Assignment Sample of MN621-Network Requirement Analysis and Plan

Network design and justification

The design process for any organization begins with the requirement analysis based on hardware and software equipment. Hence, here to design a network infrastructure for Patmos Aktis Suited & Spa, some hardware devices needed for communication with layer2 and layer3 network. The devices can serve a better communicative system with the configuration of internetwork and intra network devices. However, the data transmission between different networks is done with logical address allocation. Thus, to allocate logical address there are IPv4 blocks used. The IP allocation with the proper subnetting is shown in beneath table:

Device name


Subnet mask

Network IP

Broadcast IP

Router 0










Router 1




Router 2






Router 3




Router 4







Once the logical address allocation with the proper subnetting is complete then it should require to configure various devices with the appropriate configuration. The configuration of routing protocol is needed for a better communicative system but there are two different types of routing available like static and dynamic. Here for hotel network, EIGRP dynamic routing is used for LAN communication, and for ISP or WAN network connection there static routed path assign. Hence as per the prior requirement of secure network connection, there is access control list configuration done at edge router.  Thus, the configuration of different devices presented in beneath sections.  [1][4]

Network configuration

Henceforth, the analysis of network requirements can serve multiple choices for infrastructure design. Thus, as per mention in the hotel network requirement, the process of infrastructure design is performed. The below mention figure shows the network design for Patmos hotel:

However, after the completion of infrastructure design, the first step is to configure a VLAN configuration at switch devices. The switch VLAN configuration can provide the ability to create logical networks with a single interface of routers. So, the VLAN configuration at switch 0 device is as per beneath snapshot:

After the configuration of VLAN, there is a need to allocate proper IP addresses with the sub-interface (ROAS) configuration at router0 devices. Hence, after allocation of IP address then there is a need to provide proper routing capability, thus to provide dynamic routing capability EIGRP protocol is configured that shown in below snapshots: [3]

The completion of IP and routing configuration indicate that there is also a need to configure some security parameters. So, to provide security configuration there is a need to configure ACL at edge router or router0. The configuration of ACL is as per below mention: [5]

Henceforth, as per the above mention to connect ISP or WAN network static routing process is used. Thus, the configuration of static routing is as per shown in beneath snapshot:

However, to provide network communication capability with wireless devices there is a need to configure wireless Access points. So, as per the requirement the configuration of WAP is shown in the below snapshot:

After the configuration of WAP, there is a need to configure wireless users' devices with an appropriate password and IP configuration. The IP allocation process at wired network devices is also the same as shown for wireless network devices. The wireless devices get IP from DHCP but the wired network is configured with static IP allocation. Thus, the configuration of the user’s wireless device is as per below mention:

Hence, as per the requirement of various application configuration, there are some server devices required. So, the configuration of server devices with IP allocation, DNS and web configuration is shown in beneath snapshots: [2]

However, after completion of network device configuration, there is a need to check the DNS access and ping result between different networks. Thus, the connectivity test result is shown by beneath snapshots:

DNS access:

Ping results:

Timeline and budget estimation

In the case of, network plan and different types of services configuration there is a need to actualize some system devices. Subsequently, the procedure of device execution requires some investigation of cost and specifications. Thus, beneath table shows the cost and particular examination of various required devices:

Device name








Support IPv4 and IPv6, dynamic and static routing, ACL configuration available, ROAS, etc.





VLAN configuration, DTP, STP, etc.





Provide various application support with an internet connection of fast Ethernet port.





Support various application configurations like DNS, HTTP, DHCP, FTP, Email, etc.


Wireless AP



Provide wireless device connectivity with up to 200 Mbps data transmission rate.


Henceforth, to design network appropriate cable connection and allowed configuration there are some cable connectors required. Hence to connect wired network with CAT 5e cable the required Labour cost is around 825$. The configuration of network devices is needed four to five days’ timeline. 


Thus, after completion of system design, it must clear that the system is ready to give an exceptionally solid and accessible network. Consequently, according to the earlier prerequisite, there are some security features includes and that can furnish profoundly secure network correspondence with various network designs. So, finally, it must state that a new network configuration can give exceptionally versatile and excess network correspondence capacity.

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