Fyre Festival – Film Review


The Fyre Festival was a major event that was supposed to take place in Bahama Island but had gone through fraudulent activities and hence the whole festival was cancelled after taking money from the audience. Netflix had made a movie on the same event that was directed by Chris Smith in 2018.

Event Aim

The festival was one of a luxurious music fest called the “Fyre Festival” that was planned and structured by Billy Mc Farland who is the present CEO of Fyre Media Inc. This event was also created by rapper Ja Rule. The main purpose of this event has been identified to promote and endorse the FyreCompany’s application in order to recognize the music talent (Barnett, 2018).The whole festival was widely endorsed on various social media platforms by famous models like Kendell Jener, Bella Hadid, Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski and others for informing the mass about the music festival and its luxurious event that was supposed to take place in the island of Bahamas of Great Exuma. The event was a luxurious fest and hence was extremely costly and expensive.

Target Audiences

The music festival had been formulated to gather audiences primarily from those strata in the society who are economically stable and are pure music lovers. The festival of Fyre was a major and luxurious music festival that was highly planned to attract those music lovers who could spend a large sum of money for travelling all the way to Bahama Islands. They have the financial stability and economic resources to witness this major music festival called “Fyre Festival” that had been vastly promoted in the social media platforms by famous celebrities and personalities to reach the mass audience who were prompted and instigated to witness the greatest music festival.Consequently, the main targets for the music festival were the youth who are huge fans of western music. The price of the tickets for attending this lavish music festival was available for $75000, starting from a price of $70000. It could be deduced from the above details that the intended audience for this music festival were identified to be the audience who could afford this amount of money for simply attending a lavish and luxurious music festival at the Bahama Islands.

Event Plan

The plan for the Fyre Festival was to provide a luxurious experience to the audience who bought their tickets and were ready to attend the party by flying all the way to Bahama Island. The arrangement that was promised to the audience was to hold a weekend partying on a private island along with famous social media influencers and celebrities. This was the message that was given to the audience and the huge line up of celebrities who were promised to havean exclusive experience at the Bahama Island for the weekend (Hernández-Ramírez, 2018).However, the plan was disrupted, as the promised facilities in the Fyre Festival were not provided as promised. The people who went to attend this music festival were ultimately dumped in an area of shady car park and they were put up in tents and mattresses that were extremely rain soaked. It is due to these reasons that the whole plan was unstable and ultimately failed miserably due to the fraudulent behavior that was practiced by the people associated with the Fyre Festival.

Mishap in the Event

The Fyre Festival was known to be a major music festival that was supposed to provide a lavish experience to the customers who had attended the music festival. However, the people were not provided with the lavish experiences and resources that were promised to them. It is in this manner, that they had recognized that the whole music festival was a big fraud (Holden and Ehrlich, 2017).Accordingly, the whole idea of the music festival had been disrupted due to the dumping of the people into rain soaked and shady camps instead of a lavish experience on a jet. The people were highly disappointed and in this account the fraud of millions of dollars were being held at court by the name of the organizer of the Fyre Festival, Billy Mc Farland who is the founder of the Fyre music festival. Another personality associated with the fest Ja Rule has been seen to identify the main cause as a fraud and he has said that he was not associated with this case of fraud.

Formulation of Better Initiative

The whole fest could have been done and handled effectively without such fraud activity or involvement. The promises that were made to the audience were required to be fulfilled to gather a loyal consumer force and thereby generate a huge amount of profit. By holding the whole festival without any activity of fraud, the people were also expected to provide a better review of the festival to their peers and friends and thus they could have promoted the event through word of mouth (Martin and Sarkar, 2017).Thus, the greatest party that never happened could have got a proper ending if they could suffice the audience expectation and could give them the value of their money.

The Right Thing in the Event

The failure of the Fyre Festival has been highly emphasized and regulated in every social media highlighting the areas of fraud that were seen in their execution. The fraudulent activities that had shaped the Fyre Festival have nothing right in their name, except for one area that is the marketing of the festival (Nistor et al., 2018). The news of this music festival, to be held in Bahama Island was circulated in every social media platform by the celebrities and established personalities who had ventured to take the initiative to circulate the news of this festival. Thus the marketing was dine right for the Fyre festival that had been promoted by famous celebrity models like Kendell Jener, Bella Hadid, Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski and other social media famous personalities (Thornton, 2018). They had been posting constantly for the promotion of the event. However it was later found that they were paid for the event circulation and marketing. Thus within a very short span of time the whole event was circulated among the social media platforms.


The event was a complete disaster and the people associated with the event holding had to go to jail for this criminal activity. The people had lost their money and the whole scenario was that of a disruptive and catastrophic.

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