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Here are the superior Android smart phone cameras with trendy optical lens

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Phone camera lens hardware along with technology has been witnessed to take a massive leap in the former few years. Plethora of megapixels are now being squeezed in with features including triple rear camera sets, dual, software improvements, which are AI based along with physical aperture.

Nevertheless, despite of so many impressive features, mobile phones cannot do everything effectively, which leads to the growth of market for optical lens for smart phones offering owners excellent wide-angle macro, telephoto as well as even 360 degree movies and images (Springer, 2017). Hence, if you are considering enhancing your experience for capturing moment through your Android phone, here are few of the suggested superior mobile camera optical lens add-ons you need to consider buying.

  1. Superior optical lens add-ons for Android smart phones
  2. OlloClip Multi-Device Clip
  3. Moment Lenses
  4. Xenovo Pro Lens Kit
  5. Aukey Ora camera lens
  6. Amir Lens Kit
  7. Godefa Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit
  8. Essential Phone cameras
  9. Moto Z Moto Mods

Moment Lenses

Moment is regarded as a respected company in the world of smartphone photography, which offers optical lens add-ons including a 58mm telephone lens, wide-angle lens, Superfish lens for enabling the users take fisheye images at 170 degrees and Macro lens to get closer to the subjects and costs around $118 and is available on Amazon.

Aukey Ora Camera Lens

Aukey offers couple of options to those users who want macro capabilities and wide angle. Starting at $19.99 it offers users with a 0.47x, 140 degree filed view along with 10x macro. Those considering for macro functionality can get 15 x versions at $29.99 and are largely available in smart phones including Samsung Galaxy S, Apple, Honor and Lenovo. Users can avail it at Amazon.

OlloClip Multi-Device Clip

Olloclip has been seen to have recently launched the Olloclip Multi-Devoce Clip allowing Android smart phone users to use the company’s all of the multi-device clips of Connect X. This allows the lenses to be flushed with either rear camera or front smart phone camera. Connect X lens are recently sold by Oloclip, which includes four lenses with four elements, which are super wide covering 120 degree with a lens, which are ultra wide increasing field of view of the camera by 155 degrees (Toslak et al., 2018). It is also seen to be selling fisheye as well as 2x telephoto lens creating spherical effect by 180 degree with magnification of high end, which is easily available on Amazon.

Moto Z Moto Mods

Users owing a Motorola Z phone can easily avail the advantage of its Mods camera, which offers OIS for pictures, optical Zoom of 10x optical zoom, EIS for capturing videos and a Xenon flash, which is easily available on Amazon for $129 (Sung et al., 2015).

For the camera fans, the company offers camera add-ons of 360 degree enabling them in taking images at 360 degree images as well as videos with 13MP cameras for $52.99.





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