College Writing

Topic A

The angle of vision can be delineated through the varied perspective that people have, each of the views being completely different from the other. Thus the message that is being comprehended can be different based on the perspective of the author. Certain examples can demonstrate the angle of vision that helps in shaping the message provided (Hellesø et al., 189).For example, there are two people asking the same person regarding the activities of a Saturday night. One of them is the parent and the other is a close friend. Hence the answer provided will vary for different people. Regarding the portrait of Mona Lisa, it has been noticed that various people have various perspective of the masterpiece (Skukauskaite, Audra, et al., 2015). These examples are therefore helpful to identify the vast plethora of perspective that are present in each people. Therefore while writing a paper, it is required to be unbiased and deliver their own message with the clarity of thought and with varied angles of vision.

Topic B

The three significant pillars that have the capability to shape one’s writing skill are the ethos, pathos and logos. These three modes of persuasion is effective in convincing the audience regarding what the writer wants them to believe and in a way the writer educates the audience more about the whole topic as he delineates it (McCroskey, James, 2015). The application of these skills are equally significant within the chores and activities of our daily lives.  A very distinct example of these three modes of persuasion can be generated through the idea of Ted Talks, where the speaker has a distinct topic and is constantly using ethics, logic and passion to reach the audience. The speaker convincingly tries to reach to the audience with the message he or she wants to convey (Daly et al., 2016). In the process, the audience educate themselves through identifying the relevance, gaps and issues of the topic that is being spoken about by the person.

Student 1 Nai Carlisle

From the first topic, the student has been able to grasp the significance of angle of vision through the writing and accumulation of varied perspectives within variety of people reading the same narrative. The second topic has helped the student to gain knowledge about the persuasive techniques to alter the preconceived notions.

Student 2KaylindViescas

The student has comprehended the angel of vision and its significance in writing. This helps the reader to get the specific message that the writer is trying to convey through 4 key points in the writing. The second topic has been useful to identify how messages persuade though writer’s style and voice through ethos, pathos and logos.



Reference List

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