ITECH 7415 PRODUCT ROADMAP Development of an IIoT Architecture for Remote Agriculture and Farming


Technology is the need of the current world that increases the dependency of people over various gadgets. In assisting people with the latest technology, technology companies strive hard to meet all the loopholes in the system. This project states the technological challenges faces by ASTS software technology an entity in simplifying the use of the same. AST aims to increase the impact of education and the provider using technologies. Major challenges every education provider faces to transmit the information online. Integral solutions offer by this venture by interacting with the users. Technological benchmarks consider for this project to get rid of all issues and resolve in real-time.


The vision of this product is to resolve the issues faces by the client in sharing the information using online mediums in the education industry. In today's scenarios, everyone is exposed to various technologies. This knowledge of technology affecting various users I different means as it depends on the intention of users. It has both pros and cons that are based on the intention of an individual using the technology.

The vision of this product is to achieve the above mention parameters to achieve a higher success rate. Resolving the issues of sharing information on the online medium by using efficient platforms. Secondly, creating effective data science methods to come up with flexible solutions. Lastly, higher interactions with the customers are essential to satisfy their expectations with the existing product.

For instance, A person feeds the confidential and sensitive information on the system without applying the safety to the same.  Slightly changing the original information, entire data got affected due to its high sensitivity. In avoiding these kinds of situations, this project comes up with efficient and effective techniques to deal with these.



The given product will get develop in different segments to check the efficiency and smooth working of the same during the gaps between these. Firstly, this starts with the system analysis in which a user will get data science techniques to fetch the authentic data. This information shows the intention of using the same by the end-users. After creating the same, the consumers will test the first phase and give their comments to improve it by the team.

Secondly, the project gets a resume with another part that is about the synching techniques of attaching the information and data packets in real-time. The process of synchronization of the information to help users in generating the data gets boosted.

To Do list


Terms of user


User story 1

As a customer, I need  changes in enrollment to the education system and employment to generate software platforms.


User story 2

As a client, I need some changes in the system analysis and data science techniques for clustering information to get insightful mechanism


User story 3

As a consumer, analysis of the synchronization methods to update the latest informations.


User story 4

As an analyst, I will create reports on making suggestions that information has changed.




User story 1

As a client, I want to launch new software that helps in making changes to the enrollment of the education system and employment.

Accept terms:

For helping students in enrollment to the university using the software platforms of the university also require to use technology ecosystem.

User story 2

As a client, I want to  implement system analysis and data science techniques for clustering information to get insightful mechanism.

Acception criteria:

System analysis and data science techniques are mandatory for collecting the precise information

User story 3

As a consumer, I want to use synchronization methods to update the latest pieces of information.

Accepted terms:

It is a must to use certain synchronization methods for completing the overall tasks successfully. This high tech area is required and this is essential for updating the information.

User story 4

As an analyst, I want to create reports on making suggestions that information has changed.

Accepting criteria:

The data science technology is a must to use in fetching the desired information for productive results. This will help users in getting suitable services without any hassle.



The purpose of this project is to create information-sharing technology that meets all desired expectations of the education industry. The performance pf the teachers and lecturers and attendance of the students will get tracked using the software. This will help in system analysis and the overall synchronization of the data.

Project Milestones

Various milestones hinder the working and the overall performance of the project. This will not produce desirable results in case of poor internet connectivity area as the server gets slow down. The financial costs of creating this technology are high as compare to other technology as this requires to protect the sensitive information about the university.





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