After going through the feedback of the first sprint, we discovered that our report was poorly made. We tried our best to take care of that part in this report.

In the demo we couldn’t show more things because most of our code was on the working logic for the games. We completed the complete logic part of the game, such as rules like Aces, Carlza.

We are sorry about the poor report, and we know because of that we will have its effect in the grading, but we are taking care of most of the points in this report.



Extending the system to play a complete game as a standalone application, in which the two players simply take turns using the same application graphical user interface. The GUI should contain appropriate widgets for setting the game, rounds, conveying messages and allowing a nickname to be entered.



The basic goal of sprint 2 is to add handling of the number of rounds as the player wants and also show them the available moves which they can perform. We also need to maintain the score of each round and display it after each round ends and game ends.



The backlog of deliverables in the full sprint for the final applications are bulleted below.

  • Creation of number of players (member1 started working on this and used his thinking for presenting it)
  • Creation of the different given number of players (member1 used textfield to enter nicknames)
  • Validating User Entries for Correctness (member2 worked on validating, and debugging the corner cases)
  • Validating User entries for Appropriateness (member2 worked on validating, and debugging the corner cases)
  • Correcting anticipating end of rounds (member1 did this part)
  • Performing proper actions at end of round (member1 did this part)
  • Creation of number of rounds (member2 added proper field to enter number of rounds)
  • Performing proper actions for each rounds (member 2did this part)
  • Correcting anticipating end of all rounds (member2 did this part)
  • Calculation and presentation of score after each round (member2 handled saving the scores during the game play)
  • Calculation and presentation of game winner and final scores (member2 used previous scores to display final scores)
  • Presentation of list of all possible moves (member1 used the previous bid to predict the current possible moves)


This broad bullet points cover holistically the full functionality of the perudo game application

This was distributed among team members with regular meetings and interactions to ensure hitch free final integration of the full application.

These deliverables were carefully converted into different decoupled application components that members of the team could work on and deliver.

From testing most of the deliverables of the Perudo game application has been satisfied.




All the product backlog for sprint-2 are completed and is available with the full source code. The initially planned work was to add a number of rounds, for these a text-field and a new label was added. The inputted number of rounds by the user was passed appropriately to the main game play, such that the player’s number of dice are updated to 5, their list of bids are emptied.


The burn-up chart presents the amount of work one in given time for sprint-2. We started with deciding when one round ends. Then we changed the gui for the player to enter the number of rounds he wanted to play. Then after each end of round, we start the game again. There was a lot of debugging at this part as there was an issue after completion of one round, we were deleting the player who lost from the data list. So in the next round there was only one player(the winner of round 1). We took much time to find out this detail. And then we proceed to add the possible moves based on the previous bid.







The meeting 1 was held for about 1hr discussing the details about each round, handling the transaction between rounds. It was in the evening 3 days before.


The meeting 2 was held yesterday to discuss the things which need to be mentioned in the report. It was a long meeting like 2 hours as we also edited some part of the report during this time.

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