of several approaches to recruitment and selection of the chosen organization (P2, M2, D1)

Chelladurai and Kerwin (2017) have mentioned that several approaches are there those would be suitable to complete the selection and recruitment process within an organization. Internal sourcing is one of them which indicates to the advertisements those have been published for the existing employees for the recruitment to fill up a vacant place. While implementing this process in Sainsbury, both the positive as well as negative results have been identified. The strength of internal recruitment process is it reduces the costs of the organization and motivates the employees thus they get a chance of promotion. On the other hand, the negative impacts are also there. This process would not allow the external candidates to be hired. Therefore a large number of skilled candidates do not get the opportunity to join the Sainsbury.

Xing et al. (2017) have identified that external sourcing is another way by which the company can hire new candidates. However, it is expensive and can create an unenthusiastic attitude among the existing employees. Before hiring new candidates, the HR manager in Sainsbury should arrange an interview session. This is obviously expensive, and before that, the company needs to publish the advertisements in several newspapers or magazines. Therefore, it would add additional costs in the budget of the company. In addition, the existing employees may become de-motivated as they may think that the company is not offering the opportunity to them. However, some positive impacts are also there to this approach, such as it helps the organization  to identify some talented and capable candidates for the company.

Meijerink et al. (2016) have suggested that third-party sourcing is another approach of selection and hiring. This approach involves a placement agency for finding the competent candidate for the job. This approach is highly profitable as they implement several tools to identify the proper applicant. These tools include salary hike and other most profitable benefits. On the other hand, this approach has several negative impacts too. First of all, it is an expensive process as the placement agency also demands a large amount of money which in most cases have to be bored by the company. Other than that, it is very time-consuming process as the placement agency would select the candidate first on behalf of the company and there after the selected candidates would be sent there. Thus, it takes a long time. 



Assignment 2:

LO 2:

Task 1: Evaluating the effectiveness of major components of human resource management in the organization

1.1 Explaining the benefits of several HRM practices in the chosen organization both for the employee and employers (P3, M3)

A huge number of employees have been recruited by Sainsbury, and the human resource manager here needs to manage them every day. Sainsbury has a very clear recruitment process which is also very easier to be accessed. Kurtz and William (2017) have commented that technology has eased the activities of HR. Sainsbury has started an online system of recruitment. Even,  the vacancies are also displayed on this site immediately. After registering there, the candidates have been asked several questions regarding the customer handling and so on. After completing the questions successfully, the company provides a registration number to them for further proceeding. 

Herschberg et al. (2017) have noted that apart from selecting and hiring, a human resource manager is also responsible for motivating the employees thus best productivity would come. That is why Sainsbury has implemented the performance as well as the reward system for the employees. A separate team has been build up there in Sainsbury, which is always proactive and inform the employees about the benefit packages of them. The reward team in the organization sets the challenge for designing, delivering and delivering a personalized income for the employees. This statement should include a detail narration about the benefit of working with Sainsbury. 

Kurtz and William (2017) have stated that training and development is another factor that has been taken care by the HR department. In case of Sainsbury, it is a well known store that has been operating their business from 1869. Their large number of employees are currently working in several places of UK. They arrange training for the employees. Thus they may become capable of meeting the goal of the organization. Other than that, the human resource manager in the organization is also responsible for making the financial budget regarding the salary, incentives, bonus and other financial packages for the employees. It is such a big deal, and that is why the HR manager in Sainsbury keep a regular track on these matters.

Oaya et al. (2017) have contributed that due to the HR practices within a business organization both the employers and employees would be benefitted. The management in Sainsbury would get the most efficient employees with the hiring process of HR department. Other than that, the performance management system would also be taken care by the HR manger in the organization. HR department helps to build up the values and culture with the organization. Besides that, most importantly, it helps to develop a good relationship within the organization. It is beneficial for both the employers as well as employees.

Furnham (2017) has commented that a good human resource manager would take care from the employee perspective as well. It considers about employee satisfaction, and that is why they have implemented several rewarding systems. Other than that, the skills of employees are enhanced by providing training and development to the employees as well.

1.2 Evaluating the effectiveness of several HRM practices to increase the profit and productivity of the organization by providing examples from the chosen organization (P4, M4, D2)

Caligiuri (2014) has declared that the entire HR department is an automated system that has been needed to manage the people. In a vast view, it can be said that this system is needed to reward as well as reinforced the desired behaviour of the employees. There are several advantages those can be derived from the practices of human resource management. It helps in promoting the positive behaviour. A successful organization only can create a positive environment which is beneficial to work. The HR manager is responsible for maintaining that or at least to motivate others to maintain the atmosphere within the organization.

Ensuring the development of the employees is further responsibility for the HR department. Yang et al. (2015) have mentioned that the HR department satisfies the employees as well as encourage them for contributing their best performances to the organization. Therefore, the firm like Sainsbury ultimately get the highly efficient performances which would enhance the productivity as well. Other than that, it may help in building up the flexible workplace too. The diversity in the workplace can be managed by HR practices. Today's workforce is more diversified. Therefore, a problem can be occurred there regarding adjusting with each other. Hence, interference of HR manager may resolve the issue. 

Apart from that, Xing et al. (2016) have commented that more motivated workers can be get through HR practice. It is the basic responsibility for the HR manager to motivate the employees. It helps in maximizing the performance levels. An organization like Sainsbury hires HR manager for solving this purpose only. Other than that, it helps in team building as well. Therefore, the bonding and the productivity both have become increased within the organization. However, it can be said that human resource management is being considered as one of the major factors of a business organization like Sainsbury which can benefit the organization from several aspects.

Task 2: Analyzing the internal and external factors by which the decision making process of human resource management including the employment legislation

2.1 Analyzing the significance of employee relations to influence the HRM decision making in the chosen organization (P5, M4)

Meijerink et al. (2016) have mentioned that employee relationship management is being considered as a process which has been used by the companies to manage as well as continue an effective interactions with the employees. The ultimate objective is to achieve the primary aim of the organization.  The HR department has to play the main role in this regard. They can train the managers and the executives about the process by which the relationship can be established effectively and can be maintained with perfection. Employee relationship management is a tool that can help the organizations by enhancing the employee retention rate.

Veloso et al. (2015) have identified some factors as the key elements of employee relationship management, such as improving the communication, career development, sharing the vision and challenging the employees. The human resource manager should decide in accordance with it. For improving the communication level, the management needs to send email or memo to the employees by informing important news or other information. Other than that, the company should take initiatives thus the career of the employees can be developed. It would decrease the employee turnover rate.

Apart from that, the employee legislation has another impact that can influence the decision making process of human resource management as well. Bello?Pintado (2015) has opined that every state has their own laws and regulations. It affects the labour relation, employee criminal record check and so on. There are some employment laws those would minimize the liabilities of an organization in several aspects of the human resource management.

2.2 Identifying the primary elements of employment legislation and its impact on the HRM decision making in the selected organization (P6, D3)

Brewster et al. (2017) have commented that the employment legislation is being considered as the varied body in law enforcement like industrial relations, trade unions, employment, recruitment, remuneration and so on. Labour law is needed to deal with the legal relationship between the state as well as organized economic interest. It includes the cumulative relationships and legal requirements as well. It has included some key elements. For example, an individual employment relationship is one of the major element in this regard. It deals with building, refitting as well as the terminating the employment. Even, some other aspects like transfer, compensation, dismissal and promotion are also being counted under this law.

Webb (2017) has mentioned that employment is another key factor in this regard. The major priority of it is to reduce the massive unemployment rate. Legislation has a deep root to the necessary framework to cater employment service which includes vocational training, apprenticeship, placement, recruitment and so on.  Different factors like employment or occupational equality, exemption or unemployment are have been taken into consideration. Besides that, work condition also matters in this regard. It includes such elements like hours, rest periods, the special benefit for women, vacation, rejection of child labour all are being considered under this legislation. 

Meijerink et al. (2016) has mentioned about the trade unions and the industrial relationship. It is the category which has included the complex relationship regarding legal aspect. Therefore, obligations and rights of the employer organizations as well as trade unions and legal status would be included in this element. Moreover, the health and safety issue of the employees should be considered. It indicates to the occupational health and the accidental preventive regulations, special regulations, hazardous occupation and so on. A massive development has been noticed as the employers and employees both become more cautious about the usages and protection of chemicals at their workplaces. These are also included in this element.

LO 4:

Task 3: Applying the human resource management practices in the work-related context

3.1 Preparing a job description and the person specification for the post of a team leader in the selected organization, the company policies and the legislation need to be taken into account (P7, M5)

Vacancy in the position of Team Leader in Sainsbury:

Job Brief:

The company is looking for a qualified and experienced candidate for the post of Team Leader who can be able to manage the team and guide the members properly. The person should be responsible for monitoring, motivating and managing the team members on a regular basis.


  • To create an inspiring environment within the team with the open the culture of open communication
  • To set a clear goal for the team
  • To allocate tasks along with the deadline
  • To observe the day to day operation
  • To monitor the performances of team members and keep a track on it
  • To motivate the team members
  • To discover the training needs
  • To listed to the feedbacks of the team members
  • To recognize higher level of performances and achieve the rewards
  • To encourage the creativity
  • To develop and implement team building activities

Requirements for the post:

  • Previous work experience as a team leader (Preferably in retail sector)
  • Detailed knowledge of performance metrics
  • Excellent leadership and communication skill
  • Having knowledge in MS Excel
  • Decision making skill
  • Organizational and time management skills

The management of Sainsbury obeys the Equality Act 2010 which is also known as the anti-discrimination law. According to this law, no discrimination would be encouraged within the organization from the time of employee selection. Thus, ether male or female candidates belong to any case, or race can apply for the post. The selection process would be fair and the qualification, skill and experiences would be the reason for selection or rejection. Besides that, wages and remuneration are further factors those should be included in it. The legal requirements associated with the methods as well as forms of the wages payment deal. Other than that, the notification of wage condition should also be involved here. Brewster et al. (2017) have mentioned that it may involve the wage protection method, fringe benefits, payment methods band forms, etc.




Human resource management is one of the most important parts of today's business organizations. This department is responsible for recruiting capable candidates for the organization and to handle the employees in the firm. The overall assignment has been developed by focusing on the human resource practices in Sainsbury. It has discussed on the basic duties of human resource management along with the employment laws those can influence the decision making process of the company. Other than that, a job description of Team Leader has also been included here. Apart from the human resource part, the project has also included a general description about the chosen company.